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Picture coloring
Want me to color the pictures for you?
Send me a lineart for me to color and show me the references of which color you want me to use.
Avatars and Banners
Any type you need right here!

However, you have to do two of these things:
  • Name of a character you want as your avatar or banner
  • MS Paint or Medibang Paint Pro (Where do you want them to be drawn on)
See me for more details
Any sticker and tattoo designs of your choice!!

But it might be slow since I have high school or other events to attend to...

- Name of the character of your choice (OCs are included)
- Style design (Graffiti or gore)
- Picture of the character so I can know what he/she looks like
-Black and white or color
Any sticker design of your choice!!
I can only draw them on MS Paint and finish in Medibang Paint Pro

- Name of the character of your choice (OCs are included)
- Style design (Graffiti or gore)
- Picture of the character so I can know what he/she looks like
-Black and white or color
TATTOO Designs
Any style, any kind!!
But I can only do gore and graffiti styles...

- Name of the character of your choice (OCs are included)
- Style design (Graffiti or gore)
- Picture of the character so I can know what he/she looks like

That's all there is!!
I can only draw them in Medibang Paint Pro..
Any kinds of Lineart: MS Paint or Medibang Paint Pro Lineart!!
OCs and sonas
Mr. Men, Kirby and SGT. Frog fan characters, original characters and personas alike! But be sure to tell me who is and show me what they look like.
Fanfictions of any kind! Lemons, gore, YOU NAME IT!!


Can I just spam something random here? If so, thanks!! ---------------- AUDIO:… We like them girls with ...

I hate doing this, but I guess I have no choice... --------------------- You're a douchebag, do-douchebag do-do-do-do-do-douchebag. You...

What can I say? This masterpiece is so epic! I like how you did her pose, her hair, glasses and the expression that made her badass. I ...

by Swinbop

DAYUM!!!! YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!!! Ratings are goin' high because of your impact! I am loving this drawing! But what I did see on the ...

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Is anyone on YouTube?
YouTube is having bugs!
:iconthe-grumpyfisherman:the-grumpyfisherman 2 18
Kermit and Constantine (Speedpaint) by MixelFanGirl100 Kermit and Constantine (Speedpaint) :iconmixelfangirl100:MixelFanGirl100 10 8
Anyone else having a problem with Youtube?
I gotta ask, since my is acting weird, I got really scared that something bad happen to my channel since I couldn't access it, or see anything, but it seems to be a wifi internet problem they are having. I just wanted to ask to see if it is happening to others or if it is just me with my computer or app.
It works one minute then suddenly it doesn't. So I am betting it's more of an issue with Youtube or just internet/online problems.
I am just really worried about my channel :( 
UPDATE) Okay so I am glad I am not the only one having problems, least I know something didn't go wrong for just me and my channel, so it's most likely a connection error or problem with youtube as a whole, hopefully they can fix it soon. 
:iconchickie456:Chickie456 2 26
Yeah It Is Great To Be Outside by joerobinette Yeah It Is Great To Be Outside :iconjoerobinette:joerobinette 2 0 Cousin~ by ThunderousFoxArt Cousin~ :iconthunderousfoxart:ThunderousFoxArt 21 16
Disabled Planets
"Ashley, you mentioned Disabled Planets in Saturnia's Bio. Why's that?"
"Disabled Planets" in Planetorial isn't like what they described in the Human world. Disabled planets means that they're not like what other planets are, like Ex: Missing limbs or multiple limbs. Or abnormal mindsets like Plutonia's Depression or other things that caused by birth or terrible scenes. Here's the planets in Solyang that is considered as Disabled.
Lassy Murricury
His nickname Bumblebee is a dark past that changed his life permanently. I wouldn't want to describe it in here (Too graphic), but it decapitate certain parts of his body that cause his emotions to go out of control.
Missy Venussa
Her Menstrual Shift is abnormal, causing her entire body to become fat to pure ugly. All female planets do have Menstrual Shift, but Venussa is the absolute worse.
Princess Saturnia
This is caused by birth, yet, Saturnia cannot speak at all nor control her bladder/bowel
:iconsquishysofty:SquishySofty 1 0
WhOoPs by GabythePurpleSheep WhOoPs :icongabythepurplesheep:GabythePurpleSheep 29 15
To all Haters
                    Pink Heart Icon Hi guys,it’s me,Fanny,and today I willPink Heart Icon 
                          Blue Heart Icon  Tell a message to all hatersBlue Heart Icon 
                                 Broken Heart Emoji Broken Heart Emoji  Haters:Broken Heart Emoji Broken Heart Emoji 
                    BROKEN GHOST HEART Haters,Pls just..accept people’s drawings 
:iconfangirllolipop:Fangirllolipop 3 11
Payback for the troublemaker (Story in the desc) by DWTDandHTFfanXD Payback for the troublemaker (Story in the desc) :icondwtdandhtffanxd:DWTDandHTFfanXD 7 0 Darby O'Gil by JohnMarkee1995 Darby O'Gil :iconjohnmarkee1995:JohnMarkee1995 14 7 Commission for MarioMario9090 by OldandNewShowsForevs Commission for MarioMario9090 :iconoldandnewshowsforevs:OldandNewShowsForevs 3 12 Karakuri Burst - Human!Veggie Style (WIP) by AgatsumaSoubi20 Karakuri Burst - Human!Veggie Style (WIP) :iconagatsumasoubi20:AgatsumaSoubi20 4 0 Baby Meshach AKA Shack by JohnMarkee1995 Baby Meshach AKA Shack :iconjohnmarkee1995:JohnMarkee1995 3 1 Fib Reaching by the-dreamer-queen Fib Reaching :iconthe-dreamer-queen:the-dreamer-queen 10 7 Mine not Yours [For TamaFan9000] by TimoArtist Mine not Yours [For TamaFan9000] :icontimoartist:TimoArtist 8 3


