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Welcome to SVTFOEFC!

Welcome to the first group dedicated to Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.

Star Butterfly! by bluevioletowl
art by bluevioletowl

Before doing anything else, let's get started with the rules...…

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an American animated television series created by the wonderful Daron Nefcy.

This group's aim is to share Star vs. the Forces of Evil art and fanfiction. Feel free to join and post things related to Star vs. the Forces of Evil. SVTFOE is the acronym for Star vs. the Forces of Evil and FC is fanclub.
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KNS: Match Maker~KNS Style 1A/N: Present time is set after Please Mr. Lazy, Don't Hammer 'Em with the past set after Freeze Day~KNS Style.(OP: Kirai ni Narenai by Ayumi Nakamura)Kouja no Senshi: The Side StoriesStar vs the Forces of Evil~KNS StyleMatch Maker~KNS StyleA familiar lizard hand is placed on the love machine as the machine beeps with the screen showing the words "True Lovers" on it.Miseria: (smiles) Awww, I truly love Rast.She hugged the frill lizard's arm as he blushed and chuckled.Rasticore: Uh wow, Ria...Rick frowned as he drank his beer as they watched from the Karma bar.Rick: Ugh, look at that. Weeks of what they did after they ****ed one another and already they're acting lovey dovey.Summer: Hey give them respect. They actually HAVE a thing going. Like you two have.Rick: Correction: The us-es that USE to be alive before they got in Post-Lavos and later died. Morty and I had to replace them when they got themselves killed.Summer: Say wha-?Rick: (quickly) Nothing.Ripjaw: (filling a mug/looks upset) Lucky them. Ol' Ripjaw here is single for the rest of his life.He gulped down his beer while baby Ren watched while the eggs were polished.Anya: Rip, don't be like that. I'm sure you would've found someone if you tried one day.Ripjaw: Bah! After those stories about both that Blood Moon Ball with you non-humans being faculty/students of Echo Creek to hide out AND the Freeze Day with Father Time involving that photo Rayman gave Star after he hung out with Father Time? Bah!He scoffed in bitterness.Hotaru: (holds her root beer) Gee, you must be very depressed.Summer: Even more so when Skullnick was turned into a troll for a time.Kandy looked at the tester, sighing a bit before pulling, then it beeped a bit.Kandy: (reading message) "Faithful Lover".She sighed lovingly.Kandy: (smiles) That's me all right...She looked back at her eggs a bit.Kandy: And with the three babies on the way...Jerry: (chuckles) Let me give this a try. Watch the romance master.He pulled it before it beeped up, then lowered before it beeped at the "Forget It Kid" sign.Ripjaw: (winces) Oooh, tough luck, Smith.Jerry: (looks down) Awww. Am I going to be like Ripjaw?Beth: (sighs) Jerry, trust me, you have to appreciate with what you have.Summer: Yeah, dad. And besides, it's not like anyone tried and fail at love before.Rigby: (frowns) Skullnick did.Mordecai: Until she found her true love after she turned into a troll.Rasticore: Well, didn't last long.A few looked concerned as did baby Ren, who babbled a bit.Raye: Yes, you mentioned something about you guys having human forms at the time to blend in?Rigby: Well most of them. Mordecai, the Imps, and I had to use costumes because the guy who made those human form watches was asking too much for us.Mordecai: Plus Blitzo was more into costumes anyway, dude.Kandy: I remember it lasted until they were allowed to be themselves when Skullnick became a troll.Julayla: Wait...Rast, what name did you go by while being human exactly?Rasticore: Well, thank to Hypnos and that line of work, some of us had to blend in to Echo Creek without suspicion, which was one of the reasons why Star and Marco never saw me as who I truly was until the...(shudders/fearfully) the Gift Card incident...Miseria: (holding Ren) Some of us were assigned as school faculty during the time while the likes of Kandy who was Okashi at the time had to blend in as a student of the school.Rasticore: I was given the name Raiden Takenouchi during my human form.Kandy: Plus since Tom technically didn't fire IMP for keeping an eye on Star and Marco to prevent the shipping name "Starco" from becoming a thing...they kind of sometimes peeked in at times. Plus they had Janna to assist too...Jack: (pauses) So what does this have to do with the whole Skullnick turned to a troll bit then?Rick groaned a bit.Rick: Here, take one of these damn bubbles I stole from (belches) Rayman so you can see yourselves. I'm napping during this.Then he began snoring a bit.Morty: (groans) Oh geez...Jerry: (to Anya) And what name did you get? Peanut Brittle?He snickered a bit as she glared.Anya: (frowns) Cypress was the one who picked the name "Brittle Gadfly". Remember?Ripjaw: (flatly) What?Miseria: ANYWAY...I think you recall us meeting Dexter Ken Castle back then.Mina: Of course we do. You mentioned about meeting him before the "Father Time went lazy" bit.Ripjaw: Uuuuuh, who's Dexter Castle?Kandy: (meekly) Well, the time, some of us didn't know who he actually was in true form until I began to be assigned as a spy against Ludo with him.Anya: A spy, huh?Cypress: (rubs arm) I did recall taking down Grumblemon and Arbormon before. I