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We love all things KotOR which follow the rules of DeviantArt!

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Gallery Folders

KOTOR II - The 'honorable' victor... yeah right by EtyrnalOne
The Old Republic - Rise of an Empire by KPants
Until the End by CyberII
Dr. Seuss in a Galaxy Far, Far Away by TinyInterrobang
Darth Revan by GordZee
Darth Revan Redo by GordZee
Darth Revan Sketch Cover-SOLD by GordZee
Far away from home - the Exile by s-selene
Of or Pertaining to KotOR 1
bastila by shadoefax
KOTOR Juhani by Faietiya
The Redemption of Malak - the prodigal Jedi by AraxussYexyr
Revan Alone
Sith Lord by KeyTaylor
SWTOR: Character Sheet - KOTOR - Revania Everett by MaskedSugarGirl
KOTOR: Borderline Sith by CyberII
Revan by MassoArt
Of or Pertaining to K2 the Sith Lords
KOTOR Mandalorian Wars by Faietiya
Atton Rand with a laser sword in the Darkness by KiraxHuimang
Lego KOTOR II: Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion by ImperialAce
Kreia by daritha42
Exile alone
Character sheet - Bakarne Tatiana by KalmaStari
SWTOR - Jedi Master Marina Statue by MaskedSugarGirl
K2-Ruff Sketch-Marina and Chika Late Night Vids by MaskedSugarGirl
MW - Marina - I Can Be A Hero - Ruff Sketchw/Color by MaskedSugarGirl
Either Game or a Crossover
Dark Side Murder Party by TeamAwesome-go
Happy Lifeday! by TeamAwesome-go
Father of The Year Award by TeamAwesome-go
Ebon Hawk by daritha42
HK-47 and T3-M4
HK-47: What is love? by OrdoMandalore
HK-47 by OrdoMandalore
T3-M4: Custom 3D Model by OrdoMandalore
HK-47 by Leie
Revan and Exile only
Jedi Revan and Meetra Surik by AraxussYexyr
KOTOR Revan, Exile, field and somber sky. by Faietiya
KOTOR Sculpture  'Tender passion' by Faietiya
Of or Pertaining to Gizka
The Tiniest of Prayers by vinree
13. Misfortune by Jinzali
Gizka 2 by Faietiya
Fanfiction for KotOR 1

Mature Content

Fanfics for KotOR 2, the Sith Lords
Of or Pertaining to the KotOR Comics
Zayne and Gryph as Mandalorians by MahiyanaCarudla

Random from Featured

Darth Sion by Skypilot Darth Sion :iconskypilot:Skypilot 6 3 Bastila by DanaeOP Bastila :icondanaeop:DanaeOP 23 13 Darth Malak by GROTEJR Darth Malak :icongrotejr:GROTEJR 18 2 Darth Nihilus by Dragon-Lynx Darth Nihilus :icondragon-lynx:Dragon-Lynx 26 17 Atton Rand-Counting Cards. by fizzingwhizbee Atton Rand-Counting Cards. :iconfizzingwhizbee:fizzingwhizbee 106 21 ILOVEKOTOR by DanaeOP ILOVEKOTOR :icondanaeop:DanaeOP 105 27


I know I'm not the greatest group leader, and I'm sorry I let several submissions expire (hopefully I've resubmitted all of the missed ones).

The reason I'm picky about unrelated entries was to actually differentiate this group. Someone can come here looking for KotOR art and wont have to sort through so much other stuff.

I think allowing in fanart of the adventures of Zayne Carrick and pals from the official Knights of the Old Republic comics (published by Dark Horse Comics) would not deter from that goal. Please feel free to submit any old or new ones you may have!

I'll try to sort through the "New" folder some.
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