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that one meme everyones doing by swagdoggos that one meme everyones doing by swagdoggos
if u cant read my shit handwriting here:

9-10 yrs old
i was annoying and i wanna kick baby me off of a cliff. i was an annoying weeaboo and i was in my lol xD wafflez phase but it was acceptable back then. i questioned my sexuality a lot??? idk i realized i wasnt a Dude type of person in 5th grade. i was cis bc i didnt know what gender was. no 5th grader knows what gender is. i was weird but it was a result of mental illness : )

11-12 yrs old:
I WAS okay tbh. i was still cringe worthy but it wasnt as bad as 9-10 yr old me.  12 years old was the worst time for me bc that was the peak(tm) of my mental illness and my parents were like "ok somethings up." i was in love with hetalia and i still have my merch and i want it gone. same with homestuck. had a lot of suicidal thoughts when i was 12?? geez. i questioned my gender a lot. i usually identified as genderfluid to make things easier but lmao i never was. also in the uwu phase when it was acceptable. 

13 yrs old: 
idk im the sameish as i was?? except more of an asshole ig. i dyed my hair a lot (read as twice). i moved to a new place which caused a lot of anxiety and i was a big weirdo tbh. i made friends tho. i was a closeted trans person when i accidentally came out to my friends during lunch lol. 

i wanna die i will pay someone to Kill Me. im a major asshole and i Wear it With Pride. im tired and i wanna sleep.
other than that im ok i guess.
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June 18, 2016
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