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MON04 - Utaune Nami

By Swanamii
Redesign of Utaune Nami. Also her old design still be used so there's like 3 option to draw her in which outfit you prefer ;D
Thanks a lot to =CroceSorriso for the help ;3;

Reasons for redesign this? If you guys in UTAU fandom, /maybe/ you guys know why :'D
MON04 is a MONOloid, she's in the group yep.

Utaune Nami © Me
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PorKirby's avatar
This is adorable! :3
KagamineLink's avatar
She's one of my favs! I never knew she was yours! That's so cool!
KouriInazuma's avatar
How do you make the proportions this accurate??? :O Amazing job!!!
Metalraptor's avatar
Gorgeous design, great work. :D
Swanamii's avatar
Ask-Cloudprincess's avatar
Ovs2007's avatar
Hey, could I make a logo for Nami? Like an official one? I started making them awhile ago, and I would love to do one for your character!

Here are some samples of my work:





All you have to do is tell me the colors, give me her name in Japanese, and donate 3 points!
Swanamii's avatar
Sure :)

here's JP name of her 歌う音ナミ the color would be in red. If need more let me know.
Thank you!
Ovs2007's avatar
Thank you for all the points, but I need two colors: an outline color and an inside color.

It goes outline, white, then inside color. I'd recommend something like black or green for your character!
Swanamii's avatar
hmmm since her main color mostly red so it should be this: [link]
the darker red for outline, white and lighter red for inside :)
Ovs2007's avatar
Okay, well I uploaded it with a black outline, but I can change it and re-upload it! Tell me what you think of it!
Sagami-Michiyo's avatar
she can be like a future nami?
VanyRin-Chii076's avatar
hjgdlaKJSHFJKA.........nami look so mature 8D
OhJolly's avatar
So cute!!! *_*
Keichan411's avatar
Sis you must draw all 3 version of namis together someday~=D
Swanamii's avatar
someday i will~ <3
xelanesque's avatar
Shes beautiful!
Ari-Alia's avatar
I can't w8 to hear her sing songs in this outfit!! >u<
sonnyaws's avatar
her new design is amazing ;;u;; )/
Swanamii's avatar
thank you! ;;u;; <3
Necessity4fun's avatar
I want a model of her now...SO AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!
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