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Kyle ...unfortunately
Current Residence: A sealed chamber beneath Homer Watson Boulevard
Favourite genre of music: VG, 20s 30s and 40s, Classic, Swing, Orechestral, Rag & OSTs
Operating System: A complex system of sharp things cleverly arranged so as to appear to be pointy things...
Skin of choice: Hard Boiled?
Personal Quote: "Never trust a man whose easel smells of feces..."
  • Listening to: The Green Tub of Lonely on My Ceiling
  • Reading: A Homo Erotic Novel
  • Watching: Dead Children do the Momba
  • Playing: with "'Defibrulator' Puppies"
  • Eating: Handy Dandies
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk
My previous journal entry was about critics who can't cope with being criticized themselves... I can't stand hypocrites...

It began with: "Recently I encountered one of those people on D.A. who finds penises offensive. In response to his criticisms of many peoples postings, the frequency of which was beginning to irk me..."

There was a reply, here's how things went:

I find them offensive.... When they're sexualized anyways. Frankly I find half of Deviantart offensive. But everyone on deviantart wants to get self righteous about it in their conformity and commonality. It's not about having a right that is the issue, it's about being compassionate. Everyone wants to shove their sexuality in everyones face... I don't think they have the tiniest clue of how deep the effects are, people are awful.

or, in other words, it'd be nice if we could live in a world where people who choose to deviate from typical whore society were given a chance to live and not made to feel subhuman every day, and have the totality of societies sexuality fiested upon them at every single turn, leaving them feeling like they don't even have a choice but to submit to it all. Oh sure, such people will put on the smiles and try to act ok with it all, or else they get judged by people with this attitude of liberation like your own, called religious or backwards or conservative or whatever for suggesting any sort of dissent from it, but trust me, this stuff kills people's souls.

i understand what youre saying, and while i disagree with you, i do respect your opinion, but i have to say that the implication that living in a sexually liberated society could in some way be 'subhuman' horrifies me, even more terrible is the idea that anything but being conservative (not politically speaking) can 'kill peoples souls'! am i perhaps misunderstanding you?

I said that being called conservative if the judgment one gets for suggesting people be kinder and not take advantage of art rights and freedom.
It horrifies you that american society makes virgins and prudent people feel subhuman and suicidal on a daily basis? it should.

im not sure i agree that it could be said that anyone 'takes advantage" of rights and freedom - not in the spirit in which you said it anyway. by the same token, anyone has the right and the freedom not to pay attention to these images should they find them offensive in the first place.
may i ask, why do you think virgins and prudent people are made to feel subhuman?

"they can just not look at them" Fuck you. Seriously, FUCK YOU. Self righteous liberated prick.

And let's make this clear to you, as I didn't before. The reason I came across this journal was because you favorite my digital drawing "Queunuch". I always look over peoples galleries to thank them, but I had to stop at your journal. Because you obviously favorited it with absolutely no understading for what it represented, and that disguts me. That piece, along with half of what I make is exactly about this topic, and a mob of society that is completely anti-virgin, arrogant, dehumanizing, flaunting, raping, profiting, etc. It's like my main drive behind making art; expressing this burning viewpoint that I will never be able to express enough. So you can take it out of your favorites, I don't need to be associated with people who contribute to all the disgusting elements of society - the promiscous, misogynistic, alpha-male/mean girl society like YOU tied to my art any more than I have to.

Once again, I have been blocked by one of these nut jobs... Once again, I hope this person has the decency to listen to what I have to say... especially considering how they lefts things...
Here is all I can say, but really, i have to laugh:

lmao you're a little uptight huh?
notice how im "self righteous", "promiscuous", "misogynistic", "alpha male", and "mean girl"... yet you're the only one here swearing, throwing around accusations, and making art because of your "burning" hatred for people "like me"?
im perfectly prepared to be educated or to discuss and try to understand other peoples viewpoints, but you seem to want nothing more than to badger, blame, insult, and apparently attempt to humiliate people who you don't understand.
try opening your mind a little bit dear... you're no better than those you profess to decry with your art.


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