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Answer these questions honestly to see how you’ve developed over a few years!

First questions are over age 10-14! (Old you.)

What name did you go by?: uuuuuuuuuuuuu i went by a lot of things bc i didnt really have a grasp of identity LOL
Gender Identification?: again it changed a lot 
Sexuality?: also. changed a lot.
What was your Fursona (give us a picture!)?: minty. yall already know what she looks like.
but her first design looked like this i think: Gegegeg by swagdoggos
Hobbies?: same shit i do now. i never really changed
Personality?: annoying and naive 
Favorite food?: pasta
Who was your best friend?: uh
What did you usually wear?: sAME shit i still wear aka oversized shirts and jeans
Did you have any pets? If so, what were they?: i had turtles when i was 11-13 but i couldnt really take care of them due to lack of time and money so i gave them away
Did you have a DeviantArt?: ive been on this shit website for 6 years

If so…
Did you draw?: yea
What did your art look like (another picture!)?: i wouldnt be able to find my 9-10 year old me art.
How many watchers did you have?: idk and i dont really care now either lol

If not…
Why didn’t you?: 
When did you first make your DeviantArt?: 

Any other interesting info on yourself back then?: cant remember 

Next questions are over age 15-17+! (Whatever your age now; new you.)

What name do you go by?: allen
Gender Identification?: male
Sexuality?: bisexual
What’s your Fursona (give us a picture!)?: u already know what he looks like
Hobbies?: same shit i did as a kid
Personality?: complete polar opposite from when i was younger vgfjhjk im really mean while i wasn't AS mean when i was younger
Favorite food?: still..pasta..though i love fruits a lot
Who’s your best friend?: burps
What do you usually wear?: same shit except BUT i can actually look good if i really wanna try
Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?: Yep maya a doggo
Any other interesting info on yourself now?: idk man 


How much have you changed between these years?: a lot
Is there anything you wish you could go back to and change?: no lol
Which part of your life did you like more; old or new?: uh
Was this meme interesting (>:3c)?: yea it was alright
TAG SOME PEOPLE!: no fuck u

uhh this was made by bad-doq the person i stole it from didnt have the credit
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Submitted on
April 12, 2017