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I just love to paint with acrylics and draw as much as we can, no not you, you like to kill people.
I really like j-pop, techno, rock and classical music

Chapter 1
                                                                       Scoloboas Gigantea

Death.... the never sleeping worker... this is his home... nobody should trespass this realm. Nobody wants to be in this realm
It was a dusty day, you couldnt see very much because of the sand blowing towards you; the silence, was eternal; and in that forgotten city, in the place where God didnt touch the ground, there was nothing but 2 souls.
-Are we there yet?-
-No, and stop asking me that-. -The DNA compass will tell us when we arrive. Now hush!
While they walked, they could see the destruction of the city because of the republican war. You could see the towers fallen apart and the earth as steril as if a herd of cows had eaten all the life on it.
People left that place a long time ago, when there was nothing but death around the corner and silence was the only thing you could hear in the distance.

The silent was still, but not as quiet as before , they could hear, slowly, how a Scoloboa was crawling in the distance. There were something rare to see around these parts of the zone, because there was nothing to eat there.
Insatiable creatures, they would eat anything....
Scoloboas were fearful centipede-snake like mutant creatures made by the radiation of the war. They could be up to 15 meters long and resist titanium bullets. Judging by the sound the Scoloba did, it would be at least 20 meters long. Those monsters destroyed great part of the world and almost every specie of animals, from birds to even other insect, only to satisfy their never-ending hunger.
These monsters killed all families that lived there only to stay alife, then they ate the animals and now, they could eat even themselves.

Quickly both hid inside a building, a pizza store time ago, until the Scoloboa was far enough to continue their journey. They rested for a couple of minutes there. They had travel long distances a lot of times, but no like this.
Those two didn't get along very well, they could be for even days without even saying a word to each other, but as they got closer to what they were looking for, they started a more casual conversation, at the point that the conversation was annoying.

-Filthy creatures-. -I hate insects!-
-Do you even know who are we looking for?-.
-Yeah, Do you know who are we looking for?-. -I mean, Who would live in this forgotten-by-God wasteland?
-Listen up private!-. -Its a mission of really high importance, and many others would like to be in your place; so stop asking questions and when we get there you can ask me again-. -You got that clear?-.
-Yes siiir-. and muttering she added -That means you dont know...-.

Many days have passed since those 2 left the Central city base, the center and some of the remaining potential cities in the world. And 10 years have passed, when people said the the end of the world was happening; but until 5 years later the end begun. But not the supernatural disaster one, or the zombie plague spreadment; no, the end started with the own humand destruction with massive nuclear bombs, the End.
This were the remainings of the Earth; these was the present for people; these, was HOME.
The remains of the human population was not even reaching 5 thousand millions, (meaning they killed 2 hundred thousand in the war)
that tried to survive in the junkyards, live a good life in the Centrals, or serve in the army to protect people from more attacks, that were fewer each year. People tried to live a regular life, work, get the food for their family, protecto their lifes, but not all people were that lucky; some people, not more than a thousand million, were something else, they were mutants.

The wretched, the isolated, the "things", those were the mutants
Mutants would range a lot of types: there were the mutants that had cancer-like deseases; the ones that had distorted limbs and organs; others, more lucky, would get more advanced abilities such as hyperkinesis, accelerated speed, a different skin composition that would make the even harder (like rock) or more elastic limbs (like rubber), and many others; and last, there were the fairytales. These last category was very special, and only a few would fit in here; fairy tales were mutants that had abilities you could only find in, a fairytale; vampire-like creatures, fairies, witches, that were people with a knowledge of alchemy and could manipulate energy; giants, mermaid-like people and human-animals.
Many mutants are slaves or many others just live in the surroundings of the Centrals, but there are only a few that can get IN the Centrals, the Lucky ones could even serve in the army, and get a life, but that was only luck

These thoughts were passing throught the 2 ones that entered the Wasteland.  The commander didnt told the private what they were looking for, but, they were in there to search for something that would make life in the Earth better, better than before the nuclear destruction, a place where everyone would be happy and war wasn't a thing that existed, but what was that? That was the word that He was trying to remember while they were walking in the wasteland, the word that simbolized happiness without war, the lost word.

-The world is tearing apart and we are looking for someone?, thats something stupid-.
-Next time you start shtuttering I'll kill ya', ok?-. Then he stopped and added -Wait.... I hear something-.
-It may be another Scoloboa, lets just hide in a high place and thats all-. -Not a big deal-.
-I admire the courage that you have, but its not a Scoloboa; its something else, listen-.

Far away they could a little humming, like a song sang by a child. They could hear the sad pitches on it, more like a pitiful tune.
They started approaching slowly, to see if they could find someone in that place. They did, they did find a soul in the wasteland
In a narrow street, surrounded by tons of crumbled houses and in a little current of desert air, they saw a little girl, maybe 10 years old, singing at a low volume while grabbing a little plushy from its hand. She was walking toward a little house that wasn't so destroyed as the others around, and then, she stopped.

-What is this little girl doing here?-.
-I have no clues private, but we must talk to her to regain information-.
-Because the DNA compass is marking in the direction she is walking-.
-Finally-. she thinked, we'll get out of here; -We'll get out from this putrid air; even if Im using this oxigen mask, it stinks-.

The two began to walk to reach the little girl, the DNA compass was getting stronger each step they made; but when they reached the little girl, they noticed something.
In front of the 3 of them, there was a Scoloboa, maybe the one that heard some hours ago, looking at them ready to attack and get a little snack for the day. The 2 soldiers reached their weapons from their backs, and put in position to attack the beast, but the little girl was in a state of shock, she couldn't even move. She was the prey the Scoloboa was choosing to eat first.

-Girl! Get out of here!-. Shouted the commander -Get safe!-.
But the little girl limited herself to turn around to see who was shouting.
-You are an ass*ole!- shouted while she hitted the commander -Ill get her-.
And in the ending of the sentence she ran and took the little girl by her chest
-I'll put you in a safe place.- -Dont worry, ok?-.
She put the little girl behing a big rubble and then ran to be near the commander
-Lets get through the both side and shoot between the joints of the legs private-.
-Lets do it-.

Both started running between the monster and started shooting as the commander ordered, but this Scoloboa was even harder as the ones that they fought before. Quickly, the Scoloboa started hitting everything around it and ended smashing both of them to a wall.
The scolipede, realizing that the 2 soldiers were stunned, It proceeded to eat the little girl, that, was still shocked beause of the monster. The girl unable to move, started screaming in horror while the Scoloboa was crawling toward her.

