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Old tank sketch

This one's old, by about 3 years.  Done for a "Steampunk" themed contest for the World of Tanks forum ages ago.  Getting around to dumping my old stuff.

Snippet of information I wrote up from back then:

"Krijger Heavy Tank (Warrior), 62 tons.

Design of this tank started in 2041 when the existing fleet of tech-loaded tanks started to fail. Spare parts for the advanced tank could no longer be sourced or manufactured. Oil, however, was in abundance. Bunker grade crude. Perfect for steam. So the design team set about building a new type of heavy tank, capable of being serviced, repaired, and operating with the most abundant fuel remaining and by 2043 the prototypes had their issues worked out and the series 500 "Krijger" tank was deployed into combat. To Keep things compact, the Franco-Crosti Boiler was slung low in the center of the tank, flanked by both water and fuel bunkers in sponsons on each side and they used a drive gear that kept the complicated mess of connecting rods and main rods to a minimum: the Shay Drive system. To keep from having to replenish water, the tank has a closed loop system, water gets heated to steam in the boilers, fed through one of the 6 12" pistons, and vented into the steam radiator where it condenses back to water to repeat the process over again. Water tanks and Oil Bunkers are filled with multi-compartment bladders to keep leaks to a minimum should any of the 4 tanks be compromised.

Hull armor ranges from 100mm down to 30mm and the front of the turret has 230mm of composite steel and then ceramic and fabric weave backing it. The 105mm Rifled Gun has a maximum range of around 7,900 ft with accuracy, with a record shot hitting near 9,000 feet. Beyond 7,900 ft the accuracy of the gun sights is quesitonable. With a lack of high tech equipment and the world being reduced to 1960s era electronics, basic optic sights and basic thermal sights are available, but complicated and accurate sights are out of the question for the abilities of the world.

Production of the Krijger Heavy tank ceased in 2057 with a total of 4,512 units produced. After the end of the conflict, in 2056, some 2,200 units remained in service with the oldest combat veteran being unit 504, the 4th production tank off the assembly line. Of the first batch of tanks, numbered 501-599, only 504 survived the conflict and is preserved in the Kepler Hall. Krijger 504 was knocked out on two occasions, one shot damaged the Shay Drive and another damaged the turret ring. Both times the tank was recovered and returned to service. In all, 504 has 35 tank kills, 47 light armor kills, and took part in the recapture of Kepler."

    - Placard accompanying Krijger Tank 504 in Kepler Hall.
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