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'Chesire Arabesque' (Conbadge)

By swandog
Conbadge for ChesireCG, who is a furless sphynx cat, and I decided to go with an arabesque-style border for it. The ruffled clothing and pose were referenced from this photo, which I've always loved, and long wanted to draw something based on it:… The metal charms spelling out her name were added digitally, since they haven't been engraved yet, and also have to be added after the badge is laminated. These are just to show what it might look like when completed. (Charms borrowed from here:… and badge is shown approximately actual size.) :)
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So elegant, I love the colors.
If you don't have a shop in Zazzle or Society 6, you should.  If you do, please let me know.  I know my wife would love t be able to get this on a T-shirt.  In fact, if it's available, please send her the link at her email,, please.
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Thanks; I appreciate it, but this is for Chesire's use only, since it's a commissioned badge of her personal character. :) I've been debating putting other images on shirts, though. :)
Well, when you get around to it, please drop me a clue.  That style was especially elegant and I have daughter or three that would love it.  If it occurs to you to do a blue wolf at any time you will have at least one guaranteed sale!  Not in a pos to commission one, but I would definitely get a copy!  OTOH, things are starting to really pick up with our online shops, if that changes may I contact you with a request?
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Thanks, and sure. :) I don't do requests, only commissions, but I will likely be putting this wolf on a black shirt:… :)
do you also have shops on Zazzle, Cafe Press, Society 6, etc?
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I only have an Etsy at this point, and nothing posted there yet. Been thinking about setting up either a Zazzle or Society 6 shop, just for t-shirts.
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This is beyond gorgeous ;w;
the-kabuki-banshee's avatar
I love the art nouveau look!
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Ohh this looks beautiful! All of those intricate details in the lines are amazing! :D

I really like the structure to the face/head. Perfect for the species <3
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Oh, this is absolutely lovely!!
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This is beautiful lovely art work!
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Love it! I think the addition of the charm letters I think it adds a lot of depth to it and really makes it a unique badge. I'd be afraid to wear it and damage it!
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Beautiful .. so very beautiful I love the lines and the details so very excellent.

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Oh, wow--this is so beautiful, Swandog!:heart:
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