-I think we'll not going to make it commander-.
-NO!, we must fight! until our last breath!-. -There's no overdeveloped animal that can defeat me!
But before they could say another word, a shadow appeared in the sky. The shadow was moving at an incredible speed and with only two hits, he snapped the head of the Scoloboa.
The two soldiers were looking astonished as how the shadow , with a hit on the ground, made a little crater cracking the street and sending the beheaded beast into the entrails of the earth.
Then, the little girl snapped out of the shock, ran and hugged the shadow hiding inside the robe that He was using.

The shadow... could it be?

The shadow was a legend told after the End started. He was a protector of children that were left in the desert, and He could kill an army in a minute; and some said that he could manipulate the materials around him and, and... many other things you could only imagine in a dream, but no one saw him and lived in the action. He was at least 1.90 meters tall, and because of the robe, they couldnt see his face. The robe was really teared and you could see a blade showing. You could feel an energy flowing around him and the earth stopping because of him. He was the shadow

with a hoarse voice, the shadow asked
-What are you doing here?-. -This place its not suited for soldiers like you-.
The little girl showed his head a little behind the robe
- Wh- whoah, I never in my life saw someone kill a Scoloboa so fast and with a few hits like that before-. -Pardon me if Im disturbing you, but, Who you are?-.
-Its not of your buisness- answered the sadow-. -Now leave this place before you get killed-.
-Commander, the DNA compass. Look-.
The DNA compass was really strong this time, it was showing the place where the shadow was standing.
-Stop right there you freak!-. The voice of the commander changed in less than anything. Stop or ill nedd to use the brutal force!-.
-You are in the custody of the Central republic and I order you to come with us!-.
The shadow limited himself to look him with glare, eve when you couldnt see him by the hood that was covering his face. Quickly the private talked.
He must be joking, dont you?-. And getting closer to the commander, she wispered -DID YOU SAW HOW HE JUST KILLED A MONSTER IN 5 SECONDS??!! Our record is 5 minutes, and we did it with a Scoloboa by half the size the one he just managed to kill, you moron-. The shadow interrupted her.
-That pretty lady has a lot of wisdom, you should listen to her more often-.The shadow was walking toward the little house, and some meters after, he added -But if you want me so much that you are risking your life, come with me. You two-.
So, the shadow, the little girl and the two soldiers walked in the silence of the never ending junkyard toward that only house that was still up.

Chapter 2
                                                              Down below the entrails of the Earth

-Who are you?-. asked astonished the private -We didnt know people were still here. I assumed everyone was evacuated... or dead-
The shadow seemed to smile. -They call me the shadow-. then he turned around to look at the private -And your name is, if its not a problem to ask?
-Artemisa, but everybody calls me Fox due to my actual rank-.
-And yours?-. asked the shadow to the commander, while he turned again and continued to walk.
-Mine is Miles son, and im called Smoke-.
-Why?-. asked the Shadow. He started to walk faster.
-The last sh*t youll see against me is the smoke of my cigar on your face-. The soldier made a confused grin. -Why are we walking faster at each moment-.
-The sun. Its getting darker. Danger is worse in the night around these parts-.

They were at only a few meters apart from the house, when they stopped. An arrow flashed in front of the shadow's eyes just before the arrow passed throught his arm. The shadow limited himself to stop and stare at the arrow in his arm, while the others just entered in shock. Suddenly they got sorrounded by rebels, renegade mutants who kill everything on their path, about 20 or 30 of them, ready to attack them.

-Get into the house marcy-. Said the shadow to the little girl - Ill be there in a minute, ok?-.
The little girl, Marceline, nodded and ran directly inside the house. Then the rebels started to approach to them.
-Hey, you two, lets see what are you soldiers made of-.
-Too easy-. answered Miles, -This is just a regular warm-up-.
-Lets do this!-. Shouted Artemisa, while she started to run toward the mutants.

That little team started to attack and the Brawl begun. Lightings and arrows were filling the air between the warriors while the shadow was slaughting mutants and the two soldiers were blowing their organs off their bodies. Little time passed since they started, when they eliminated each warrior in front of them. The shadow just got the arrow injury, while the two soldiers got exhausted and with some arrows around their bodies. But even when the arrows were made up of sticks and stones that the mutants gathered across the field, the injuries were getting worse at each second.

-Hurry, lets go inside my shelter, you can rest there and heal your injuries-. Shouted the shadow to the pair of militars -Besides, you must be really tired from the long journey you have made just to find me-.
-Thanks-. answered the Artemisa, while the commander limited himself to nodd at the shadow.

They reached the house. It was an empty building that had a big elevator in the middle of the , once a time, a living room. Even when the building was empty, there was too little light beside the front door, that could get throught the structure. Many vehicle parts were hanging around the ceiling, and there was an unforgettable scent in the air, it was like a mixture between death and blood. Some broken furniture was resting in peace around what it seemed to be an elevator, but made from scratch. The Shadow opened the gate that was surrounding the elevator, and when the 2 injured stepped into the elevator, he closed it and, after some hadling, they started to descend.

-A... Are you ok?-. rumbled the voice of the Shadow in the walls. This was the first time that the 2 soldiers noticed that the Shadow was concerned about them. -Let me help you-. continued the Shadow, now talking to Artemisa.
-Im ok, im ok, dont worry.. hhshhs, ouch-. She answered, while she was trying to take the arrow out of her chest. -We have this armor that gives us more endurance against shots, but i think this may not be enough-.
Miles added -Thats right private. I think we might need your help with the wounds we have after all-.
-Just let me get the arrow out of your body, ok?-. The shadows voice was calmed and concerned, but he was talking only to the private. -I promise it won't hurt as much as you are feeling-.
-O..Ok.. I guess-. The private blushed and started to cooperate with the Shadow to get the arrow out of her body-.
-1...2..3!-. The arrow came out, and quickly, the Shadow teared a piece of his cape and bandaged the opening.
-Why are we doing this here?-. Asked the commander. -Dont you have something in your "house"?-.
-Yes, but before we get into my house, the elevator usually stops, and we can be here even an hour, so I would like to make it here-. The shadow turned his head and looked the wounds of the commander -I dont think you would like me to bandage you, or do you?-.
-No! Of course not! I can survive like this for weeks!-. Mile's voice shuddered -Stop saying bullsh*t!-.