Swaggie--Vortex has started a donation pool!
109 / 10,000
Things I will draw:
- Nostalgia (Not all of it..)
- Mr. Men Show
- Kirby
- OCs and sonas (Be sure to tell me who is and what they look like)
- Kid Icarus: Uprising
- Song artwork and fanfictions
- Fanfictions
- Gore (Not too much)
- Video games
- AUs and crossovers
- Yuri

Things I will NOT draw and write:
- Shows I hate
- Super Mario (with exception of Toad, Toadette and Goombas)
- Characters that are difficult for me to draw
- Too much of gore (It's not pretty picture and I DONUT LIKE DOIN' IT!!)
- Realistic pictures
- Anything too NSFW that I don't post here
- Kiddie Shit (except for: Noggin/Nick Jr. Mascots, Peep(and the Big Wide World), Blue's Clues and Moose and Zee)
- Yaoi
- Couples that I find really unnecessary
- OCs that are animal like (that makes ye a furry, mate...)
- Thomas and Railway Series (I'm not fond of that series and I grew out of it...)
- Gatt Battu (Sorry, but I don't like those memes and I don't watch shit like that...)
- *OCs that are humans (unless it's Nikki (:iconbomu:'s OC))

*That means you too :iconmissartisticdraws:

Avatars and coloring: 1 to 5 or 9 points
OCs and sonas: 20 points
Lineart: 10 points
Fanfictions: 30 points
Full color: 50 points

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Goretober Alphabet Day B: Eaten by Ghouls
:iconreadplz: PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING!! :iconreadplz:

First off, I would like to apologize if I am inactive from yesterday (and today along with tomorrow)..
If you would like to know why, note me and I'll explain with heart.

Anyway, here's the drawing that I drew yesterday and it's the second Inktober/Goretober Letter of a day: B!!
B is for Mr. Bump who was eaten by ghouls!

Don't worry, he'll make it out alive once the zombies are dead and Dillydale gets saved!
He'll also have his foot and hand stiched back up afterwards as well!

Mr. Men and Little Miss is the property of Hargreaves/Sanrio/Renegade Animations
Artwork belongs to me

Materials used: Pencil, ink pens and Sharpie pen
I also used red ink pen for blood!
Oh great.. 

Watchers and viewers:
There's an argument going around on Skype and now I'm in a middle..

Basically, World War III has started....
(and it's all my fault..)

Note me for more details..
Went back to the app called Sketch and did some doodles based on the project I'll be working on in a future
If I reach a 340+ watchers, I have a surprise for you guys
Goretobe Alphabet Day A: Drowning in Pool
:iconreadplz: PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING!! :iconreadplz:

You know it! I am doing The Inktober/Goretober Alphabet based on the song, Gorey Demise!
Today's letter is A and I did Archibald Asparagus!

He is chained up in a pool as punishment for being mean to Larry the Cucumber..
Once he's out of a pool and vomits out the water, he'll learn his lesson on how he badly treated Larry...

Understand what happened in The End of Silliness? now, hate me later..

Read here for more information about the project I'm doing! -->…

VeggieTales is the property of Phil Vischer/Big Idea/Lyrick Studios
Artwork belongs to me

Materials used: Pencil, paper, ink pens and Sharpie pens
For this Goretober and Inktober, I'll be doing the Inktober/Goretober Alphabet by character name!
List of characters in the alphabetical order!

