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Welcome to SWAG @ deviantArt

The Star Wars Artists' Guild is a website with a request forum that allows players and gamemasters of the Star Wars RPG, a tabletop roleplaying game, to request illustrations for their own campaigns.

From its inception in September 2002, SWAG has produced more than 5000 free artwork for characters, vehicles, starships, gear, maps, floorplans, scenes and even logos and symbols.

Any RPGer can use the artwork for their own home campaign or to decorate their website, though Guild Members appreciate a credit for their work.

Thank you and enjoy the artwork.


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Star Wars Insider Cover by robcamp1000 Star Wars Insider Cover :iconrobcamp1000:robcamp1000 4,743 412 Star Wars Commander Rex by TereseNielsen Star Wars Commander Rex :iconteresenielsen:TereseNielsen 2,577 190 Star Wars: Kit Fisto by TereseNielsen Star Wars: Kit Fisto :iconteresenielsen:TereseNielsen 1,751 134 Star Wars: Ionizer vs Nu-Class by jasonjuta Star Wars: Ionizer vs Nu-Class :iconjasonjuta:jasonjuta 204 8 Piracy in Deep Space by jasonjuta Piracy in Deep Space :iconjasonjuta:jasonjuta 260 7 Repulsor Camera by BenWootten Repulsor Camera :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 545 47 Star Wars Purge Cover by chrisscalf Star Wars Purge Cover :iconchrisscalf:chrisscalf 2,906 112 Mara Jade by AdamHughes Mara Jade :iconadamhughes:AdamHughes 6,379 316 Trandoshan Jedi Scholar by Ryan-Rhodes Trandoshan Jedi Scholar :iconryan-rhodes:Ryan-Rhodes 44 7
As of today, I will be giving the galleries a little clean-up. This will entail browsing through our corpus of images and removing those that do not meet our guidelines as we have outlined them. If a picture of yours is removed, do not feel sad - it's not that we didn't like it or that it was sub-par, but simply did not fit the purpose of our group.

To reiterate, this group exists as a resource for Star Wars tabletop RPG. The galleries in this group should be full of images that can be used in some capacity in a tabletop Star Wars game. The group exists as a showcase for artists, but only in so far as the art being showcased meets this criteria.

Thanks all for your great contributions! Keep the spirit alive!
Attention SWAGgerinos! We've been getting a pretty steady submission stream, and I've been seeing a lot of great work pass through the group in last few months. Keep up the good work!

With that said, I think it's time to narrow the field and better define what SWAG is about. SWAG is a resource for Star Wars RPG gamers - a place to find great character art for original characters, cool NPCs, starship designs, maps, alien landscapes, etc, all of which can be used by GMs and players to enhance their games. It's an important, beneficial service we provide for free.

Henceforth, the SWAG group will no longer be accepting art of existing characters/starships/droids/etc, unless there is creative merit/RPG utility. So if you feel your submissions are falling by the wayside, ask: is this something someone would find useful for a game? If the answer is no, you probably shouldn't submit it to this group.

We do exist to showcase great art from great artists, but our primary objective is to render a service to our gaming community.

Thanks all! Keep SWAGging!
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