The elevator stopped, like the shadow told, but not as much time as he would expect, 2 minutes or so, the elevator continued and finally, it stopped at thei destination.
That house... it was like a Bunker, but like a "house" at the same time, you would even think that the house was buried and didnt have any harm. There was a living room at the left, a kitchen in front and behind the living room, towards the bottom, you could see some doors and even a window that showed a garden like cave, with many bioluminiscent plants.
Marceline showed up her head from one of the rooms, and when she saw the soldiers, she ran inside her room, and close the door.

-Wow... I mean.. This place is suitable for all the needs a people would like to have-. You could see their faces astonished at what they were looking at. -How did you managed to make so well job in this junkyard?-.
-Yeah...-. added the private -This looks really cool, did Artemisa was still a little blushed from the elevator incident.

Both soldiers were looking at the shadow, but the shadow just made a gesture so they would sit. The two soldiers sat and with interest, they both shushed.
The shadow started to talk -Before I start talking, you two should get some help with those injuries-. The shadow turn toward Marceline┤s room -Marcie!!, come here please. Bring me my med kit from the bathroom-.
Suddenly, the little girl ran like a lighting from the bathroom to the living room, and returned to her room again.

-I have been living here since I remember-. The two soldiers were listening while they were healing themselves. -It was so many years ago... and with all the things that had happened in this 5 years... you can get a little wicked as I am, he-. The shadow put his hood off. Both of them didnt realized that they never met that face before -Let me help you with that-. The shadow took a little medicine from the med kit and with a syringe, he shot Artemisa and then put a little cotton over the blood point. -Years ago, I managed to invent a revolutionary success!, I discovered a way I could help people improve their lifes, no one wpuld be never denied because they wouldnt have extremities.... I managed to bring to life the Automail.
-Whaa-at!? Now I remember you, you were the CEO of Makino Co., you made a success in life, my father returned to work thanks to that... you..
-NO!-. The shadow shouted, but returned to hymself. -But I was a fool, I though people would use it to make the world a better place, but everything went to the wrong side, I brought the End. Everything is my fault-. And looking to his right arm, he took his cape of and showed his arm, an original automail. -Now I have this monster in my hand to remember myself the horrors I made to all the people who died-.
-Oh, dont be so hard with you...-. Artemisa got upset and tried to calm down the Shadow
-But why? if i must ask-. The commander got so interested in the story, that he forgot to heal hymself
-People used Those machines to create weapons of mass destruction, people used my company to make Nuclear weapons... It was IN MY FACTORY WHERE ALL STARTED!-.
The commander took the Shadow by his arm, and make him sit again -Calm down soldier, I t was not your fault, you didnt know-.
-Yeah man, you dont have to bury yourself. Get i?-. Both men just looked at her. They knew she was trying only to clam him, but that not was the right way.
The shadow tried to look at other place while he was calming. Arteminsa asked him.
-How about she? Is she your daughter?. She seems to not be traumataized by what has happened here.
-Because she is not from here-.

The shadow took, after both soldiers healed, the arrow that was in his arm. Little he seemed to care about the arrow, so he just threw the arrow inside a little chimney near the kitchen.

-Have you ever seen the way children get eaten by monsters, huh?-. The Shadow this time tried to Keep calm and go on. -I have dedicated myself to rescue children from this death land for this 5 years. Children that were abandonnned here, except for her-.
Marceline opened her door a little, just to dee that his father was watching innocently at her. She ran into his arms dad and curled between his robs.
-She was abandoned a little different from the others. While I was burying the house, a portal appeared, then, a little girl was thrown with violence throught it and ended landing over me-. Marceline looked at him, while smiling and gave him a kiss in the cheek; then she hugged her neck and while the shadow took her and coo, she slept. -She as been with me since then, three years ago, I would have just leaved her, but... those eyes reminded me of someone.... .She is so cute, dont you think? She helps me with everything, saying that she owes me... but... I owe her.
He took her daughter to her room, and after shutting the door. He sat again with them.

-What happened to her, did she told you?. Artemisa was so moved by that, that she coulndt resist to leave a tear in a moment.
-Yes, she told me-. The shadows voice started to get deeper. -She was a "misundertanding" of the Dark world. His father wanted a boy, and after all that years He kept her, He just went to a forest with her, and opened a portal to kill her, and leave the body were anybody could find her. But the hit was not as hard to kill her, and ended hitting me. She was unconscious over me, and after healing her and feeding her, like a daughter. She turned into the little girl we see-. The shadows voice got angrier -One day, I'LL FIND THAT MOTHERF*CKER AND KILL HIM FOR WHAT HE DID TO HER!-.
-Stop!-. Miles and Artemisa stopped him from hitting the wall. -You saved her life! Thats the best thing I had ever heard, so be happy of yourself of what you did!- Artemisa hugged him ..and He shocked...

After He calmed a bit, the Shadow sat, and some moments later, he sighed, and looked throught the window, watching some plants that glowed in an intense blue-green color, while the cavern outside was covered by that glowing. He commented.
-My parents died because of the stampede people made to run away, and in an attempt to survive, I buried my home, and the ENTIRE city with ME-.
-What!?-. Miles, shocked, stood up from his chair and opened his eyes wider -How did you managed to do THAT!? Its even impossible for a magnet momb!-.
-Yes, its very difficult, if you dont know the principles of the alchemy


Chapter 3
                                                                        The principles of Alchemy

Alchemy... the forbidden science. The Alchemy is the science of the changing earth with an inimaginable energy... The science, where you can lose everything...
The commander was shocked, his arms were trembling, and his face was showing fear.
-Alchemy?!? Are you crazy?!? Nobody can make that! Its just a myth, past, a stupid theory-. Mile's eyes were really absorted by what the Shadow told him.
-Alchemy... theres a law that indicates that you need to create an overflowing circuit of energy to make energy pass and make what you want, isn't it?-. Artemisa stood up and started walking in circles .-You need to give something in return of the same value product.... But how?-. She returned to his seat and started to think for herself.

The shadow stood up, and after walking towards the little plushie Marceline left in the floor and take it. He started to talk
-You need an energy powerful enough to modificate the molecular structure of objects in three steps: -Think, -Destroy and -Reconstruct. Where you stop is your choice, but you need the same amount of energy. You ask how, Ill tell you how-.
He put of his cape and started to put off his armor. His armor was covered by some clothes, but He just broke them and when he put off his left armor arm, they saw.
His hand was covered by some kind of rock, almost as a diamond. It was in very small places, and was running from the fingers to the shoulder.

