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Meet you at Seaford
Your right hand is in my left hand
I kiss you, and I know you want it
I will never let you know the dark side of me
I will make you smile everyday
You will never feel empty
You went beyond the ocean
I will see your face every morning
I will sing your songs for you
The same, I will sing my songs for you
I will feel you as you need
I will touch your hair
Inhale as spring flower
I will tell you by the words I trust
I am not you
I am not like you
But I am someone who loves you
I love everything I have known about you
I will say
You are the best guitarist in the world
Until my last breath
There is no matching sound in here
Just say by some words
What do you feel to the guy who said this? If compare with other one
© 2009 - 2023 Sw-Eden
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