was big and strong enough to fight both of them when they Digivolved during the Freeze Day fiasco.Grey: And during those times, the kids started to become Digimon...Zoe was the first during the Skullnick fiasco. She and someone similar to Gray here were both trying to assist in matchmaking not just the woman.Gray: (ponders) Wait...someone like me?Grey: Yes...this was long before I was reborn and I had met you.Kandy: (meekly) I think they were trying to match me up with Ken at the time back when we were both still human.Morty: Geez, what did this Ken look like?Kandy: (ponders) Well.....An anime cloud appears as the image of a person is drawn as she describes.Kandy: He has long hair, slightly tan skin, wears a suit and he has very piercing eyes.She looked uneasy while blushing.Kandy: He had pointy ears and those mysterious yellow eyes...She grinned a bit.Kandy: And he reminded me of Astaroth so much.Snake, Rasticore, and Phage each looked uneasy.Rasticore: (whispers) Should we tell her?Phage: Not yet. Wait 'til all her memories come back or he tells him himself when he appears again.Snake: How did you guysss help Sssskullnick anyway?Grey: (gestures) The bubbles will show you. School is starting as usual and I get to see the new teacher in action.The bubble shows a classroom as the door opens, a figure entering.Figure: (darkly) Hello.The students gasped, most of them looking fearful as the figure is seen spilling the rest of the honey into his mouth before he swallows it with a loud gulp, licking his chops.Past Hotaru: (fearfully/to herself) Oh no. (realizes) It's Zamielmon in his human disguise from what they told me.The Box Bots at the other booth glanced.Darrell: (frowns) Oh no! You got that stupid teacher from that old sucky school you had?The present Hotaru shivered in fear.Miseria: What's with that Digimon?Hotaru: It's a long story...Kandy: He was in one of the early morning classes that we had to take.The human formed Digimon glanced as he glared at the students.Zamielmon: (writing) My name is Samuel Jager.A boy with purple shirt, lime green pants and having buck teeth smirks at him.Boy: (smugly) Are you sure you're not cosplaying Link? Cause you look like you failed as a Legend of Zelda cosplayer.Some laughed a bit as Jager turns, death glaring.Mordecai: (frowns) Jeremie is so dead to say that to him.Rigby: Yeah, look.He pointed to the Digimon slamming the desk as he glared at the boy.Jeremie: Eeep!!Jager: (smirks/evilly) We got a little comedian here, eh? What makes you think you're a hot shot just because you're a (angrily) rich, snobby, cocky-ass, buck-toothed, WIMP!!Jeremie: (whimpers) I-I'm not a wimp! I'm black belt in karate!Jager: (smirks/slyly) Black belt, eh? Are you sure it wasn't a white belt spray-painted black?Many students winced as the boy begins to tear up.Jeremie: (sobbing) I....I always knew that!!He covers his face as he sobs as Grey and some of Marco's friend watch from outside, looking sympathetic.Fat Boy: Dang, he just killed him in the inside.The kids looked uneasy as did Tommy (from Digimon Frontier) and Suzie.Tommy: Yeesh.Suzie: (in fear) He's so scary...Outside, the few friends looked concerned.Rayman: Wow...this new teacher's gonna be the death of them.Barbara: (holds up files) Check out what I found from the principal's office. It says this guy took down eighty Taliban squads in Afghanistan! And he's nicknamed The Jackal.Some: WHOA!!Grand Minimus: Yipes. And I thought Mr. Dark was a nightmare.Globox: He still is!Jager's Voice: Hey slackers, get back to your class!Most: (yelps/darts off) Yes, sir!They darted away quickly.Phage: Well must suck for you.Zaryusu: I have to guess he was a nightmare when you had to deal with him.They nodded a bit.Hotaru: Even worse than when I use to go to Mugen...Kandy: And as all this was happening...Meanwhile, in one of the classes, the bell rang with school uniformed Okashi, who was drawing what seemed to be Asheroth on the paper, sighed a bit.Zoe: (notices) Hey, that's a nice picture of whoever that is.Okashi yelped a bit, quickly covering the drawing.Okashi: (blushing/embarrassed) It's nothing! It's just a male character from a manga I like, that's all!A green-haired with purple tips man tries to adjust his shirt, looking uncomfortable.Okashi: Ras-uh Raiden, I think we should meet at lunch now, don't you?Raiden: Oh uh right. Sure. Heh...Phage: (to Rasticore) Raiden, really?Ripjaw: Hey, who's the green hair guy?Rasticore: (frowns) It's me in my human disguise.Taffy took Raiden's hand as they head down towards the cafeteria.Taffy: (whispering) Any glimpses of Zamielmon?Raiden: (concerned) Well, I DID see him briefly scare that boy Jeremie in that class in Henry's sister's class.In the cafeteria, they were seen sitting with Okashi looking at the same drawing with a sign, putting it away while Guilmon in an outfit looked curiously.Raiden: I think he's REALLY strict.The red hair woman putting down the food sighed and shook her head, sitting next to the tall man with flower veils on his hair.Past Grey: AND probably traumatized him.Rayman: (worriedly) Jeremie maybe a big jerk but he doesn't deserve to be treated as some prison boss' punching bag.Hotaru shivered a bit.Past Hotaru: I know.Past Grey: And Michiru and her new friend Haruka are acting strange at times...but I's probably because they just became