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Child of the Stars Cover

Comission completed for: :icondraconicxeno515:

Synopsis update:

Dragonfire, a confident mercenary mare hardened by a lifetime living upon the decrepit corpse of a nation long since desolated, takes her life as it comes. Time passes her by easily enough in the dust bowl known as the southwest. She could almost say her life is perfect, so long as the ghost of a past plagued with sorrow, tragedy, and death doesn't catch up with her.

Yet that life that was so close to perfection and yet so far is turned upside down when Dragonfire accepts one job too many. It starts off simple enough, but little does she know that she is more special than she had realised—so much so that somepony lurking in the shadows has been waiting for her for a very long time, and now they will stop at nothing to fulfill their age old goals.

Now with only the help of her new ragtag group of friends, Dragonfire must trek across the wasteland in search of an answer that has plagued the minds of ponies since the dawn of civilization. In the end only one thing becomes clear; however, the secret to the origin of ponykind may prove to be its most deadly.

You can find the story here :…

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Who's the dragon?
Jupiter-RainBow's avatar
Oh Celestia,what a powerful teamΣ( ° △ °|||)︴Unstoppable force.
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A dragon as a FoE side story main character? YAAAAYYYY! My main OC and the dragon from "Fallout Equestria: Outlaw" are a bit less lonely :).

So many badass looking mares (well, the red and pink one looks like she is going to be every bit as annoying as Fluttershy, if the expression is anything to go by...but I will not literally judge by the cover). And they are characters (regardless of sex) who are actually dressed for wastes, so even better :).

Lastly, I like that there are no pegasi. I like pegasi characters, don't get me, wrong, but Dashite characters are so overdone.

I hope this story comes out soon, it's really grabbed my attention.
Cylindryk's avatar
Very nice art.
But, what about link to the story? :)
Sw1tchbl4de's avatar
Well its not yet released, i could link you the authors fimfiction page if you want, i will add the link to the story into the description once it releases
DraconicXeno515's avatar

I'm going to post a link to it on my page when it's up. The story is coming out in a few days on my Fimfic…. Alternatively, I'm most likely going to be releasing chapters here on Deviant Art too.   

DraconicXeno515's avatar

Thanks again for the great cover art!

PrinceUniversa's avatar
This cover art you commissioned had caught my attention... you have me curiosity ;)
Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
Robot pony and a Dragon, okay this team isn't gonna get killed at all
DraconicXeno515's avatar

Yeah it's a good team, but I have plans. There's a lot to each of these guys.  

Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
Its a big group too, i've not gone for a big group, 3 so far but a 4th is yet to join them, one of the members of my group is just a kid though
DraconicXeno515's avatar

Yeah it is on the very limit, but groups of five and six have been done in other stories. There also introduced over long periods of time, plus once they have all been added, they're not going to be together in every scene all the time.

I'm also aware of the dragon and I suppose you could say robot characters and they're not there just to make some invincible death team, I assure you.   

Each of them already has planned back stories, goals, motivations and so on. I've been planning this for a while.      

Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
It's good to have it planned out. It's the same for me and Influx and my group.

I know how powerful robot characters can be, especially ones like Crystal so I make sure to balance her out.
DraconicXeno515's avatar

Tenacity she'd not even a robot, in fact not even the dragon isn't quite as he seems either.

Without spoiling stuff, I will say a lot of what they are, and were, will influence how they're written.

Thanks for the advice though, I appreciate it.:)   

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