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Dreamy widelands

I love making these dual displays! they take more effort, but it makes me feel good due to damn endorphin release!

and, some purposeful blur to give this a 'dreamy feel' :)

and ah! a :+fav: would be really comforting after doing such a big sized deviation :)
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Love it, nice work! :D
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I'd use it but why isn't it 2560*1024?
Too bad the resolution sucks =/
You should try to make it at least 3200x1200 (2x 1600x1200 displays).
Good stuff anyways, cheers!
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....yeah cause everybody runs at that res.

1280x1024 x 2 is perfect.
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Sweet! This is going on my dual monitors.
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and why i didnt look at ur gall first meh thanks i just got my new moniter :D
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wow ! this literally took my breath away, amazing. i wold love to gaze at this all day. excellent as always.
that looks soooo good! *fav* :D
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oooo its very pretty! i thinkit might look better if the planet was off to the right a little though... it looks a bit strange being centered... or maybe im just delusional... its very pretty anyway :)
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In TG and photoshop??
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terragen and gimp and photoshop
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man.. makes me wish I had two comuters side-by-side!
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yeah that...
I'm too poor >.<
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This ok i gues but there's one thing, the rings on the big planet are not blurred at all which makes the perspective a little strange.
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I don't have a dual-display, but that's really spiffy! :D
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I too dont have it!
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Can I get a 2560x1024 version? =p
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