friends or something after Elsa Grey introduced them to each other during that track meeting a couple of days ago.Taffy: And Ryo?She looked at Ryo only sighing sadly as he picked on his food.Taffy: It's sad he didn't find the memories during the Blood Moon and Father Time fiascos.Past Grey: (saddened) It sucks. Sucks more when Skullnick teaching us math.The human formed Anya patted him in comfort.Anya: Yeah, there's me as Brittle Gadfly there.Brittle: Hey, it'll be okay. (smiles) And besides, it's not that bad.She pointed to Star and Marco down the hallway together while tossing the wand.Brittle: At least better than the situation those two are doing.With Star, she tossed her wand a bit with a grin.Marco: I like red, I like hoodies. So I bought a dozen of them.Voice: Hey, it's that magic girl!Flower-Haired Man: (raises brow) Magic?They glanced at the students passing by as they shouted their "hellos" to Star while they and the school janitor passed by the two.Star: Hi, new friends! Hi! (to Marco) Everyone's so cool here, Marco. It makes me wish my parents had tossed me out of the castle years ago.Marco: At least we don't have to deal with Tom OR having time frozen again.Star: AND I can properly know the cool guys.Marco: (smirks) Oh, you haven't even met the coolest guys.Jager bumps into them as he glances sourly at them a bit before opening a honey jar, pouring the honey into his mouth.Some: Ick!Marco: Uuuuh...(sweatdrops) Not him.He pointed to a fat boy and a tan thin boy in glasses next to some lockers.Marco: Alfonzo and Ferguson.Alfonzo: (notices) Quick! Here she comes!As the girl walked passed, she stopped as Ferguson lifted his shirt, showing a drawn stomach as she noticed, looking repulsed while he moved the belly to make it talk.Ferguson: (as mouth belly) Hey, hey. Are those books? Where are you going with those books? Do you like to read-She slapped his face, then stomach as she quickly darted away.Alfonzo: Oh dear.Jager: (glancing/muttering) Gross losers.Marco: (sweatdrops) They're usually cooler.Star: (ponders) I need to fix Ferguson up.Marco: (frowns) No.Taffy: (to Raiden) Is that the Butterfly girl?Raiden: Of course it's her. She's the only girl who wears devil headbands and holds a magic wand.Barbara: Yeah, don't you remember?Taffy: Oh uh of course I do. How could I forget? He-he-he-he.The human formed lizard fixed the uncomfy shirt a bit before she helped him a bit.Taffy: Not a shirt guy, huh?Raiden: I have spike on my shoulders so its hard to wear a shirt.He rubbed his head.Raiden: Plus my build and all that.Taffy: (chuckles) I'm sure we'll find ones comfy for you one day, but this is only long enough for you to blend in for the time being.Raiden: (sighs) I know.Flower-Haired Man: Being human does feel a bit stressful at times, though.Brittle only patted him for a moment.Brittle: (smiles) It'll take time for you to get used to people looking at you like a basketball player, Cy-Simon.Simon: I know...After a moment, Okashi noticed something missing.Okashi: Hey, my drawing!She glanced at the badly disguised imps and Janna glancing at the drawing.Janna: See, Blitzy. Told ya she likes this guy.Blitzo: Ugh, this guy? Isn't she still a kid?Okashi: (turns white/Anime panics) AHHH!!She snatched the drawing of the man quickly.Okashi: (uneasily) Janna, didn't I tell you not to do that!?Janna: (slyly) Do what?Okashi: (waving arms) Showing my pictures around, of course!!Taffy: (noticing) Hey, you're those imps that's been fooling around with Tom.Moxxie: For your information, we were hired by Tom for a few things to do for that Blood Moon Ball and you should thank those girls and Janna that we're here as paying favor.Blitzo: Yeeeaah, the Blood Moon idea I gave Tom didn't turn out so well either. Didn't expect the beam to split and not just hit Star and Marco.Taffy: Thus making Tom a big-ass demon jerk.Janna: At least he's cooled off after a while. Also...I was given this when the gang and I assisted Octavia and her...situation.She showed a book of dark magic.Janna: It's just a copy, but works just as well as her dad's book.Taffy: (blinking) I'm curious. You, the smart one, did you sense anything un-demon from the demon world?Moxxie: There's this witch guy with two wives. They're vampires but they don't sense like vampires or demons.Millie: But they is quite in love with one another.Blitzo: (frowns) Showoff.Past Grey: Hmmm...did he have blond hair, gray skin, and a mask?Moxxie: Well obviously yes. Why?Past Grey: Because I believe he's a Digimon.He closes his eyes as he pictures a scary-looking armored vampire with a crescent moon glowing behind him.Past Grey: He calls himself The Moonlight because he bears the mark of a crescent moon. His Neovamdemon.Janna: (surprised) Whoa.Guilmon nearly choked on his food a bit as he winced.Guilmon: (gagging) Agh! Hack!Rayman: Dang, that must be shocking.Past Grey: But he was defeated a long time ago. Alongside the so-called Death Generals.Taffy: (rubs chin) Neovamdemon. Yamaki gave us a file about him and his wives. How come we didn't know he was there in the first place?Blitzo: Probably because some of you were too distracted with the whole "Blood Moon Ball" situation while finding whoever the hell that Whispered guy is.Okashi touched her heart for a moment.Okashi: You know...I feel odd when one of the beams hit me and that