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Iconize Taskbar Buttons

Taskbaric - a utility to iconize Windows taskbar buttons (for XP and Vista)
  1. Run the program to iconize the taskbar buttons.

  2. To undo the effect, simply run the program again.

  3. To get the optimal results with the XP version (taskbaric_xp.exe), apply the registry change Vishal Gupta describes in detail here to change the width of the buttons.

  4. In some cases, the registry change alone is sufficient. But if you're still seeing texts like this then taskbaric_xp.exe will hide those texts for you.

The program does not stay in memory, and it does not modify any system files.

Source code for Taskbaric is available at the Taskbaric site. Taskbaric is derived from Tclock2.
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Muito bom obrigado
333day's avatar
Hello Everyone

Thank you aw2!

taskbar.exe doesn't work

windows 8.1 / 64 bit
Core2duo E8400 3GHz
RAM Memory 6GB

please Help me
How to remove this
How to Remove this
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Just double-click the file again.
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This is great!
asilaydyingdl's avatar
Impressive. Next time I boot XP I will apply the text changes and resize my buttons to the appropriate width.
iMallar's avatar
i was wondering if you can make the program work even after a reboot, cause i made a shortcut of it to the startup folder and every time it runs it shows a command prompt and it kinda distracts me. so if you can do that it would be a huge thanks. it's really a great program! :)
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Ha ha! Fair enough. I've updated the programs so that they no longer show any console windows.
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Well.... Thank you so much... It really works!

Now I've a little question... How can I make my taskbar looking like as before this change?

Now I'm seeing centered icons, but without text. That's cool for Windows 7 appearance, but the thing is I'm just trying this, I don't want to leave this as is.

Could you add a little batch or something like that in order to undo this change, please?

Thanks in advance ;)
Faved :)
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Thanks! :)

I assume you used the XP version. The effect will be gone after a reboot. I've also just updated the XP version so that running the program again will undo the "iconization" effect -- but you'll need to download the new version.
how do u get rid of it i cant undo it please help
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Run the program again and it will undo the effect. It will also be gone after a reboot :plug:.
Sephiroth121's avatar
I got it to work! And it's easy to undo! Thanks! B-)
Sephiroth121's avatar
I got it to work! And it's easy to undo! Thanks! B-)
bigbosstx's avatar
i cant get it to run on my vista is there FAQ or troubleshoot page
sw2's avatar
Could you post the error message, if any?

Most likely it couldn't find the required VC++ redistributable package. There's a download link in the description above.
bigbosstx's avatar
some thing about side by side config incorrect. see application log for details
no log nothing
im running a 64 bit could that the problem
sw2's avatar
Try this non-SP1 redistributable package instead: [link]

(Apparently I haven't patched my VC++ to SP1 yet...)
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well i didnt try your link but some how it stared working thnx look great
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Glab to hear that it's working now! :)
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thanks for the program
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Bug?When you close an application the used space is stil reserved and cant be used again.
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