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Project Horizons Cover

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Project Horizons is a fanfic written by Somber for whom I've created this cover art. The process of its creation has developed slowly over the past two weeks, with him often in my Livestream channel correcting the discrepancies and mistakes i made and advising me on what colors, tones and lighting he prefers

The fanfic features a cross between Fallout 3 and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. However the source of this fanfic is another one called Fallout Equestria, with the stories of both happening in a parrarel timeline and following two diferent yet similar heroes as both struggle against the wastelands cruelty and agains themselves and their own conscience towards a better tommorow.

To anyone interested in reading i would advise reading them in this order:

Fallout Equestria: [link]

Project Horizons: [link]

The Fallout equestria logo is a modified version of the Fallout Equestria group logo and was created by [link] and its original version can be found here : [link]

EDIT: Now we have Scotch Tape there too xD
EDIT2: Minute lighting and shading fixes
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Hello. :3
I'm currently working on the french translation of Project Horizons, with Somber's permission, and I wanted to ask you if you'd let me use this as the cover on the French MLP Fiction website? With credit to you and a link to this page. :)
I've been looking for the original version of this image for a while
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yifle1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I question: Which chapter does Lacunae join the team?
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Awesome pic for Awesome fic.
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Hoofington Rises.
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nulbasHobbyist Digital Artist
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SecretLaserHobbyist Photographer
great, may i rq something?
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send me a note on what is it ur thinkin about and ill tell you whether or not i can do it
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SecretLaserHobbyist Photographer
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*get linked to your deviant page*
Wow, this guy's done a lot of FO:E stuff, and the style looks really familiar... Are all of these really fanfics? Damn there's a lot...
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Reading it now, and I got to say it is simutaneously one of the most awesome fanfics, and one of the darkest f***ing fanfic, I have EVER read. Somber has a way to make readers immersed in the story and make readers feel for the characters.

And frankly, Hell does not even begin to describe the setting, and what the main characters gone through.

I sincerely hope Blackjack and her friends will find their happy endings.
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Hello. I hope you don't mind my using your amazing picture as the background for some Project Horizons fan music I wrote: [link]
Of course, I gave you credit and provided a link to the original image.
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Thank you~!
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I had a thought like this in a gym just not as cool :)
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JAVAgamerHobbyist Filmographer
Radioactive rainbows? Pinkie, I've told you that was a bad idea to taste them!! :nuu:
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This is simply awesome! I love this fanfic!
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Somebrony at my school keeps making this the desktop background on some computers.
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as long as my name is still on it i dont mind
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Would you mind if I used this image as that background for a song I'm putting on youtube? The song's the one from chapter 36.
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not at all, link me the song when you upload it
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