man together...Moxxie: (frowns) Aren't you too young for that 25 year old guy?Okashi: (uneasily) I'm 23, Moxxie. I just look like this because my body didn't develop well.She fiddled with her papers.Okashi: Plus I hadn't had a real education in forever and this school can provide with some of my friends as tutors during the courses.Taffy: So yeah, leave the Digimon-hunting to us, okay?Past Grey: I'll help too. Maybe I can do something to redeem what I had done in the past.Millie: Like what?Past Grey: (feels his head) I a past life...He closed his eyes, envisioning what he described.Past Grey: When I fought these kids, destroying mystical stones to try to gain my purpose, going against a WarGreymon, before I finally got killed by a Digimon trapped within a human and I used myself to seal the other world...He opened his eyes with reality shown.Past Grey: But I hope this new chance in this lifetime helps me within this world.He places a hand on his chest.Past Grey: And now that I have full understanding of what a soul is, I'll make sure no person will go down that wrong path I took.A few grinned to him.Simon: Wow, that's really something...Janna: Anyway, I almost forgot to mention...I'm part of the IMP as well under Stolas' orders.She showed her membership card.Blitzo: (frowns) Ugh, you impress the guy who pines for me, didn't you?Janna: You had a hand in it too, Blitzy.All while with Okashi, she was putting her stuff in the bag before noticing Zoe with Jeri and another girl approaching her.Zoe: Hi.Okashi: Hi.Zoe: You're the new girl, Okashi, right?Okashi: (uneasily) Uh yes...As the empty plates were put in the recycle bins, the bags were picked up.Jeri: (smiles) I hope you don't mind us going this way to your class.Girl: Skullnick's class, right?She nodded a bit.Okashi: Yeah, it is.They walk pass her as Taffy guides her.Taffy: You okay?Okashi: (pauses) I think I may have made some new friends, Taffy...I hope.Ripjaw: (pauses) Soooooo...what does all of this have to do with Star and Marco?Miseria: (frowns) We're getting to that, Rip! Keep your pants on!The visual finally changed to where someone skateboarded wildly as they saw a blond with blue streak hair girl with green eyes and sea shell necklace skating and approaching while Marco gasped.Marco: (heart eyes) Jackie Lynn Thomas!!Simon: (notices her) Hmmm? Brittle: Let's just go. He's being gushy around her.Jackie Lynn: (skating passed) Hey, Star Butterfly!Star: (waving) Hi, Jackie!She gasped and realized.Star: (Chibi smiles) I need to fix you up.Marco: (confused) What?!Star: Oh, come on. I'm almost as good at matchmaking as I am with magic.Star accidentally blasts Marco's face with magic, leaving him with a burnt face and frizzy hair with a bald spot with one strand of hair on fire.Marco: (coughing) I'm good.A guy on bicycle laughed at him before Jager whacks him on the head.Jager: (threateningly) The only one laughing is me! Now get to your class, you hyena wannabe!He gulped, darting away before putting his food down, causing Jackie's skateboard to stop with her landing on his arm, the skateboard flipped and him taking the board.Jager: (glares) And no skating or biking in this school!She was put down as she frowned.Jackie Lynn: Dang it!All while he glanced at the school looking fearful and running.Raye: He really WAS strict, wasn't he?Hotaru: The very strictest.Mordecai: And he loves to troll and roast Jeremie if he makes a cocky remark or shows-off in karate class.The disguised Digimon chuckled to himself a bit as he enters the teacher's office.Okashi: (fearfully) Why did they accept that him as a teacher?She then felt a pat on her shoulder as she looked surprised a bit.Okashi: Hmmm?She turned a bitVoice: It is alright. Sooner or later he would retire as a teacher when a job he favors will come into his interest.Okashi: (stunned) Ken.....?Taffy: (surprised) Ken?She turned as they noticed.Okashi: Dexter Ken Castle! What are you doing here?!Muscle Man: (realizes) Dude! It's Asheroth!!Ripjaw: That guy you mentioned before?Kandy: Yes, Dexter Ken Castle. (Dreamily) The one who reminded me of....him.The tan-skinned man smiles at her before they enter the class.Ken: As long as we don't get onto Jager's bad side, we'll be safe, dear.Taffy: How goes the job hunt?Ken: To be honest...He showed his application with an "Approved" sign.Ken: You can thank Hypnos for giving me the Vice Principal line of work.Okashi: (takes it/amazed) That is so amazing, Ken! I can't believe you got it!Taffy: (smirks) Congrats, Ken. Thanks for helping us track down some Digimon in disguises.He nodded, his gloved hands fixing his tie.Ken: I did what I had to.He took his hand.Ken: Was Gravimon okay when I kicked him in the face when the Father Time incident happened?Raiden: He's doing okay. And he says he didn't mind that he got kicked when he was mistaken as a pervert.Brittle: And Rayman is still holding on to that photo he found after some bonding with Father Time and the hamsters.Simon: Two actually...I took a glimpse of one of of them had Star and Marco enjoying the beach together for some reason.Taffy:'s way passed summer here.Okashi: Maybe they're gonna have a great summer after the school year's over.After a moment, Grey realized something.Past Grey: Wait, what's the other one? Who was on the second-?Just then, the bell was heard ringing.Ken: We'll have to discuss this later. You're going to have to get to class now. Tell them you were having a chat with the principal. Skullnick will believe that.As they began to depart, Okashi looked back at Ken, then turned away while blushing a bit, following the others.(End of Act 1)
