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@ We love, we play, we sing
We are happy melodously, we do not hurry, do not contract any part of body
Let the music goes
We hold microphone, pratice our throat
@ We hold, we hug, we are warm
We give our friend, dont have to beg
Let it go, no wait
We do not feel enough for our happiness every night
@ We hear, we talk, we greet
We are fine, kill the agony with vivid words
Let's say, non stop
We hit by our words, we are funny, until midnight
@ We release, we forget, we leave
We run, no worry, no obstruction
Let do it, do not keep it inside
We forget about others, have just us here
@ We look, we concentrate, we feel dim
We do not fear, if we are together, we have no fail
Let our hand and our mind to be together
We induce, past the night, we rejoice
@ We listen, we hear, we like it
We are humble for friends' work, we learn from it
Let we are the fans of each other.
We know how worth of all friends' work that is near us
@ We are bound, and we are close
We annouce continuously everywhere
Let other people think from what they see
We will bring whole world to see us
@ We are mad, we are crazy, we are fascinated
We trust our mind, not just good looking as other people do
Let anybody think about it
We are light, we are free from commitment
@ We here, We have never said, love
We know the love from our acts
Let other annoying people say it
We do not stop them, if they say 'Love' to us
@ We know, we are sure, they do not love
No reason to ban them
Let everything go, we cannot predict
We do not say, 'Love', but we love
Translate from the next deviantion, I wrote in Thai.
So there is not matching sound here.
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batafurai-sorrow's avatar
This is very good! I'm sure the original was better is a little hard to understand at parts, but you still get the point across. :3

I still think you would be an awesome slammer!X3