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Zaheer - Empty and Become Wind

By swadeart
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My personal tribute for the finale (which I still haven't seen).  Two very long nights.

Zaheer was my favorite villain in all of Korra.  I might give Amon a slight nod in the costume and voice department but Zaheer had me glued to the screen.  Not having finished season 4 I'll say at least temporarily that season 3 was my favorite; we'll see if I change my mind.

Oh also I actually did a video capture of this!  I need to edit it all together and upload it but maybe someone will get some use out of that.  At the very least it was fun way to record my process.  Look for that soon.

Props to this thread for having the answers I needed on the calligraphy.  There's a really good shot of it in the episode but even a hi-res screengrab still made a few of the strokes run together; enough that there was a high chance I was going to miss a stroke or two and wind up with gibberish.  That thread had a translation in simplified chinese which gave me the characters in text which I then converted into traditional Chinese.  Good news was that they matched what I could make out from the episode.
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Will you do the other 3 red lotus members?

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I'm currently watching the reruns of TLAB and LoK in nicktoons, and I gotta say that Zaheer is by far my favourite villain. 
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Although I prefer TLAB for being the original, its more lighthearted comedies, and poetic depictions of human nature, LoK had some really cool villains, and Zaheer and the Red Lotus were hands down the best in my opinion. 

They were truly terrifying with their skill but also had a way of being noble. 

Come to think of it, all of the main villains in LoK had noble causes; they were just misguided. 
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Zaheer was my favourite villain too - you've really done him justice! He looks weightless.
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nice work you there
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"Let go your earthly tether....Enter the Void....Empty. And become wind!" The magic spell to unlock the flying mode.
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It's not such a happy thing really, since it was through the death of his girlfriend P'Li that allowed him to enter the Void. 
She was literally the only earthly/temporal tether he had in the world. 
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Great work!

Go Team Red Lotus
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Awesome work man. Zaheer also my favorite villain too.
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"My guru on high, By what means may I rise up But still return home?"
"Fie! New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old. If you wish to remain on the ground, then do not ask me for wisdom."

Excellent work.
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Awesome. Just awesome
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Beautiful palette!
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Good choice for the colours!
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Very nice work. I agree about Zaheer. I actually felt he was treated a little unfairly - it seemed pretty clear that he was basically right, even if he went a bit too far. I wonder what would have happened to the Earth Kingdom if his plans hadn't been cut short...

Anyway, I thought you captured his slightly odd mixture of hardness and serenity very well here. :)
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Zaheer was wrong about human nature and Kuvira's rise was proof of that. He thought society would naturally go the path of chaos, but humans will always find a way to impose order. Zaheer tore downthe system, but it created a vacuum and a vacuum will be filled by its surroundings. That's just science. Like all Korra villains, Zaheer had arguably noble goals, but somewhere along the way his extremism corrupted those goals into something bad.
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oh wow, amazing!
now a compilation of all the villains... :p
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Well, time to do a compilation of all Legend of Korra villains then
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This is spectacular, I love your Art Nouveau take on Avatar :)
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This is awesome!
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Lovely piece, Zaheer was an excellent villain.
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yes he was amazing. I admit i liked Amon's origin and ending better. But I was never against Zaheer.
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Into the void xD
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Maaaaaaaaaaaan, this is AMAZING!! What a masterpiece!! I want to favorite this ten times!!!!!! congrats!
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