The Best in my Arms

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Fall in love with a girl
Wanna be just like her

How beauty on your hair
How pretty on your dress
Scare on your face
I need date you all time

Oh my dear, don't fear please
Indeed, no bad damn
All I've done, are not harm
This is how I feel you

Whatever you did
Seems like kid, and I do
I will follow you
Cause my love's never ended

I got one of your friends
Did your drain as his den
I had no comment
Pay him yens, let him to do mine

I like when you're thin
You were queen of feminine
And I was thin masculine
Don't ask why we are spouses

Then you do fitness
You are best in that house
I follow with no doubt
I announce I love you

Laid down your guitar
Oh kinda, I did too
No one even knew
I gotta do my love damn

I will hold you chest
The greatest in my arms
No panic, just be calm
There's no time, when we're one
I would vomit for this poem
The sounds are matched by Kap-Ya-Ni 11 of Thai poem
What do you feel to the guy who said this? If compare with other one
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