A = Archibald Asparagus 

Please leave your ideas and suggestions of characters in the comments down below and it's gotta be part of the alphabet depending on what letter I'm doing!

*NOTE: It's based on Gorey Demise by Creature Feature... 
Please note me for more details
  • Listening to: Gorey Demise
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew ICE

I have a confession to make:
I have now noticed another problem I have:
I can't take jokes and memes very well.. Same goes for sarcasm..

If you post a meme, joke or sarcastic response, I might take things too damn literally..

Damn it, this is the actual reason why I knew that I am no good..

I know that I should think before I write or speak..

(I lack that thing because I wasn't taught how to do so in a first place..)

Just be careful of who are you joking around with because I take things like that too seriously..

So, I asked Lisa Vischer (Junior Asparagus) about the picture of her foot and she said yes..…

Oh, Junior!!
Not only that, I also found out that Phil Vischer is NOT a fan of feet..
(But he had to do it for his wife..)
These videos are nostalgic to me!! XD

The last one is actually a message about what responsibility in behavior..
For this Goretober and Inktober, I'll be doing the Inktober/Goretober Alphabet by character name!
List of characters in the alphabetical order!

A = Archibald Asparagus 

Please leave your ideas and suggestions of characters in the comments down below and it's gotta be part of the alphabet depending on what letter I'm doing!

*NOTE: It's based on Gorey Demise by Creature Feature... 
Please note me for more details
  • Listening to: Gorey Demise
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew ICE


Swaggie--Vortex's Profile Picture
Rebecca K. (R.K.) Lunetta
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a girl with Kanner's autism that loves anime, video games, fanart, TV shows, drawing and more!

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight (but loves yuri)
Hobbies: Drawing fanart, anime and video games characters, gaming, listening to music
Favorite Characters: Kirby, Bronto Burt(#1 fave enemy), Waddle Dee, Pit, Pandora, Phosphora, Palutena, Medusa and Thanatos.
Mr. Men: Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Bump, Mr. Persnickity, Mr. Messy and Mr. Rude(Don't hate me.. His gas is too hilarious.. I find his rudeness more funny than irritating)
Little Misses: Miss Naughty, Miss Chatterbox, Miss Contrary, Miss Bossy(Cheryl Chase's voice fits her), Miss Calamity and Miss Whoops(#1 Fav!!)

Favorite couples:
FussyXWhoops (VA joke to J.W Terry(Whisper) and Alicyn Packard(Jibanyan))
WhoopsXBump (Yep.. That's incest and it's okay with me.. I just can't let it go too far/marriage and babies...)

Favorite yuri couples:
WhoopsXScary (I just watched the episodes, Robots and Surprises)
NaughtyXWhoopsXScary (Threesome yuri anyone?)
SomersaultXWhoops (Have ya read the ballet show book?)

My birthday badge

:iconreadplz: :iconreadplz: :iconreadplz: :iconreadplz:

Here are some things you should know:
Think before you watch my content by LawendowyOscypek
Stop making fun of people with autism by SuperMarioFan65
People React Differently to Therapy by Mintaka-TK
Aridia's Arts aren't Cringe Stamp by AridiaPizarro
Stamp: So don't do it by PrincessSkyler (Unless I give you permission to do so)
Anti Male Pregnancy Stamp by da-stamps-45212

Shipping Stamp by tultsi93
This One's Gonna Get Personal by Mintaka-TK
NO FURRIES ALLOWED by rockstarcrossing
(Hey, the 2000s Wasn't Bad) by Mintaka-TK
Copyrights by WaywardSoothsayer
My autism is not a crutch stamp by ISeeTheLattice
(The Internet Turned Me Into An Ass) by Mintaka-TK
The GoAnimate Fandom is terrible by SuperMarioFan65
Move On Stamp by TheFancyGamer1

For those who doesn't like my artwork:
Hatewatching... by SuperMarioFan65
NO SANSOPHILES ALLOWED by rockstarcrossing
It was only cool in elementary, I swear. by wingedoracle
I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by TheArtFrog
If this was real, the parents would be in trouble. by wingedoracle
This should also be a no-brainer. by World-Hero21
It is not a bad opinion Stamp by DEEcat98
Shoo by WaywardSoothsayer
Dear Parents: by World-Hero21
REQUEST: Not always nice by World-Hero21
Beware the Blue Puzzle Piece! by Mintaka-TK
REQUEST: Not easily forgiving by World-Hero21
Morals are good, but they're not necessary. by DaBair
OCs are OCs Stamp by ReikoChan

One more thing: copyright notice by drawbun
No YouTube by Aazari-Resources Unauthorized copying for YouTube reviews is NOT ALLOWED! Doing so will have you permanently blocked from my profile!
The only thing I would allow you is when you ask me first OR when I give you permission to

NOTE: I am straight, but I am willing to be bisexual! Also, the reason why I didn't like furries and yaoi is because they make me uncomfortable so please don't post that stuff here in my profile, okay?