-This stone was attached to me from before the war. I was searching for diamonds when I found it, I got hit by it; and after a transmutation my hand received, it made me create energy from its core-. He closed his hand and a light emerged from the crystals.
-If you understand all quantic and physic sciences, you can reach a certain point you can distort the world... thats what I tried to do-.
-Explain yourself-.
-I tried to make a barrier that covered all the city to make sure that we could survive, but something went wrong, my equations weren't exact and I ended burying all the city with me. The remains you can see in the surface is the result of the biggest towers tearing apart and scattering their floors over the city. Meanwhile, the city went down and, because of the variants of the Earth's core, the city was scattered in many different levels, being the highest part my house-.
Artemisa asked him. -So, if you are telling us that the city is down, where is it?-.

-Beneath us, but this is not the moment for that, now we should rest. Tomorrow you'll need me in Central, right?.-
-I forgot it-. Miles started to yawn unconscously. -We have to rest private, well get up at 600 hours for tomorrow. Understood?-.
-Yes sir!... But... may I ask, Where are we going to sleep?-.
-You can use this couches over here to rest, and I can start the fire and cuddle myself up around it-.
-Are you sure you can resist that?-. Artemisa showed a little worry about him. -I mean, its getting cold in here.
-Yeah', no problem. I do it sometime, I prefer to stay around the fire, so I dont get to hot inside a blanket-.
-If you say soo...-. Artemisa startes to get a little anxious and asked . Hey, I havent showered for a while, so, do you have any place I could take a shower?-.
The shadow seemed to be happy.
-Yeah, of course. In the bathroom, there is a tub and a faucet in the ceiling, with hot and cold water, so you can relax in there. You should take a shower, both, even me.. he-.

While Artemisa was taking a bath, the Shadow went for a walk with Miles through the cave.
-How did you met her?-. The Shadow was skimming some plants of the wall, while he was kicking a pebble. -I mean, how did you ended up both of you trying to find me...?-.
-We were in the frontline, taking over some neonazis that were trying to take south of California, when I got stuck with her. Colonel Thompson oredered me to make her my apprentice; and with the time, she bet the master, being even stronger, faster and colder than me. She ended up turning into a non-sentimental living soldier, as the Colonel wanted her to be-. The commander started to walk slower -In fact, since she met you, she started to show more emotions than in the past 5 years-. Miles stopped and gazed upon the ceiling -How did you made this? Glowing plants and bushes-.
-Remember that living thins evolve to survive in the environmet, so they started to evolve, and with the help of radiation and my alchemy, their evolution process developed faster-. The Shadow started to feel drowzy and then he added. -I think we should return.... Im.. getting a little weak...-.
What do you mean? This is just the middle of the night. Its not big deal...-.
-Just.... help me.. get home... ok?-.
The Shadow started to slow down, at the point that he couldnt move his legs, so he started to crawl. The commander was looking at him like a rare bug you found on the street, but he helped him to get up, and returned home.
-Whats going on soldier?-.
-I need to recharge.... Let me.. just...-.
The shadow went to the kitchen and pulled out a calbe from the fridge, the He showed off a little amount of skin from his left chest, and inserted the cable.
-What are you doing? You need energy to live or what?-.
-Exactly, but only if I use an extra amount of it, like a car battery. I used to much to send that Scoloboa of today to the entrials of the Earth, so... I needed to recharge-. The Shadow stood up and returned into his normal mood -I dont like it, but I have to. For little Marcy, I must survive-.
-Hey guys. I finished, Who's next?-. Artemisa showed up from the Bathroom. She was giving off a sweet scent, like if a woman had just jumped into a roses field.
-I should sugest that you shower first-. Miles was going really serious with that. -Go soldier, Ill back you up here-.
-I appreciate it-. said the Shadow -Ill be right back-. and he locked himself in the bathroom.

Artemisa was finishing drying, while Miles was marveled by the glow of the plants, when Marceline showed up. She started to sneek, trying to not draw attention as a little child, and soon she reached the kitchen. She grabbed some pieces of bread and some meat, to make a sandwich, but she didnt noticed that she was beeing watched. Artemisa was deep in the couch, watching every move she was doing. She was giggling while Marceline was trying to reach the mustard from the cupboard,so she sttod up to help her.

-May I help you, young mistress?-. She reached her and lowered the mustard, Marceline was looking at her with fear. -Here, take it-. Then she leaned against the wall. Marceline started to spread the mustard on the pieces  of bread-.
-Th..thank you...-. said Marceline. Her voice was sweet and gentle at the time, but with a lot of fear in her. -Wh..wha.. what do you want here?-. Marceline was trying to reach now the sauce-.
-I really dont know, but we are not gonna hurt you or your father, ok?-. She helped the little girl reach the sauce and then leaned again. -How old are you?-.
-Eight... or nine, I think eight and a half... I dont remember-. She put everything again in the fridge. -You are really beautiful-. Marceline blushed and headed to sit in one of the chairs of the kitchen bar.
-Thanks, you are really beautiful too-. Artemisa leaned now on the kitchen bar, and watched how Marceline was eating her sandwich.
-Have you ever seen your father's face?-. Artemisa's eyes shone and started to stand up-.
-Yeah,... a lot of times.. Why?-. Marceline showed up a confused face.
-No, its just that we hadn't seen his face during these couple of hours, and it makes me curious-.
-He always puts off his mask when he helps me bathe. You can sneek him while he is taking a bath. He never locks the door-.
Artemisa tried to think how it would be the Shadows face, but the only image she would receive was about a mutant.
-Is he a mutant?-. Artemisa was getting really desesperate. -I mean, if he is like... those things that ambushed us in the afternoon-.
-No, he is more like you... He is cute thought, he always helps me and cares for me like if I were his daughter. I really appreciate what he does-.
Artemisa was getting a little drowzy too, but she wanted to see the ....Shadows face... she.. She ended up in the couch, while Miles was still gazing the plants. Artemisa opened up her eyes, and she saw him. The Shadow was closing the door while he saw her watching him. He was without his mask.

