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Clear 3.0 glass for windows7


Download from  :-… 

Bullet; Black Clear 3.0 glass a full glass theme for windows 7

Bullet; Black Compatible for both x86 & x64 system aero mode only

                           " HOW TO INSTALL "

Bullet; Black To use this theme first install ux theme patcher as per your system requirment included in package ,to allow coustom theme

Bullet; Black Install theme resource changer included in the package, to change shell images & etc


Bullet; Black copy & past both thm file  from theme folder to c:\windows\resourses\themes


Bullet; Black go to personalization & set the theme


Bullet; Black restart system after setting theme


Bullet; Black after reboot double click on black glass enhanced for full glass


Bullet; Black enjoy.

Bullet; Green wallpapers use from :iconminteastwood: :icongavinash: :iconjivebs:

Bullet; Green clear 3.0 glass for windows 8/8.1  :-


Watch video on YouTube which shows how to install this theme properly :-

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Simply awesome work!:happybounce: La la la la +fav Love
Love the Dark version on Windows 7!Clap 
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for windows 10 anniversary update :-
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Certain things are not transparent. Such as: Date & Time, System Tray and the Preview Pane. Is it possible to make them transparent, especially the preview pane?
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it is hard coded
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cool port for windows 7 users :)
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Also, how do you reable the Toolbar at the top? (Organize, Include in folder, etc.)
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from shell file... but not made for this vs
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Will it return if you made an update of some kind?
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Why does my Start Menu Orb disappear?
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Made an account just to thank you for the theme, pure perfection mate love it <3
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I was totally amazed by your work, so I decided to buy it. Thank you!
However, I'm looking to get the same icons as in your screenshot (the ones in the left panel, Favorites, Hibraries, Homegroup, Computer, Network and the ones in your control panel).
Where can I have the system icons, please ? And what software do I have to use to apply those icons please ?
Thanks ! :)
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It's ok, I finally found the icons you used.
Again, EXCELLENT job on this theme!
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Amazing, going to give this a try... it's just so sexy... glass OS looks incredible, I was sad to see it go after just Vista and 7...
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