American User Button by EclipsaButterfly
Nostalgia Button by ButtonsMaker

Where to find me
Newgrounds(as Miss Whoops):
Fanfiction. NET:…
Discord: (I'm BeccaKirby2018XD) (Only those who have it shall be my pals)
ToonZone website:…
Ninja Kiwi gaming:…
Curious Cat:…
Voice Acting Space:…

I wear Glasses by KittyJewelpet78 I love Cookies by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Respect and appreciate my work by KittyJewelpet78 Is making fun of people on dA a good thing? by SuperMarioFan65 In General, Neurological Disorders are not Genders by Mintaka-TK As an Anime Fan, This Stereotype is Annoying by Mintaka-TK Good Lord, I Hate This by Mintaka-TK ''THIS STAMP IS CANCEROUS'' by Mintaka-TK Tomboy and Girly-Girl by Linkerbell American Stereotypes 2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Not the Only One by fear-the-brilliance Forgetful by prosaix :thumb213257407: Never enough chocolate by prosaix Yuri Fangirls by TheOriginalTah Yuri Stamp by Lead-Exile I support Yuri stamp... by LostSorrows Anti Yuri clubs are... by AndreeDeJardjais Yuri fan...not lesbian Stamp by MochaKitsune _Stamp_ Digital Traditional by The-Cactus-Runner
Miss. Whoops fan stamp by CiskatEllen Litte Miss Whoops Stamp by Percyfan94 Autism Stamp by RoseOfTheNight4444 Excuses Stamp by JustSquidsYay Mental illness is not a pass by Blackestfang :thumb588782842: Mary-Sue Stamp by Zorua101 OCs Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Not a Mary sue - stamp by Angi-Shy Fiction is FICTION! (stamp) by narutofan-prekonoha cringy by saltystamped
My stamp :D by crazy-mushroom Powerful, Not Mary Sue by Novadestin Stamp: our characters deserve A CHANCE! by Jeshika-Haruno Such An Over-Rated Word by KessieLou
Immortality Does Not Equal Mary Sue by Novadestin Cuteness Doesn't Equal Sue by KessieLou Shut Up About Mary-Sues by nonobadpup girly and dark things stamp by megahappypinkskitty
forbidden facebook Stamp_anim by lxddbl Stamp: Let women dress how they want by Riza-Izumi Girly by Stampedes Bitchiness is cool. by Caution-LowCeiling
How To Misunderstand Non-Belief by Mintaka-TK Stamp: I'm allowed to by PrincessSkyler Stamp: Stop pretending to have it if you don't by PrincessSkyler Words Don't Magically Cure Mental Illness by Mintaka-TK
Amg first stampqq - Drama Free Zone by z0mdee -Stamp: Drama Free Zone by starli-i
I'm A Murderer by Mintaka-TK

Discord App Stamp - Discord User (Free to use!) by 3wyl Bisexual/Biromantic Pride stamp by BeautifulxApocalypse FRIENDS STAMP by emo-city Mailbox Stamp by xXDarkCraneXx
I'm a REAL redhead stamp by ElfGuardAoki Proud redhead by Garnet-Huntress STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Glasses by PigsTail

Pairing Stamp 3 by lady-warrior Not liking yaoi - homophobe? by ChikitaWolf Not everyone likes Yaoi by Nacht-Vico :thumb710343201:
weeb by saltystamped leave me alone by toybunny333 And Before Anyone Asks Me If I Somehow... by Mintaka-TK Some of the watchers I don't understand by LawendowyOscypek
Encyclopedia Dramatica stamp by Bubsby Encyclopedia Dramatica by HappyPenguin819 Hate faving is STUPID by TRASHYADOPTS I always do! by TRASHYADOPTS
The atheist stamp by Yoshi-chu Art style theft doesn't exist by SparDanger Art style theft Stamp | F2U by Xaraven Stamp: pls stop by PrincessSkyler
HOW DAER U NAWT SHIP ALPHYNE U HOMOPHOBIC DIPSHET by ColossalStinker You're only making yourself look bad... by ColossalStinker The Autism Closet by TheWickedKid Before You Ask by jocund-slumber
Autism by Chiminix Opinion by TRASHYADOPTS 'I Love Drag-Queens' stamp by The-Fairywitch RuPaul's Drag Race by XLove-Christina-AX
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Swaggie--Vortex Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Which one?
My Goretober/Inktober project?
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