He was a little brown, but his hair was a fiery red. He had brownish red eyes and a friendly smile. He was wearing some polo black shirt and some short pants. He stood up and stared at Artemisa.
-You look really beautiful-. The shadow broke the silence between them.
-Oh, yeah... you too... you look really good... I mean....-. Artemisa tried to hide her blush, but the Shadow reached her.
-Hey, you forgot your helmet in the bathroom-.
Artemisa took her helmet -Thanks... I ...-. Then she smiled -Thank you-.
-Your turn Miles!-. Shouted the Shadow while Miles was returning to reality. -Go get a shower-.
-Thanks soldier-. Miles ended shutting the door and locking himself inside.
-Hey Marcy, come here- Marceline took some steps and jumped over the Shadow, and grabbed him by the shoulders. -Have you met each other already?-.
-Yes dad, she is really pretty, isn't she?-.
The shadow blushed a little, and ended kissing Marceline in the cheek. -Did you eat already?-. The shadow went toward the kitchen. -Cause if you havent, I'll make you something-.
-Yes, I have already eaten a sandwich-.
-Good... then, now you should go to sleep, its 12 in the morning-.
-But daaad...-. Marceline started to yawn. -Im not tired yet.... I can... still go, see?-.
The shadow looked her with a funny, but fierce gaze. Marcy returned to her room, she rubbed her eye, and closed her door.
The Shadow took the arrow he threw at the chimney, and with a glow of his crystals and a snap with his fingers, he turned up the arrow and started a little fire.
-You should rest too-. The shadow told her, while dropping onto the floor, and the he took a pillow near him. -Good night I shall give you-.
-How did you do that?-. Artemisa was gazing the fire of the arrow, a white and red flame was emaning from it.
-Huh? This? I arranged all the gases needed to make combustible gas from the air in the end of the arrow, and with the snap I made with my fingers, I created a spark that fired up the gas-. The Shadow did that again, only creating a little explosion in front of him.
-Cute... he...-. Artemisa blushed a little at the moment they looked right in their eyes.

Miles showed up from the bathroom. He was as turned on as a man in a wrestling mania, but since he was so defeated and tired, he ended knocking himself out. The Shadow gently put a pillow under the defeated commander's head, and put a blanket over him.
-Well, I guess Miles is going to sleep in the floor with me after all. I hope he doesn't gets hurt with that position-.
Artemisa started to yawn too, she was really tired because of the fight.
-Good night-. said the Shadow. He curled himself with another blanket he took from the couch, and began to get drowzy.
-One more thing-. Quickly said the private to the Shadow. -May I... ask you, Whats your name?-.
The Shadows face showed up a smile and closed his eyes. -Marcus,...  thats my name.....-.


Chapter 4
                                                               The city Underground

Artemisa opened slowly her eyes. The sound of something being cooked awoke her. The scent in the air changed from burned wood to meat.... fried pork.....
-Good Morning!-. Marcus was in the kitchen frying some pork strips and some strange vegetables. -I hope you slept well, since you were sneezing around 4 am-.
-Did I wake you up?-. Artemisa stood up really hard, she was still sleepy. Artemisa turned her head to see Miles, but he was still asleep, snoring and blabering. Marcy showed up with some anger in her face and with a pillow around her ears.
-No, I usually wake up around that hours, but this time the commander woke me. I see that I was not the only one with that problem-.
Marceline, holding back the urge to kick Miles, ran into the kitchen and started helping the Shadow.
-Shall I help?-. Artemisa started to shake Miles a little. -Wake up you bunch of old bones-.
-No, its ok, try to make Miles get up, we'll need to eat if we are going to go to Central-.

Miles woke up some moments later, and when all of the were ready, the started to eat breakfast. It was made up of bacon strips and, what Marcus said "veggies" that were only mutated potatoes.
After dinner Everybody got ready for departure; Artemisa cleaned her canon-explosive guns, Miles made a lantern from the different plants that were in the little cavern, Marceline got a little help of her father being dressed properly, with a hooded cape Marcus made from scratch and some metal boots; last, Marcus put again his hooded cape, recharged at 100% and brang with him some charged batteries. -You dont know when youll need them- and brang some things to make some food.
-I didnt know you were a scientist-. told the Shadow to Miles
- neither I that you knew how to sew-  answered the commander to Marcus

They started to ascend in the elevator, the commanders mission was nearly over, he just needed to escort him to Central and save the humanity; Their names would be recorded and remembered throught ages... and... and.....
-Theres a problem-
Miles snapped out of confusion -Wha-AT!?! Thats not possible!! Whats going on?!?!-
-Look-. Artemisa said
A sand storm. Being inside a sandstorm this days is like entering into the wolf's mouth. There were more Scoloboas when sandstorms started, and many people could ended getting lost in the infinity of the desert, ending up being the Scoloboas treat.
Marceline hind under the Shadows cape and started to shake. Artemisa looked desesperate, while the Shadow started on the elevator to descend.
-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!??!?!-. Miles tried to stop Marcus -We can do it!! We can get throught the other side!!!-
-NO!. Its too dangerous, even for me. There are a lot of Scoloboas and the rebels get heated too-. The Shadow showed how Marceline was shaking and hiding in between his dad's legs.
-You should listen to him-. Artemisa started to shake too. -Its too high even for the three of us. And look, hes carrying a girl-.
Miles saw how Marceline was really afraid and how Artemisa was something afraid. Since they met the Shadow, she was getting more emotions. Miles nodded and the elevator started to descend.
Miles was so furious. So close of ending his mission. Time was trying to be in his way, and that was one thing that the commander didnt bear.
The elevator ended his descence

-Now what?-. Miles was trying to keep calm; he sat in the couch and started to swear in unrecongnizable sounds.
Artemisa was trying to calm him while Marceline was calming down.
The Shadow was mute. With a deep look, he was staring at the last door of the hallway. That door was really shut, rusty marks were covering it, even if it was a wooden door.
-Theres another way-. The Shadow comented. Miles and Artemisa watched him with curiosity. Anoyher way? Marcus started arranging some things of the cupboard and ran into one of the doors, the next to Marcelines, then started to hear some gears moving and metals sounds inside the room
-What is he doing?-. Artemisa asked. She was staring at the door while the air from inside was trying to open it
Marceline watched her with a curious face too-I ... I dont know-. Marceline and the others started to get closer to the room. -He usually gets there and does stuff-.

The Shadow appeared from the room. He was covered in a certain grease with some dust. The three of them were looking at him with a puzzled look. The Shadow continued going up and down the stairs, while the others were still in that state of shock.
Finally, The Shadow reached them and started pulling them towards the room.
-Lets visit the city, shall we?-.