KNS: Party with a Pony~KNS Style 4(Act 4)She rose her glowing hand as she smirked smugly.Ranamon: Say goodbye, you little-Voice: DEEP SUBMERGE!!She was hit as she screamed, being smashed before tumbling away and crashing, her injured as she grunted. She looked up, noticing the wavy haired figure. After a moment, the figure looked at Cypress.Figure: The attack made her weaker, you and the others will be able to fight her now...She then vanished.Cypress: Hey, come back!Ranamon grunted and groaned, holding her arm.Ranamon: (panting) Ungh...I'm not done yet!She wobbled as she continued.Ranamon: I can still fight with my bare hands and-However, some familiar figures with them screaming tackled her down, her screeching as the familiar boys, girl, and three Digimon grabbed her.Ranamon: AGH! Let go of me! Let go!!!Taffy: (holds up cuffs) Nope! But you're coming with us!She slaps the cuffs onto her as she struggles.Okashi: (notices) Kids? Calumon? I thought you were in bed.Calumon: We got really worried about you. Then that Ryo guy showed up as he found these.He pointed to some few scissors.Ryo: Sorry we took longer to find you. But I figured they would've come in handy if I found some.Cyberdramon: And they explained everything to us.Past Takato: I still can't believe we're going to do these Digimon/Whispered Hunting quests.Past Guilmon: Best night ever!!Rasticore then lifted Hotaru with a worried look.Past Rasticore: Hotaru, you could've been killed! What if they would've invaded your home or something, huh?She only giggled.Past Hotaru: (grins) It's okay. I've been through worse.Ranamon angrily scratched where Yamaki was.Yamaki: AGH!!He winced from the cut with Hotaru noticing.Past Hotaru: (gasps) Mr. took his hand before her hands glowed, them noticing his hand healing as they looked stunned.Okashi: (surprised) You can heal?Past Hotaru: (looks away) I'm sorry...but many people freak out when I do that...I just...However, the red hair lizard only grinned.Past Anya: What are you talking about? That's a pretty cool ability to have.Cypress: (notices) You got a leaf in your hair.He clenches his hands as some small vines creep out of his hand, revealing the leaf has turned into some kind of flower. A few looked surprised.Past Guilmon: magic?Cypress: Plant bending. I'm an Ivytail.Water was blasted at some guards as Splashmon is seen escorting the innocents.Splashmon: Get out if you want to live!A few were running and departing as the crowd was heading to their exits. All while with Marco, he struggled to free himself from the ropes, freeing one arm.Marco: (grins) Ha!Star: (arriving) Stand back, Marco!Marco: No! It's okay! My hand is free-Star: SHINY EMERALD SNAKE STRIKE!She hit it with the beam, turning the ropes into snakes, annoying Marco with one in his mouth, him spitting it out.Marco: Bleh!!Star: (grabs him) Marco, stop playing around!Past Rayman: Weren't YOU the one who used the snakes on him?Star: (sternly) Shuuut iiiiit.Taffy: (aims gun) I got this.Yamaki: (concerned) Why did we let that guy give her a g-?She fires at one of the robots. The other robots neared where Yamaki's group was while Star's group watched the chase on Ponyhead continuing, her laughing and neighing. She then used her horn, blasting a few arcades and making clouds of dust, scaring a few square nerds.Ponyhead: WHOO HOO!! I feel so alive! (gets snatched) WHOA!!She was nearly snatched before blasting hanging stalactites with her magic, causing them to fall to one of the robots.Masked Men: Huh?They screamed as they were squished, her laughing before she slammed to a wall, falling to the ground. The remaining ones approached her just as Rayman's group jumped to protect her.Past Rayman: Hey, knock it off!Star: Yeah, back off, creeps!!Marco: Don't worry, Ponyhead. We've got your back! (uneasily) Of your head.She smiled as they prepared to fight.Voice; Time to give it up, cupcake.The trio looked up, gasping in terror.Past Rayman: (terrified) OH....Past Globox: (terrified) MY....Past Barbara: (terrified) GOD!Past Grand Minimus: (notices/terrified) I think this is the part where we faint.Three: AGREE!!They fainted.Star: (realizes) Is that...King Ponyhead?The giant floating horse head with crown flew upward as he glared down at them, looking sternly, deeply neighing.Marco: (sweatdrops) Uuuuhh...Ponyhead: (uneasily) Hello, daddy.King Ponyhead: Hello, princess.Past Grey: (surprised) Wow, this is so shocking in so many levels.The four were lifted as they noticed.Past Barbara: What the-!? Is that another floating horse head?King Ponyhead: (annoyed) Yes, all of my kind does that.Star: (whispers/to Ponyhead) What is he doing here?Ponyhead: (worried) Oh, B-Fly, it's the end of the line for me. But at least I got in one last night of fun with you, girl.Star: (realizes) One last night? Before what?Ponyhead: Before this! (terrified) I'm going to St. O's!Some: WHAT?!Star: (gasps) Not St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses?!Thunder struck as they imagined the same school with Ponyhead in imagination screaming as she was