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Elegant dark 2.0 theme for windows 10 (1607)


Download from :-…

* Elegant dark 2.0 theme for windows 10 (1607) aka anniversary update

* Compatible for both x86 & x64 system (aero mode only)

* Package included 28 visual styles in two versions , readme file.

* first you need to install ultra ux theme patcher or ux style as per x64 or x86 your requirement.
  i use this :-…

* copy & past both thm file  from  themes\theme1\..themes\theme2\ folder to c:\windows\resourses\themes

* install old new explorer in old new explorer while installing don't tic on details pane but if want to use details pane than don't tic on status bg  

* I use aero glass to get aero back (install aero glass as per your requirments)
= For windows 8.1+1.4.5 while installing aero glass there is option don't tic on atals image & aero projection if u use a custome
   theme & this is a custome theme so don't tic on thoes option.

* go to personalization & set the theme elegant dark 2.0 v0......v14..

* double click on black glass enhanced for full glass if u use this theme as dark glass included in package.

* enjoy..........

Bullet; Green Wallpapers used from : 1) Rainy night  & Droplets by :iconmikkoliini:

                                   2) Hardwoods light by :iconzyklophon:

                                   3) wood by :iconmosqu1t0:

                                   4) wall by :iconneiio:


*minimal 2.0 dark for 7 :

*Elegant dark for 7 :

*Minimal inspiration:


For windows 10 TH2 10586 :-

For windows 8/8.1  :-

For windows 7  :-

Watch video on youtube in HD shows how this theme looks :

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At least consider paypal, I dont use credit card for internet and low price, its overrated

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you can buy using points on deviantart see on right side above download button , this da points u can buy via paypal
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fuck*n bastard, do a free theme

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This isn't elegant...
Please tell me there is a Windows 7 version of this exact theme style ??
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best glass theme, :)
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Shame that you are charging for this rather than accepting donations for it. No one in their right mind is going to pay for a theme when there are hundreds of free ones to choose from. Disappointing really.
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than u go & use thoes free one :) this is my premium themes..& many people buy this theme...
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Whatever you say lol.
I hate windows 10. What a capitalist OS. 
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buy at $3.5
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great work looks awesome :) 
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Another Cleo...
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No, very nice looking, but we shouldn't have to pay for themes.. Well IMHO anyway.
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this theme looks really elegant dude ...
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