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Natural hues

A flower looked awesome,
I bought it,
scanned it ,
here it is!

I dont know the flower's name though

Thought this is worth submitting :hug:
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I haven't seen a shot quite like this one I love how the backround is dark giving the flower the focus. This is really Gorgeous!
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It's a scan, no shot. :D
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this is beautiful! So, is it a photo or did you do it with an ordinary scanner?!?
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I don't know how you would contact google to reclaim title to this image, but it is everywhere world wide! Your name should with full view should be the top result for image search on this.
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wow, beautiful.
I love the colours, I may be tempted to paint it.
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Such a beautiful flower. >w< I would've never thought of scanning it.
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You've been featured: [link] :) Enjoy :dalove:
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Great Shot !! Awesome colours !!
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I love this a lot
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that's so pretty! I love the colors :)
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This is really beautiful. What a great idea!!!
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Awww ... How cute!
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Nice! Lovely colours(:
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This is stunning. i never thought of using the scanner as a photographic tool.
Are the colours of the flower in real life just like that, or did the scanner change them somewhat?
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very beautifullll :heart:
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I had a print of this, it looked absolutely amazing as a print. Got it framed too haha.

Unfortunately, it got left in my ex's apartment and i don't know what happened to it. =[

Just thought I'd let you know that I love this photo and if I had the money I'd definitely buy another copy.
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Scanned it huh? Thats pretty sweet
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It looks like a daisy or a carnation. It's lovely by the way. =D
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I have featured your work in my recent journal showcasing nature photography :) The feature is at the link below:


If you'd rather not be featured in this manner just let me know. Otherwise - keep up the great work! :clap:
aka `oibyrd

PS - I apologize for the cut-and-paste message - it's impersonal but all a part of time management ;)
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