pulled in by conveyor belt before the gates slammed shut. In reality, Rayman looked stunned.Past Rayman: What?! You got sent there?!Past Grey: And escaped. No wonder Ranamon and those guards were after her.Ponyhead: (saddened) Oh, it's true. I did it to myself. I'm headed to the slammer.King Ponyhead: (frowns) It's reform school, cupcake, not jail. Although admittedly it is a lot like jail.Past Barbara: (rolls eyes/annoyed) It IS jail by how they described it.Past Grey: (dryly) There's a difference?!Star: (realizes) Oh, Pony Head! You knew you'd get sent to St. Olga's, but you still came back to save Marco.Ponyhead: Oh, well, you know...It's hard to say it, but he is your other bestie. Okay, I said it.Star: (grins) Ooooh...come here.She hugged her friend.Both: Hugs!!She pulled her friends to the hug.Past Grey: (concerned) Somehow, being a prisoner sounds like torture to me.Masked Man: All right, princess. Time to go.She was muzzled as she was dragged away.Star: Bye, Ponyhead! I'm gonna miss you!!Marco: Hey, Ponyhead?She looked back at him.Marco: Good luck in princess jail.Past Barbara: If you need a way to get out, call me. (grins) I can find ways to do that.Some: SHHH!!She looked touched.Ponyhead: (smiles) Aw. Thanks, Earth Tu-I mean, thank you, Marco and Barbara. But don't worry about me! No jail can hold on to me for long! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!She cheered as she went through the portal.King Ponyhead: (sighs) Kids... You have 'em, and then you... wish they weren't around...He followed into the portal before it closed.Past Grey: (concerned) What's wrong with kids?Star: (happily) YAY! (Chibi smiles) My besties ARE besties!!Marco: Yeeeah, I wouldn't go that far.Past Grand Minimus: (realizes) HEY! Oh crap! We're stuck in another dimension!Star: (smirks) Oh no we're not. (shows something) Bleh!She showed Ponyhead's scissors to them.Marco: (amazed) Whoa.Star: Now we can go anywhere we want. Anywhere in the entire universe.Marco: I know just the place...He took it, opening a portal to a familiar house.Marco: Home.As she and Marco went through, the Digimon realized something.Past Grey: Wait, what about-?He yelped as he with the Rayman cast were pulled through just as it closed with the cuffed Ranamon trying to escape futilely screaming.Ranamon: No! Wait! NOOOO!!Yamaki: (guiding her) Sorry, Ranamon, but you're coming with us.Ranamon: Dammit! I bet they're having the time of their lives...and do something to plot her escape!Back at Star's house, the group was only seen watching TV on the couch, most eating Marco's nachos happily together. Back with the others, Takato was seen climbing back to the escape ladder.Past Takato: (meekly) Anyway, thanks again for understanding the situation and looking after Guilmon until I can convince my parents somehow to let me keep him in the house. I mean...well you know.Yamaki: We'll be needing you again if this situatin happens.He nodded as Ryo looked seriously as he with the others sat in the vehicles.Yamaki: (to Taffy) Now where did you say you lived at?Taffy: (sighes) Not far at that kid's house.She points to where the bakery is before pointing far from it.Yamaki: (ponders) How about we offer you a place for you and your friends?Past Rasticore: Wh-really?Past Hotaru: For us?Yamaki: After's a little something after you assisted in arresting Ranamon.Past Anya: Wow, Rast. I bet it's better than that run down shack you had back in Septarsis, huh?Past Rasticore: Hey!!Ryo: I guess it'd be nice.They then shook hands.Okashi: (happily) I think I'll enjoy my time on Earth.Calumon: (chibi smiles) I wanna see more stuff around here!Taffy: (smiles) Yep. And oerhaps we can spy on any human that matches the faces of the Digimon we're trying to arrest.Yamaki: Yes. And do make sure you keep an eye for Zamielmon. He maybe a sadist, but he is known for being a total troll towards very cocky people.A few smiled a bit with Ryo grinning.Ryo: And maybe I'll be able to recover my missing memories as well.Yamaki: Perhaps...perhaps...Past Anya: And besides...Cypress and I got nothing else better to do. So I wouldn't mind joining for the time being.Female Agent 1: You will need to blend in if you non-humans are going to stay.Female Agent 2: We have something to help with that...and I'm sure it'll be something.Hotaru: I guess that's okay...As they began departing, Okashi began realizing and pondered a bit.Okashi: (curiously) For some reason, I feel like we're forgetting something...With the familiar blujay and raccoon, they were shoved to the trash out of a portal with a broken robot.Both: AUGH!!Past Mordecai: (dryly) Thanks for getting us banned, Rigby.Past Rigby: How was I suppose to know that these games were actually stealing money from you!?Michiru's Voice: Mordecai and Rigby?They noticed Michiru approaching with her concerned.Michiru: What happ-Past Mordecai: (frowns) Don't ask...just take us home.She sighed as she lifted the two while a pen was seen in her pocket as the bubble ended.Rigby: Yeah, turns out the arcades were secretly swindling all your cash as you play with your couple of quarters. AND you get banned if someone tries to call you out on that! Whoever made that arcade should be arrested!Miseria: (eating food) That's why that place shut down after some months.Hotaru: (nods) The Bounce House would've shared its fate anyway, even after Star and the others helped fundraise it, but that's another story.Takato: (smiles) But on the bright side, it helped me start to bond pretty well with not just Guilmon, but the others.Rayman: That reminds me...what WAS the reason why Yamaki decided to recruit you?Rasticore: Yamaki explained that it was due to someone with the code name "Dexter Castle". Claimed he knew who we were.Kandy: For some reason, I have a feeling that it involved Toffee somehow...She rests her head on her arms as she ponders. Meanwhile in the city during the night time, a familiar silhouette stood on the rooftop.Kandy's Voice: I really wish I can see him again.The silhouette took out a photo of the half dragon with her friends, including her holding Toffee warmly before a small smile was seen.