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Elegant dark 2.0 for windows 7


download from :-…

elegant dark 2.0 a visual styles for windows 7


* Compatible for both x86 & x64 system (aero mode only)

* Package included 8 visual styles in four versions , readme file.

* first you need to install ultra ux theme patcher or ux style as per x64 or x86 your requirement included in package.

* install aero blur tweaker for borderless theme (v7 & v8) included in package.

* copy & past both thm file  from themes\v1\..themes\v2\...themes\v3\...themes\v4\.. folder to c:\windows\resourses\themes

* go to personalization & set the theme & restart your pc if nececcary

* after double click on black glass enhanced for full glass if u use this theme as dark glass included in package.

* edv5 version in v4 folder is center nav button themes depanding upon your dispaly resolution set proper theme..for
 example my display resolution is 1920x1080 so i set edv5(1920x1080) theme in personalization.

* enjoy..........

Wallpapers used from : 1) Rainy night  & Droplets by :iconmikkoliini:

                                   2) Hardwoods light by :iconzyklophon:

                                   3) wood by :iconmosqu1t0:

                                   4) wall by :iconneiio:



For windows 10 anniversary update 1607 :-

For windows 10 TH2 10586  :-

For windows 8/8.1  :-

watch Video tutorial on youtube which shows how to install this theme properly :

Tutorial how to install this theme

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I would like to download it for the link is broken

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You blow up the theme.... WHY BLACK!?
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black is beauty!
UPDATE: (02-23-2018)*

This is for the Windows 7 version of this skin.....
As a person who purchased this with hard earned money, I believe I have the right to give some feedback on the use of this Windows GUI skin, while giving constructive respectable criticism.......
As I am using this skin, im constantly finding myself struggling even more then prior of use to view certain parts of the areas of windows and text along with check-boxes
of certain settings within windows and/or applications in windows and thereof.
Though the dark black skin looks cool, I find myself disliking it more each day the skin is installed and the more I use it because the struggles of having to view things that are dark along side of the black skin.
I believe that giving the user a choice to be able to lighten the skin with some sort of settings GUI would be great. It would allow the user to choose colors throughout any part of the skin to what ever color they wish or need.
I dont know how hard that is to do, but its just a opinion. As certain areas of windows tends to be way too dark making it very hard to view things that is needed to view or read or select if there are check-boxes to be ticked.

Also the problem that allows the user to have a glass look called - "Black Glass Enhanced v0.5" (.exe) file only stays activated while the computer is on.
When a reboot is needed or done, the skin returns back to its normal settings (without) the "BlackGlassEnhanced" feature that was activated when clicking on the BlackGlassEnhanced.exe file.
also the processes must remain active in the processes or the application will not work.....  But even then when making sure this application goes into the Start when the computer starts it deactivates
and returning the skin back to its pitched back look.... Though its cool to have pitched black look, but after a while the user tends to struggle more and more to do basic tasks throughout windows because
all the windows are so pitched black and many sections that need to be read are overwhelmed by the black skin.

By The Way - I love the BlackGlassEnhanced in the windows, if this was permanently implemented , it would be a big plus for this Theme. :)
also implementing colored buttons in Yellow, Green and Red on the  Save|Close|Cancel  - buttons like this for all these types of windows would spruce up the Theme - :)
also the rainbow thin bar would be nice to implement as well in these types of windows.
A lighter bar indicator in these types of windows would be awesome to have as well and allowing the user to choose the color of the bar when highlighting a selection they want for this. -

The select-able buttons on windows top right for closing, minimizing and expanding the windows is a bit hard deal with as they are barely noticeable.
a previous version which had the buttons filled in with color buttons are a far more better option for users in my opinion. and should be re-implemented.

When having programs, files and windows opened the taskbar needs to indicate that such items are opened by some form of beautiful color glow.
currently the indication is far too dark making it hard for users to know what is already opened, so the user would have to struggle even more to view if their app, file or window is opened or not.
since everything seems to be pitch black with no contrast of some sort.
The windows top and bottom bars needs to be less harsh in the black, maybe let the user set the amount of transparency to those would be great.

The Look in the My Computer section of windows is where it shows the user all their drives & devices,...  (is about the ONLY area where this skin shines great, with all those rainbow colorful bars). :)
The colorful bars and the thin lines of colors at the tops of windows give the skin an addictive spruce look which can be likes by many such as myself.
But you immediately lose that as soon as you leave the "my computer" window and you go right back to the harsh darkness of black & back to the struggles of viewing things comfortably.
Charcoal Grey and other colors of choice for the user would be great if it was implemented.
After a few days of use, I found myself not using the skin any longer due to the struggles navigating, reading, and viewing many areas of windows along with its features that were hard to view.
I believe this UX Theme skin would benefit from having adjustable skin colors for the user.

I hope in the future this skin gets fixed because as of now,
unfortunately,  I dont think this skin is fully completed and needs lots more work.

Im sorry if this offends anyone it is not my intensions, my goal was to give feedback on the skin that I paid for with my hard earned money,
in hopes that it would be taken as a respectable good criticism for future versions to be improved.
I purchased this recently - I would like to know how can I have the 3 buttons FILLED instead of black in the window buttons that  >minimize|expand|close< buttons on folders ??
Im currently using : v3>edgv8

Im using the Windows 7 version. Like This ----->>
for [ v3 > edgv8 ]  please.
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preview looks like quality
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great artwork .....perfect.......creative Clap +fav deviantART Groups deviantART Annoying Dog 
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Nice one, I like it a lot. I mean it looks wonderful in the preview, but is there a free version of this theme somewhere?
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please win 10  Waaaah! :( (Sad) Love 
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soon :) for windows 10  ....
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Really cool and elegant. LIKE IT.
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Really nice theme, you have done a great job on this :)
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Whose buttons you use? ( buttons close, minimise, restore-maximise )…
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nice theme  but i look this theme first time .....i got idea of this buttons from  & my hover effect of close buttons are…
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I drew myself, but in what the site spied lesson ... then I'm sorry :)
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Nice job on this one mate! :)
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