Wish It is from His Mouth -En

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I will take out the fabulous cloth and go to the fountain
I will desert my name in the great city
Money and slave are not the reality of the soul
I had maltreated to take them from my brothers of the land

I will not be an awful notorious cheater anymore
I will be nice, although I cannot go the the heaven anymore
I will reform, although it is too late
At least, just once in my life, I am satisfied

When I stop hurting others, then I feel fine
The fire violates itself, it cannot defeat
It burns itself to be as human's ashes
Fail more than fail, fail more than others, that is I fail myself

When I lower down my fire, and calm as valley
All friends come as the water from river, not from thunder
Be first to be nice, then everyone will be nice to us
The blossom of spring welcomes the whole world
Yes, I wish this is from his mouth.
I hope he can think this way, the brightness way for him.
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