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Mandala Intro Graphic

(Desc copy-pasted from the lineart; image colored in Prisma markers and highlighted with colored pencils.)

I've seen many fine artists' galleries that have intro graphics on their main pages, and I liked the look and idea of them, so I made one for my own site. This "mandala", for lack of a better term, symbolizes much of what I am and what I love. I've always been obsessed with Celtic knotwork, Art Nouveau (Alphonse Mucha's works in particular), Medieval heraldry and carousel art, and so I've tried to combine all these styles into one. My fursona and otherkin/totem creature is of course Swandog (swan/saluki gryphon), with a hidden unicorn side (thus the alicorn/horn in the center) and a separate luna moth side (which has since been combined with the unicorn). I'm also a nocturnal person and love pastel colors, ivy, waterlilies, pearls, seashells, stars, the moon, ribbons, tassels, spirals, feathers and wings. And being a Christian, I've included a Chi Rho symbol as well. The ivy border and wings were borrowed from my favorite of Mucha's images, and the knotwork was inspired by this awesome artist. :)

Edit: Just posting this here for the record...if you ever happen to play the game "Grim Tales: The Wishes", and see this image in it, please know that is it my art, of my personal character, and was used without my permission, and without any compensation or credit given (and yes, I have tried contacting both the maker and distributor of the game regarding this issue).

You can find the image in the walk-throughs of the game (just search for the word “BAS-RELIEF” to see them):……

Or here’s the direct links:……………

And here's a video play-through:…
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this is beuatiful!