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Do you fear....RASPBERRY?

I drew this before I discovered Deviant art and someone saw it on the DJ progress sheet and requested I color it.
So here it tiz.
I like it. :heart:
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maybe? *Squeaks*
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The last panel. The leer. Omg. And the Slurp. Davy is a man after my own heart.
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LOLz, brilliant!
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XD I just love your Davy so much. I really do laugh out loud.
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Thank you so much!
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Raspberry!? But I like chocolate!
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oh god ! :XD: this sluuuurp made me lmao !^^
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here is what jack sparrow responded in the movie

"More than you think."
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Do you think Davy fears death? Cause his death was too quick to see if he did or didn't.....
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I think he fears it the most. The look on his face when Jack held it over his heart was plain enough, if he didn't fear death Becket wouldn't have been able to use the heart as leverage so well.
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I concur with that logic. I mean, Jones showed several examples of this in all of the films, including the end of Dead Man's chest where he saw an empty chest.
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That's why we live and be good so that God will let us be pirates.
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:iconjeffthekillerplz: That's the creepiest of pirates. He's so creepy that he stalks Davy Jones.
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:rofl: No wait, come back! I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO! :rofl:
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__________________ <= BIG EMPTY SPACE
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Oh yeah, I remember now :)
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Umm... Raspberry. Now I'll know what to order to evil sea monsters for exchange of my life.
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Wow, this is OLD then! BDA? That's like... ancient. D8

But you were just as funny then as you are now. :XD:
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I feel so old! and I'm only turning 23! SOB!
But thankies ^^
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:laughing: Death by raspberry! :XD:
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