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Download from here :- genuinevs.blogspot.in/2013/11/…

 Elegant vs for windows 8/8.1


Windows Updated at 13/11/2013 Windows

* Adding dark version

Windows Compatible for both x64 & x86 system Windows

Bullet; Black  if u want to use details pane install
fav.me/d647pv9 for windows 8.

fav.me/d6kw1ns for windows 8.1

Windows How to install Windows

Bullet; Black use start is back for start menu , get it here

Bullet; Black for win 8.1 use aero glass for win8 all in one installer to remove title bar text background & transperancy, u can download from here www.mediafire.com/download/r65…                           or   glass8.berlios.de/

Bullet; Black First u need to install ultra ux theme patcher as per x64 or x86 your requirment.

Bullet; Black then u need to disable ribbon disabler u can download it from here :-

Bullet; Black than copy & past all fonts from fonts folder to c: windowsfonts

Bullet; Black copy & past both thm file from theme folder to c:windowsresoursesthemes

Bullet; Black use start orb from start orb folder


:bulletblack: Wallpapers use from :iconminteastwood: & :iconsnipes2: :iconjivebs: :icon9dzign:


Comments & :+fav: are welcome :)

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