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Lunacorn - Embrace the Moon

A new and better ref of my "Lunacorn" char...I had decided to add luna moth markings and coloration to her face and body, which are also reminiscent of the markings on a gazelle: [link] The only markings you can't see here are the pale golden patch in the center of her forehead, which matches the pale gold of her eartufts (which are in turn the same golden hue of a luna moth's antenna: [link] ), also, the ring of white fur on her fetlocks, surrounding her hooves, which is similar to that which reindeer have (again, refer to link).

Otherwise, her body shape is the same as shown in the fursuit concept, based on an anthro whitetail doe with pronghorn-like ears, a long, tufted, fur-fringed tail, and a horse-like mane and hoof feathering: [link] ...This new ref is also a much more accurate and realistic one for her wings than the stained glass design previously posted (which were very stylized). Once again, her wings are based on the Indian luna moth (Actias Selene), which are a bit more "hooked" at the tips than those of the American luna moth (Actias Luna), and have more pinkish markings on them: [link] but I used the comma-shaped eyespots of the American luna moth, and made them to look like albino eyes.

Note that she only has wings when in anthro form, and when in quad/feral form, the luna markings and coloration on her face and body are faded nearly to white, and on her withers, where her wing bases would otherwise be, there are two pale green crescent moons, back-to-back, their "horns" pointing outwards, with the base of her mane ending between them (indeed, these markings are mostly obscured by her long mane). She is a nocturnal creature and a moon-spirit, with wings that form (grow) and fade (shed/moult) in sync with the moon's waxing and waning, and she glows with a faint white radiance that is a reflection of moonlight, and which she also stores up within herself. When the moon is hidden from her behind a thick, persistent cloud cover or is waning away, her radiance grows dim. She fades completely and is weakest in both body and spirit upon the new moon, whereupon she hides and rests, waiting for the moon to wax again.

She only shifts into her winged anthro form when the moon is at its fullest, and then her wings are wholly functional and her markings and colors (and cinnamon-like scent) are at their peak. Then, with a cry of elation, she flies up toward the Lunar Mistress that she adores, and dances in her light upon the night wind for one fleeting night of inexpressible joy and freedom before changing back into her earthbound form, whereupon she sheds her wings, and her markings fade almost entirely, along with her scent. She is forever intrinsically connected with the moon's phases, and revels in its glow, which sustains her through the moonless nights. (If you've ever read the wonderful fairytale "Little Daylight", you'll understand: [link] )

Anyways, I don't do much digital work, so this was quite a task for me to do with a mouse and Gimp (the char herself was colored with Prisma markers and scanned before digitally editing). =charreed graciously helped me with the moonglow, since I couldn't figure out to achieve that using Gimp. Also, I used my special crescent moon/moth logo as a watermark, in which my "XE" initials combine to form the shape of a moth inside the curve of the moon. :)

These are the references I used in the image, for those curious:

(Also several stock images of vector trees.)

Lastly, please do not steal this char, or request to use her for yourself for any reason, as she is just as much "me" as Swandog is, and thus is very personal and dear to my heart. :heart:
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