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Alcoa N. Yeager concept

Concept character... well sketch. The character has been in my story line for ages. HELL, I could do a story on most of my characters, being I put so much effort into each one's history, life, flaws, etc.

NOW TO DO THE REST OF MY... 100+ characters :U *facedesk*
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LOVE the look on his face!!! Hope your well my friend.
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Dude too funny. I just happen to be online and clicked the "Newest" tab on the main DeviantART page and look who happened to be at the very top hahaha. Crazy coincidence. (This is FAM0USS by the way.. Im not sure if I let you know of this new account.)

Anyways, nice stuff, hope youre doin well bro.
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HAHAHAHAHA epic. I would never have known about your new DA.

I'm doing fairly well, holding my own in Art School and improving my abilities (at least, I think I am)

ALSO: WATCH'D. You cannot escape me now.
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Haha sweet good to hear

Ya I moved on from the other account for reasons of lazyness and I needed a more "professional" looking page to show clients.. even though this one is going in the same direction as the previous lol
Nor have I showed it to any real clients.

Who knows! I want an iPad. I think I'm having a caffeine overdose. Is it monday?

Anyways keep up the good work! Use that tablet OFTEN man! I fell off for a while, but some new projects have got me back into the digital art arena.. (see Whale drawing)

Well I need sleep i think. if i can. caffeine. kilss. jills. KILLS. Ugh..
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How about a redbull? Sleep is for the weak, you know. Also: I'm saving up for a Wacom Cintiq... try as I might, not looking at my hands while I draw STILL drives me bat-shit crazy.
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Dude, I was at a Photoshop forum thing in San Francisco and they had all sorts of wacom tablets out to try.. I gave the Intuos a try and WTF it was HARD! I dont know how some people on here come up with the masterpieces they do whilst using a tablet like the Intuos.. if I cant look down at my pen and pad and see what Im drawing.. well, its just not happening. I found it extremeeeeeely difficult and i does not want. call me a noob but damn, that is tough.
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You are neigh a noob, trust me. I'm the noob for buying the $500 intous 3 back when I did instead of saving 500 more and getting the cintiq.

Oh wells, when I DO FINALLY get it, epicness (most of the fail variety) will happen.
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lol "fail variety"

Practice makes better (not perfect, never perfect.. but better)

layers are key. I do an outline layer (sketch), then a layer under for flat color, then another layer for detailed color, and then a final color layer on the very top for finishing touches and getting rid of the dark and heavy outlines (sketch layer)

I never use any other tricks. Not yet at least.
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That's pretty much the exact process I go though for my digital stuff, speaking of which I should upload more of it eventually....

So many half-done digital drawings it's borderline ridiculous.
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Oh and um.. First!
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