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Lunacorn's basic color/markings ref (on DVC blank) by swandog Lunacorn's basic color/markings ref (on DVC blank) :iconswandog:swandog 9 0
Toadstool Stock 5 by swandog Toadstool Stock 5 :iconswandog:swandog 14 4 'Shrooms Stock by swandog 'Shrooms Stock :iconswandog:swandog 30 12 Toadstool Stock 4 by swandog Toadstool Stock 4 :iconswandog:swandog 5 0 FlutterMac on a Leaf! :) by swandog FlutterMac on a Leaf! :) :iconswandog:swandog 10 4 Toadstool Stock 3 by swandog Toadstool Stock 3 :iconswandog:swandog 14 2 Toadstool Stock 2 by swandog Toadstool Stock 2 :iconswandog:swandog 25 3 Toadstool Stock 1 by swandog Toadstool Stock 1 :iconswandog:swandog 19 2 Needlefelted Alicorn WIP #3 by swandog Needlefelted Alicorn WIP #3 :iconswandog:swandog 2 2 Needlefelted Alicorn WIP #2 by swandog Needlefelted Alicorn WIP #2 :iconswandog:swandog 0 0 NFC Commission: Cinema Anthropomorphique by swandog NFC Commission: Cinema Anthropomorphique :iconswandog:swandog 4 0 NFC Conbadge Commissions (Collab) by swandog NFC Conbadge Commissions (Collab) :iconswandog:swandog 3 1 Buster and Batty by swandog Buster and Batty :iconswandog:swandog 10 5 That Mournful Gaze... by swandog That Mournful Gaze... :iconswandog:swandog 6 2 More Geocaching Adventures :) by swandog More Geocaching Adventures :) :iconswandog:swandog 4 2 Geocaching Adventures :) by swandog Geocaching Adventures :) :iconswandog:swandog 4 2 Risa Cache FTF by swandog Risa Cache FTF :iconswandog:swandog 6 4 Love Bite by swandog Love Bite :iconswandog:swandog 41 6 Teemo by swandog Teemo :iconswandog:swandog 33 3 Buster by the Field 2 by swandog Buster by the Field 2 :iconswandog:swandog 9 0 Buster by the Field by swandog Buster by the Field :iconswandog:swandog 10 2 An Old Burden Finally Gone by swandog An Old Burden Finally Gone :iconswandog:swandog 5 16 Shameless by swandog Shameless :iconswandog:swandog 9 31 MLP Needlefelted Alicorn WIP by swandog MLP Needlefelted Alicorn WIP :iconswandog:swandog 17 4


AnaturalBeauty Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing work! :) Loved both the photos and work you have done ~
SaverCat Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
nice gallery 
783468734863 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
thank you, the beautiful gallery
neverthirst Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
After years of oogling at your art I think it’s time I left you a real, sincere comment about your art and not me, my life, my pain, my this or my that but…your art.
First of all, I had no idea you wrote poetry or lyrics, that thing for elector is AMAZING so kudos galor on your collabs, you and your hubby must work so well together, the results are certainly fantastic.
One thing I have always loved is that whether it’s a trade, commission, personal art or otherwise you ALWAYS put your all into your work, I have yet to see you haphazardly throw a piece of art together and slap it in your gallery, even your silly pictures are illustrated comics, I’m just amazed at your work ethic, your devotion to your work has really paid off sweetheart, seriously…. Your traditional coloring style, inking, knotwork and pencil shading are all VERY impressive and I again cannot applaud you enough on the way you put so much into what you do, there is a great attention to detail and care, almost caution in each stroke of your pen or pencil work and it is so lovely. The modern illustration with slight celtic and folk-art tones is something I will always adore about your work and find instantly recognizable as your style. I really enjoy your gallery and want you to know that this hasn’t gone unnoticed, I just needed to take the time and tell you!

Love in Christ, to my Sister in Christ and God Bless you in all your feathery winged, honking glory ;D haha :love: you miss Swandog.
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