They started going down the stairs untill they reached an elevator. The Shadow started it and it began to descend, while the others were amazed by the view they were contemplating.
The city Underground

The elevator was inside a really tall room, with many library shelves filled with books from bottom to top. In front of them there was a huge picture window in which you could see the frogotten city with splendor. The towers showing power from where they were watching. They leaved the elevator and gazed the city and the library there. Some chairs and talbe were arranged in a centrain patters that would give you a never ending look. The city, infront of them, was really dusty and some buildings were shattered apart.
There was a dry, putrid, air coming from it; the sound of silence was domaining the site, usually broken by some stones and part of the roof falling down into the city

There was a stairway at the left end of the library, ans some light showing from it.
-If you end up watching the view, go downstairs, wait for me there. Marceline, come with me-. The shadow made agesture and Marceline got closer to him. -Youre old enough to be in home alone Marcy. Ill be here in a few days, ok? Theres food in the fridge and you know how to take care of yourself-.
Marceline stepped back and started to shake her head. -What? Why?-.
Marcus tried to hug her. I dont want you hurt, thats all-.
Marceline started to cry -DAaad!? Why are you leaving me?!??. Is that you dont like me anymore??!?!-. Marceline started to cry, as a little child left in the forest. Tears were falling down from her cheeks, and ending in the floor of the library.
Marceline started to hyperventilate, and the Shadow hugged her; He kissed her in the cheek and scratched her hair.
-Its not that girl. You know this streets are too dangerous to be there, even for me. I want you to be safe, I'll leave, but return, ok?-.
Marceline stopped crying and, after she breath and nodded, she ran upstairs; then, the Shadow went behind her.
-What was that?- Miles asked. He was moved by how Marceline cried.
-That place where we are going is really dangerous, even for me. There are many mutant lairs and Scoloboa nests, even monsters you couldn't ever imagine. Thats the only way to get to Central-. Marcus sat in one of the chairs and removed his mask. He breath and put his mask on again. -There are so many traps and death emains from down there,that Marceline would be in danger. I... I just... I dont want Marceline hurt-.

The Shadow continued going upstairs and left the room. Artemisa and Miles looked at each other, then, they stepped out throught the stairs. The Library was settled upon a wall of the entrance to the principal cave. Below them there was the city, separated from them by a wide, but short bridge, that was settled on a huge canyon.
-How did he?-. Miles was searching for the right words. -Managed... to do such thing as this. I mean, a giant cavern that would cover all the city... is... unimaginable...-.
Artemisa was amazed about the structure the cavern ceiling took... Completly round, except for some stalactites showing from it, the structure was smooth.. almost... perfect. She took a stone from the ground and threw it as mos far as she could, only gaining some blocks and the deep sound of the falling rock echoe.
From behind of them, the sound of gears grinding and metal clacking started again, but this time from the right side. A wall opened from behind them opening from bottom to top, like a garage. Inside, there was the Shadow pushing some equipment covered by a old blanket. He pushed until he got in front of the two soldiers.

-Looks like I'll use this again after all. It has been time since I left this monstes inside the garage, but this will take us faster.- The Shadow took off the blanket of the machine and showed his treasure.
Inside it there was a Full Equiped Engine Double Seated Hover, old and with some dust in it. The paint was blue with some red and black flames on it. The engine was fully repaired and the seats were rearranged again.

-How did you managed to conserve on of this, they closed the production line 2 years ago-. Miles was skimming his fingers on the Hover. He saw some spare parts from some Harley Davison and some scooters. -This is one of the sh%ttiest transportations I had ever seen.
Artemisa hit him in the shoulder. -Because he can't manage to get more pieces. Then she turned to Marcus. -Are you sure this "thing" will get us to Central?-.
-As sure as this journey is gonna give us a big damn hell for welcome-. The Shadow put a Bag inside the Hover and stepped inside of it.
-What will happen then with Marceline... huh?-. said Artemisa. Her face was showing some bewilderment. -Is she ok?-.
-Yeah, I think so. I told her that I would never ever leave her, that it was only something to save people and I would come back.... I hope I can make it.. I hope-.

They saw by the last time the view that was in front of them; A sweet breeze came from the house and dissapeared going into the city. They heard the howl of some animals echoe and how the light from the holes of the ceiling was showing an inimaginalbe sight. Many people died in this very city, trying to survive at the war. Now, their bodies remained there as just some old dust in the air.
The Shadow was looking at the window of the library, hoping to see again his little girl, even for the last time.

-Lets go now-. Miles was trying to stop gazing at the view. -We dont have much time-.

The both soldiers stepped inside the Hover and, after starting it, they stepped into the Underground city.


Chapter 5

                                                                                 Getting deeper

Silence.... The word that could describe the remains of the Underground city. The Silence was the new king of this forgotten realm, where the broken buildings and the rusty cars were the population of its city.
The land where the silence was enternal, were the death was in peace, untill that day.
A motor running was the sound that echoed on the distance, and the dirt being lifted up by the machine was the only remain of its road. Three forgotten soldiers were the only souls that were still going on that wasted land. The Hover rushed throught the city, between the shattered buildings and the rotten flesh that was still there.

A sweet radio station was heard through a little radio that the Shadow carried with him, breaking the silent kingdom
Artemisa was hanging on the edge of the second sit of the Hover, keeping an eye on the supplies, covered by a scratched veil.
Miles was on the tail of the back sit, gazing the city, while cleaning his gun.
The Shadow was looking for the soldiers, while he was driving. He was trying to search for another radio station too, but at every station, the music was the same.
Finally, the radio died, and the silence remained...

-Its too quiet-. Artemisa took off her helmet fearfully, and after watching the city with her own eyes, she started to stare at Marcus. -The air is clean..., dry, but clean, Why you use the air gas mask then?-.
Marcus searched for more batteries on his suit, ending in a dissapointing failure.
-Its for safety-. The Shadow answered. He was checking his air tank. -Its not that I need it, but after living in this situation for a long time, you just learn how to be prepared for anything-.

-What did you do before the End Marcus?- asked the commander.
The Shadow turned around, and stared at the commander.
-Yeah Marcus, tell us a little about you, maybe we are the last ones to see you alive-. Artemisa added.
The commander punched the private┤s shoulder, and looked at her with a fierce gaze.
The Shadow sighed, and turned back again. He started to talk.
-I used to live at Central, when it was just funded. I made myself a fortune and lived there, even when  I was just 18.
I worked there with the Company that founded all: V3ctor Industries, the creatore of the future! The ones that created this machine that is leading us to its home. The one that created this piece of junk that is attached to my right side. I established myself there until the End, when I returned with my family and ended up in this never ending hole.
When the End happened, all the blueprints, the secrets, the....the... everything about V3ctor Industries that could have saved the Earth, disappeared. Everything got lost.... even Hope.      (~~Note: Im working on the name of the Industry~~)
Both soldiers stood still. Non of them could speak.
-Wow.. thats.. great..- Artemisa's eyes were gleaming.
The Shadow remained silent.
Artemisa wipsered to the commander, if you could say that she wispered, trying to get as close and low as she could.
-Why him? I mean... we are risking our lives bringing back to civilization this guy, why?
Marcus stopped the Hover. Artemisa and Miles shooked and stared at him. The sound of the wind blowing throught the Shadows cloak was the only thing you could hear. He put off his mask and took deep breath. His face was red and his hair was like getting in fire.
A ripping shout came from The Shadow's throat. He slumped in the front seat, and started to sob.
-Because....Im the One who made all.... I created Central, I created V3ctor Industries and brought the land to this destroyed state.-
Artemisa was trying to calm him, hugging him and silencing him; while Miles was keeping some distance, watching if no one was lurking around.
-When the Nuclear bomb detonated, I managed to make an energy shield over the city, and after the city felt, the dust and remainings of the explosion just assented on top of it-. The Shadow shooked his head. -But the people leaft the city when I created the shield, and they coulndt enter again... f*ck.. I just made things worse.. I.

