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Misfits Cover

Synopsis: Snakebite Tourniquet was quite content to work as a healer on a merchants caravan, but then he finds himself alone in the desert with his body changed beyond recognition. He tries to find out why this has happened to him and eventually this leads him back home to the Neigherra Madre Mountains.

Comissioned by: :iconlydius:
To read this fanfiction go: [link]
Fallout Equestria can be found here:[link]
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Message from Kkat:

That is utterly amazing!
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can someone tell me who the pony on the top is, i know wild and geri but i thought they were the only companions so far.
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Rose or something, she was introduced in Red Light.
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oh midnight rose, yeah thats who i thought it was but i didnt figure that she was gonna be a companion, i just thought it was gonna be a homage type thing where she is the love intrest but doesnt travel with snakebite.
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Looks Nice!!11
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... You just made my month. This is one of my favorite side stories!
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I love this story!!!!

I wish a new chapter could come out soon...
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I realy liked Fallout Equestria.Though the ending kind of makes me feel sorry for Homage and LittlePip,and ((SPOILER ALLERT)) Celestia of course.Its a damn shame realy,theyll never be able to hold each other again. :crying:
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Snakebite looks awesome.
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Love the lighting and ambience going on in this picture, really great composition. I swear every time I see one of these covers it feels like some element of your art has learned something new. That's brilliant.
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So much awesome :3
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You always draw the best covers for FoE fics. Between you and MisterMech, the world of Fallout Equestria is practically brought to life before the eyes of thousands of readers. I'm always impressed by what you churn out, and your work really is instrumental in allowing readers like myself to visualize the characters better. Keep it up!
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Switchblade = One of the best cover artists.

If I wasn't already promised 2 cover arts, I'd commission you to make my cover art too. :heart:. (Though I'm certain you would excell at making a wonderful cover.) Anyway, this looks fabulous. Your use of lighting is excellent, your design of the characters is great, though looking I can detect that Midnight Rose and Runs Wild were based off of Rarity and Fluttershy templates, based on their respective expressions and Midnight's hair. It works well however, so I'm not complaining ;).

One thing I love here, is your designs of the groups various weapons (I'm a bit of a Fallout 3/NV & Fallout Equestria weapon nut.) Snakebite's laser rifle looks great, I wasn't how I'd imagine it myself, but it loks good here. Also enjoy your magic effects on Snakebite's horn and weapon, almost fiery in appearance. I like how you have two feral ghouls in the foreground whilst a series of eyes in the background, implying their are greater/more numerous threats for Snakebite to deal with on her journey.
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Actualy, Midnight got one of Raritys hairstyles/tailsyles?, and Runs got Fluttershys eyes only :\
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Really? I thought Runs looked a little like Fluttershy, dem eyes. They're just that expressive.
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Awesome work as always, my friend. Great shadows and shading!
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This is freakin amazing, I'm not kidding. I personally like the whole feeling you make with the colors and shadows. It gives a dark, yet colorful look. It baffles me, and every FoE writer who has got a cover from you feels just the same that these covers are awesome.
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Snakebite Tourniquet... the DLC item from Lonely Hearts... Neigherra Madre... the DLC location of Dead Money... I like it.
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How much does the commission cost?
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smth like this costs 40$
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Sw1tchbl4de... you're seriously so awesome, especially with your way with lighting and shading.

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