(ED: Ray of Light by Shoko Nakagawa)
KNS: Party with a Pony~KNS Style 3(Act 3)They watched as the 16 bit fighting game vs mode was shown with sprite versions of the familiar two.Game Announcer: Ponyhead vs Earth Turd!Marco: (anger mark) HEY!Past Barbara: Kick her non-existent ass, Marco!The two began using the dance pads using small jousting lances, both grunting.Ponyhead: You're going down, downer!Marco: Oh yeah?! Well, your mother's a horse!Ponyhead: (pauses) Uh okay, and your point would be?Past Rigby: Yo Mama so dumb, she can't dance right!Some: Ooooh!Ponyhead: You're next, Coon Brat!Past Rigby: Not if I get YOU next, P-Slut!Benson: Rigby!Rigby: What? She was acting like one!The wavy-haired man and a turqoise-haired girl watches from the sidelines, the man smirking when he senses something.Wavy-Haired Man: Hmmm? I sense a Digimon.He glanced at where Grey was trying a beat 'em up TMNT game with a few others.Wavy-Haired Man: And another.Ruka: Should we make a move, Kazuya?Kazuya: (shakes head) No, no, no. I wanna see the fun when it happens.He raises his hand as floating water appears in it.Kazuya: Besides, he-he-he, anything to make things entertaining...Gray: (impressed) Wow, you really got a hang in being a human.Grey: I know, I just didn't know the fun stuff after I was created.Guilmon: (grins) Now weren't you glad to have gone with them instead of stay home with Michiru?Grey: Yeah...though I think something about her changed since that night. I mean I barely know her, but...(concerned) Why?Star: WHOO! Way to go!She put her hands on Marco and Ponyhead's backs, then yelped from the sweat.Star: (disgusted) Ewwww! (realizes) Oh! I'll go get us some nice cold icicles to put on your disgusting sweaty backs.She points to Grey who has removed his shirt to wipe off his sweat.Star: Including the big guy here.She began departing.Star: Be right back!She then left.Skips: So what happened when you and Cypress decided to get to Earth, Anya?Anya: Simple: We ran into Rast and the others when they were planning while the kids and Guilmon were up in the bedroom asleep. At least that's what they assumed at the time.The bubble shows Taffy's group as she takes out a couple of files.Taffy: Yamaki gave us these so we would know what kind of Digimon in disguise we are dealing with.She takes out a file with a picture of an elf-like man wearing a white suit with golden zippers all over it, white headband and has long wavy hair made out of water and white stripes on his cheeks.Taffy: Splashmon. Says here he was last sighted in South Korea before he vanished without a trace. People who have contact with him say that he was getting information on how to be a pop star and how to make his own fashion trend.As she continued, a portal was seen opened as Cypress was seen carrying Anya out.Taffy: There's also Zamielmon.She pulled out the photo.Hotaru: (worried) Oh I remember Zamielmon during that incident when he was once my teacherPast Rasticore: (pointing) It says he was seen all around militia-controlled countries such as Russia, Serbia and Afghanistan, hunting down rogue soldies and Talibans like some sick game hunter.Some photos in the file shows the purple-haired elf Digimon in military clothing and formal clothes walking out of the scenes.Past Rasticore: (worriedly) It also says that he has a habit of being sadistic to the meanest and cockiest people in the world.Taffy: (frowns) I guess the only cocky person in Echo Creek is that spoiled brat, Jeremie.Okashi: Jeremie?Taffy: He's mostly jealous of Marco being better and is planning to buy his way to being a black belt master.Yamaki: (concerned) One other thing....was there anyone else that's aware of this?Past Rasticore: Just the kids and Guilmon probably, but they're already in bed. And there's Ryo with Cyberdramon, but we don't know where they went and-He then finally noticed as he pushed the agents aside.Past Rasticore: (surprised) Anya?Past Anya: Rast, you're alive?!The female lizard hugs him, laughing with relief.Past Anya: I thought you were dead!Past Rasticore: (grins) Me too! And I see you got Cypress with you.Cypress: (chuckles) Well we weren't spotted and stayed at the Snaketail village for a while, that's for sure.She then noticed the metal arm and jewel eye, realizing.Past Anya: Did she...Did she do this to you?!He meekly nodded sadly.Past Rasticore: I tried to get his finger back despite knowing I'd be blown up or murdered...didn't work out.Taffy: (waves) Hi! Names Taffy.Past Anya: (surprised) You got a new friend?Past Rasticore: Yeah, she's helping me get my bounties. (Sits down) Now we're trying to figure out what our targets are capable off.Okashi: (holds up file) Says here that Zamielmon made a mix martial arts school called Rogue Academy. (Reads it/shivers) He was spotted signing up for Echo Creek Academy and the karate school.Taffy: (shrugs) Perhaps to scare Jeremie to death if the kid doesn't get on his bad side.Okashi: (worriedly) He's nicknamed The Jackal when he was hunting rogue soldiers and Talibans for some scary reason.Some: Whoa...Past Anya: Let me guess...this new maid is with you too?Past Rasticore: She's Okashi and she use to be the queen's maid ever since she was a young age.Okashi: (saddened) I hated it there...that's all you need to know...