A slight sound dashed throught the air, getting closer to the three mercs. The Shadow gazed the view for a short moment, and..
An arrow flashed in front of Marcus, but this time, he managed to grab it, and he crushed it. The three of them rose from the ground and heared. Some noises were emaning from the walls and the fallen pieces of buildings. A growl echoed from the distance, marking the initial wave. Many rebels showed up from the debris and started to shoot arrows at them; some others were attacking them with some scratch-made swords and giant hammer-clubs. The Shadow was getting rid of the arrow that were flashing towards the team, while the commander and the private were atacking the close rebels.
Not so much passed until they finished the rebel wave, when they heard a screech and, instantly, a Scoloboa appeared from the ruins, eating and killing other remaining rebels that were trying to escape.

-This is a huge one-.  Miles reached a hamer-club and prepared to atack. Artemisa started taking some ammo from her suit and charging up the pistols.
-What do we do now? Marcus, I think you should lead this attack-. Artemisa haded The Shadow a pistol and then Marcus charged it.
The Shadow charged Energy, and after releasing it on the pistol and on the tank on his back, he transformed the pistol into a charged minigun.
-The weak point of a Scoloboa this big is the "neck". The joints in there are too weak even if its really strong-looking. Artemisa, Miles, try to reach the neck and shoot at it, Ill make a distraction-.
-Got it-. Shouted the two soldiers.
They started to run and, when they got close to a building, they started to climb it. The Shadow created a transmutation on the floor, returning it to a cement liquid state. While the Scoloboa started to sink in the quick sand cement, Artemisa and Miles reached the Scoloboas neck. Blood started to drip from the monster when Miles and Artemisa started to attack its neck. A loud screech came from it, and after shaking the earth with his feet, his head rolled on the floor, and after that, its entire body.

-That was easy-. said the commander while he was crushing a mutant's head on the floor with his boots. -This is just like a training session-. Miles took some artifacts from the dead bodies, and started to save them in his backpack.
-Thats right, this is just a training session, a warm-up, so I suggest you to keep going, before the training session becomes a nightmare-. The Shadow seemed to be worried by something, but he continued and reached the Hover.
-Are you saying, that this is just nothing?-. Artemisa was tired. She reached the Hover too. -This is really hard, even for someone like you... this...
-Yeah, it is just the calm before the storm-.
A giant sound interrupted him. A cry echoed in the air, and more rebels started to appear. The ground started to tremble and some Scoloboas started to raise from it. Other Scoloboas started to appear from the high parts of the ceiling, and this time, they were hunting the soldiers.

-Lets move!- Miles shouted, while he was grabbing his new hand-made hammer. He started the second round breaking some bodies with it, and throwing them to the oblivion.
Soon, the area where they were being surrounded, got filled with thousands and thousands of monsters, some of them were riding the Scoloboas as horses, eating everything at their path.
Marcus charged his minigun, and transformed it into a Rocket launcher, causing a blood bath on them.
-They are too many!- Artemisa was trying to kill a Scoloboa that was trying to crush the Hover. -The Hover is not going to resist this much, We are not gonna resist a lot!
-The Hover!, thats right!-. The Shadow transformed the rocket launcher into a grenade, and after tossing it, she ran to aid Artemisa. -Artemisa, try to get to the Hover, and bring me the glass bottle there! Ill cover you up, I have a plan-. Artemisa saw him with a shocked look, but without ideas, she ran to the Hover, and took the bottle.
Miles and The Shadow teamed up. The Shadow transformed the commanders hammer into a blade, and Miles started to cut some rebels heads.
After the private reached them, she hand him the bottle, and gave him another gun she was carrying.
Marcus shouted -Both of you, I need to cover, me up!-. The Shadow started to grab some things from the ground and from inside his cloak.
Artemisa watched him get on the floor and start to create a potion-But.. WHat!.-
Artemisa and Miles Started to Shoot at everything around them; and moment after moment, the space between them and the monsters began to get smaller.

Soon, the space between them and a certain death was only some meters long.
Bullets and arrows and blood was covering the area around them.
Artemisa was using the dead bodies as a defensive wall, while Miles was throwing them as missiles, fulls of some explosive he was carrying with him.
-WHAT IN EARTH ARE YOU DOING!-. Artemisa was really scared, she was trying to not get eaten by a Scoloboa that was hunting her.
-WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING! HURRY UP! WE ARE GETTING LESS SPACE TO DEFEND!-. The commander tried to smash a Scoloboas head, but the Scoloboa ended grabbing his hammer, and tossing it far away.
-PLEASE!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, HELP US!!!.................

A Flash appeared in Marcus hands, and everything stopped. All the living things there got blind because of the light that showed up the bottle, and while he was throwing it to the distance, the Shadow took Artemisa and Miles with him, hopping on the Hover, and rushing in the opposite direction of the little bottle glass. The monsters, and rebels were in search for the bottle, forgetting about the three Mercs that were on the run.
As soon as the flash stopped, the soldiers recovered sight, and appeared in the Hover, shocked and with a really bad look.
Some moanings echoed in the distance, and a dry scream was heard in the Underground city.

The Shadow tried to get some medicines that were on the Hover, but the medicines were scattered all over the seat, and the medicines started to melt. The heat in the cavern started to grow, reaching almost 45 ║c (113 ║f)
Miles was trying to shoot a little more at the mutants, that werent paying attention to him anymore.
-What was that!?!? What happened!?!?!-. Miles was trying to recover from the battle
-What did you do!?!?-. Artemisa was trying to slap the Shadow. -Why you didnt help us! We were going to die!-.
-Shhhhh!!!-. The Shadow was trying to get as far as he could be.
Suddenly, the light from the bottle ceased, and the monsters started to shout and scream.
-Cover your ears, because what I just made was a coktail grenade about 45 times its normal power, so we need to get as far as we can...

