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Tales of a Courier Cover

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Fallout Equestria side story.

Two young stallions, bored out of their minds in a small frontier town far to the west, join a courier service and are sent to deliver a package to the New Neighgas strip but what has started as a simple delivery job has taken a turn... for the worse...
This is the story of Clover as he crosses the merciless, barren desert and his fight for his sanity and his life.

by: :iconafriendlyhobo:

Story can be found: [link]
or: [link]

MLP is copyrighted to Hasbro
Fallout to Bethesda Softworks
I dont own anything >>
I dont usualy write disclaimers so meep.
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dragonslayerman6Hobbyist General Artist
That's how you make an exit.
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Sniperskaya Vintovaka 98 for the win!
sixcans's avatar
Sniper rifles FTW... also faved!
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lol1759Student Digital Artist
This is what I needed. The old pic was good, but not the Fo:E Style I look for xD
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Clone999Student Digital Artist
This has to be your best one date :iconclapplz:
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armbruster5's avatar
Well ain't THAT a buck in the head!
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LordVurtaxHobbyist Digital Artist
Well holy mother of god that is goooood.

I'll tell ya, I haven't even delved the first 4th way through FOE (I'm at chapter 11) but I'm friggin tempted to pick up and start reading this now.
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Abstract-SpectrumStudent Digital Artist
I gotta take some time to actually READ Fallout Equestria...
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SuraruHobbyist Interface Designer
Again, a really great quality drawing.

Love your art, keep it up!
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ArcticFox501Hobbyist General Artist
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Thanos-sanHobbyist Writer
Dat sniper rifle. xD
Also, I'm noticing that building to the left looks like Clover's cutie mark. Foreshadowing? xD
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That's awesome. Fallout+FiM is one of the best crossovers ever.
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lol1759Student Digital Artist
*the best.
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DarrianMHStudent Digital Artist
this is awesome.
Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
Lex-the-PikachuHobbyist Digital Artist
oh this is nice, awesome work and i can't believe i missed you workin on this

nice touch with putting the title of the fic in the fallen sign by his hooves
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kyo4kusanagiProfessional Digital Artist
aweshome XD
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
kyo4kusanagiProfessional Digital Artist
*thumbs up*
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minimandy12 Artisan Crafter
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Adder1Student Writer
Holy buckin' horseapples, that's so freakin' awesome! 8D
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Sweet another awesome cover art :D these always look so good
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