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Curious Joey

By swandog
My hubby ~sayh wanted to be "pregnant", so I obliged. :D (Snazzaroo paints used. And yes, I know the joey really needs a shadow under him to make him more realistic, but I just ran out of time.)

Refs used: [link] [link] and [link]
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WhoIAm923's avatar
IIt would make an amazing halloween costume for a pregnant woman XD much better than the "zombie" baby thing
MissSelfDestruct's avatar
You'd make a fabulous tattoo artist :)
Tybaku's avatar
FCLittle's avatar
Very interesting!
Rhed-Dawg's avatar
:laughing: this is absolutely wonderful!
PawsOfSharpClaw's avatar
hawooo!! ^^

hehe cool :D
diamondwhitewolf's avatar
well if thta isnt one of the oddest things I think I have ever seen in my life!
AthenaTT's avatar
GORGEOUS! But tell your husband he's crazy to want to be pregnant. LOL
Katsudon's avatar
Very Creative and Clever.
thornwolf's avatar
creepy concept but i think thats why i like it. that is an AWESOME pose you picked :)
hunterbahamut's avatar
*blinks and snickers* Well this is certainly a very strange, but interesting idea, very creative and very impressive!
deadraina's avatar
Very awesome looking, it looks really realistic.
cinith's avatar
thats like the most totally awsome thing ever, I hope you made walk around with his shirt off all day. lol. Very well done! I love it.
QueenKichaa's avatar
Wow, that looks so weird and cool at the same time! Brilliant idea!
Enaya-TheWhiteWolfen's avatar
I tried to portray you. Figure in my gallery. And your pictures just super !!!!!!
BraveAnimal's avatar
Your bodypaintings are soo fab!
Enaya-TheWhiteWolfen's avatar
You can look please my works and leave the opinion on my figures. I simply wish to know, whether there is at me even a small hope that I shall normally draw. Also excuse for my bad English.
swandog's avatar
As I said on your main page, I think your work is lovely, and you draw better much than "normally" for your age. I'm sure you'll just keep improving as time goes on, so keep it up! :) :hug:
jijikit's avatar
That's adorable!!!! HAHA! Wish being pregnant were THAT easy! XD
Superdus's avatar
That is genius. And you have such a lucky husband too ;)
sayh's avatar
stokerbramwell's avatar
Took me a minute to figure out which end was up. XD
THEDOC4's avatar
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