A silence began, and a big ball of light started to get bigger creating a huge explosion and a deaf sound. A dirt wave started to rise, taking with it everything.
Cars and ruins started to fly, and the Sahdow tried to lose them. Artemisa started to shoot at all that was getting closer to them and Miles was using his balde to attack the remaining rebels that tried to escape from the explosion


Chapter 6

                                                                  Below the Underground City

-Wha.... Whe.... Where Am I?.....-. Artemisa was having a headache.
A beam of light peeked through the window and rushed over her face. The private's eyes were dazzled and she suddenly got up, stumbling because of the headache.
-In a little house....., maybe it belonged to a little couple and a child. Or maybe it was from a lonely father waiting for his little girl.- The Shadow interrupted her. He was near her, making a fire, trying to put in heat something.
Trying to look around, Artemisa saw that there was a giant hole in one of the rooms, as if a giant would have bitten it.
-Your are the first to wake up again. Dont force yourself, You just received a good hit -. Marcus stared at Miles, who was with some indented bandages around his head.

The Shadow was standing on top of a broken table, that was trying to recreate with the supplies that he had around him; sharpening a blade he made with a flint that was carrying with him, making some sparks blow around the soldiers.
Artemisa finally managed to get up, realizing that she had some bandages around her head too. She slowly reached Marcus, and sat next to him, trying to get some heat from the fire.
-What happened?.... There was an explosion.. and Ouch!, my head!-.
The Shadow checked her bandages and put some liquid on them. Then he continued sharpening his blade, and started to whistle a sad tune.
-The explosion reached us, and we ended flying over the city. In an atempt to saves us, I reached the Hover, and after making some quick changes to it, I made a giant plataform, where you fell. And, after receiving a hit worth around 800 newtons, you just fainted and..... then we crashed.... making this huge boquete on the wall-.
-Oh-. Artemisa took some cans and started to eat, while she was trying to recover the memory.

The fire started to low, and the sweet smell of something burning started to leave the room. The blade was finished, and The Shadow used the remaining fire to make some details on it, and with the ruined floor, he created a chromed and golden handle for the blade.
Artemisa looked at the sword.- Where did you learn about making antique swords?-.
-When... I worked at V3ctor.. I not only created machines that could save lives, I created a lot of weapons of mass destruction. While I was in that, I learned all about the many weapons that human race used across time: from their size, weight, composition, to the ornaments, materials of the different parts, etc.-.
Miles was speaking asleep about getting a medal, while Marcus and Artemisa were laughing and choking about it.
Marcus sighed -I wish I could see my daughter again. She is really strong, and I know she can take care of herself... but....-. He started to look at the ceiling of the cavern that showed throught the hole.- She has been my only family for a long time and I dont know what I would be without her-.

Soon, Miles recovered from fainting and, after getting up and stumbling too, He put on his helmet, and with templance he started to reforce the "perimeter", that only concisted in making a barricade around the house.
-So stand up you too-. Shouted the commander to The Shadow and the Private. -We must go now, and reach Central!-. He turned to The Shadow, took a deep breath, and continued.- I know you made some mistakes, but the past is in the past; and you can change what you have done. We can make history and save humanity-.
-Theres another tiny problem here-. Said the Shadow, breaking Mile's inspiration and deepness.- When we crashed, that little piece of sh*t that was taking us to Central blowed up and flew ahead of us at the end of the city. The only thing that ended with us is the 2nd passenger seat, where all the supplies are-.
Artemisa agreed with him and added. -Dont worry Miles, we can still reach Central, maybe it will take longer that expected, but we will be fine-.
Miles face showed some embarrasment and sadness, but he showed a smile, and started to walk towards the end of the city
-Well, what are you waiting for? Lets go!-.

The Shadow was starting to get out of the house, when Miles threw some supplies he grabbed from the house at the passengers sit.
-EEeep!-. A little scream escaped from the covered seat, and something started to move. The three mercs were speechless and stared at the seat for some seconds.
-What was that-. wispered Artemisa, while the three started to take out his guns.
The Shadow and Miles started to approach the seat, questioning themselves what could it be. Maybe it could be a mutant, getting advantage and etaing everything they had, or maybe...
Artemisa pointed her gun and Miles took out his hammer while Marcus approached as close as he could. He started to take the blanket that was covering the supplies...

Marcus took off his helmet. Pale white, he was shocked, staring at the seat.


A little girl, wounded in all her body was trying to hide behind the supplies. She was huggin her plushie, and trying to not look at The Shadow. The whimpering she was doing was not the only sound you could hear, nut it as the only that could break a heart apart.
Artemisa and Miles put down their weapons trying to get what was happening right now
-What are you doing here!?! I told you to stay in home!!! Why did you disobey me??!-. Marcus was looking at her fiercly, without mercy in his eyes.-WHat..-.
-Stop!-. Shouted Miles and Artemisa, interupting him. Artemisa put off her helmet, started to go towards Marceline and checked her.-Dont you see she's scared!?!-.
Marceline was crying, her wounds were bleeding and she was trying no to mourn. Artemisa took her, and started to see how bad she was. The Shadow took her, and hugged her, like a baby crying in the night, until Marceline stopped crying; Then he took some bandages, and started to heal her
The two soldiers were staring at the scene. Artemisa was holding her tears, and Miles threw his hammer, and started to help Marcus in anything.
After Marceline healed, The Shadow prepared her to continue the journey. He modified some sheets that belonged once to a matrimonial bed, and made a cloak for her, then, he modified the remaining parts of the Hover adding some wheels to it, and finally, the commander and the private got ready to continue.

-Is She awake?- asked the commander to Marcus.
-Not anymore, she fell asleep 2 hours ago.- answered Marcus, who was carrying Marceline on his arms.
5 hours passed since they left the building. Artemisa started to feel tired, Miles was getting a little paranoid at every minute, and Marcus was carrying Marceline, trying to not fall over.
A pity and pitch dark landscape was showing in front of them, they where half of the city, and after many years, the memories were still fresh. A park, where once a time, people would gather before holidays to buy traditional stuff; where kids would play and rest in the shadows of the trees. At every step, The mercs would remember how it was to be a little child, how it was to do anything, to not worry about improtant things, when there was all the time in the world and you could make everything.
The illusions of fresh air passed throught The Shadows mind, watching the sun burn his skin again,

                                                                       //Work in progress//



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