(worried) Just...Past Anya: (inner thoughts) Wow...she actually reminds me of...(to Okashi/speaking) Hey, it's okay. I don't see anything wrong with you.Calumon: Me either. I think you look pretty.Okashi: (hugs him) Thank you, Calumon.Yamaki: (shows file) Here's one. And its really disturbing. Gravimon, a Digimon capable of controlling gravity, is discovered when he was leaving a porn studio from Japan.They shuddered with disgust.Some: AGH!Past Rasticore: (disgusted) Reminds me of Lynx.Taffy: (to herself) Lynx? That name...sounds familiar...Past Rasticore: (takes files) And you want us to capture them?Yamaki: Yes. IF they do not plan to harm the humans that is.Taffy: Alright fine. (Takes files) We'll also help in capturing Arbormon, Grumblemon and Mercurymon if we encounter them.Yamaki: (nods) Your help and profession is very appreciated, Miss Richards.Okashi: (smiles) And thanks for not ratting us out on Queen Moon. If she ever heard I was involved in something, she'd have her guards punish me again.She held her arm with worry.Past Anya: (confused) Why would they punish you? Just for helping in this whole whatever you're doing?Okashi: (sighs) It's been like that all my life.Taffy: (frowns) If I see her, I'll give her a piece of my mind.Yamaki: (notices/to agent) Strange? Where's the file containing the info on Ranamon?Agent: (realizes) Someone must have hired her or something!Some: Oh crap!Okashi only pushed the Digimon into the window.Okashi: Wait here. We'll be back. That Digimon will protect you.Calumon: (worried) But I-However, the scissors opened up a portal.Yamaki: (seriously) There's no time for that! We have to head to the arcade now!At the arcade, as the square was playing a whack-a-mole game, the portal opened as Ranamon and the guards approached it from behind.Masked Man: Hey you! Square!The photo of Ponyhead was shown.Ranamon: Have you seen this head?Square: Huh?Masked Man: Don't lie to me, little man!The square shivered with fear.Square: (points) Ask the blonde man!Ranamon: (frowns) Hypnos...Ponyhead, hearing the voice, turned and gasped, dropping her lance as Marco jab with winning sounds heard.Game Announcer: You win!Marco: (cheers) YEAH! I DID IT!!Grey gasps when he senses something, spotting the green-skinned girl Digimon.Past Grey: We got company, guys!Marco: (not noticing) Ha! Who's the turd now?Ponyhead quickly flew away.Ponyhead: Still you!!Past Grey: (following) Hey, come back!The other square came as he spoke.Square: Uh, I think I'm next. But with less abusive trash talk, please.Past Rigby: Ugh, whatever. I'm gonna try the crane game.As he departed, Mordecai followed.Past Mordecai: Dude, wait.Kazuya and Ruka then noticed another portal opening as Taffy lunges at the wavy-haired man, the man yelping as he transforms into his true form by water powers just as Taffy tackles him down.Splashmon: (struggles) Get off me! I didn't hurt any human when I came out of the Digital World!Taffy: Well you're on the list, bub!She showed the file to him as the others approached.Okashi: (sweatdrops) Miss Taffy, please. You're embarrassing us here.Splashmon struggled a bit.Splashmon: (shouts) I just want to live a good life! I wanted to have a good human life by being Kazuya Toragami, famous pop star and founder of Feral!Ruka: (worriedly) He has a good point! And he hasn't hurt a fly after her was reborn!She glanced skeptically.Past Anya: I think he has a point.Yamaki: I see...The goth woman gets off the Digimon as he grunts, the tiger cubs mewing as they licked him.Okashi: (looks touched) Aww, you got kitties.Ruka: (shrugs) We saved them from an illegal pet trader and he thought of having these guys as his mascots.The cubs were petted.Taffy: Heh, I wouldn't mind a pet one day...Past Anya: You should see the animals in other dimensions. There's loads to find.Past Grey's Voice: Star? Star! Where are you?The familiar human formed Digimon collided with Cypress, the taller lizard holding him.Cypress: Hey, calm down. Sir, what's the rush? Where you going?Past Grey: A Digimon and some weird robots are here and they look like they're finding Ponyhead. (Concerned) I think she's an escaped convict.Okashi: (realizes) Oh no, don't tell me...from St. O's?Past Grey: You mean St. Olga's.A flash of lightning flashed, showing the same castle while in reality, Okashi looked scared and fearful.Okashi: No! Not there! Anywhere but there!!Kandy: (worried) My memories of my time in St. Olga's...when father sent me there after he tried to hurt and rape mother once left me traumatized.Chase nuzzles her in which she pets him in return.Kandy: Thankfully Chase saved me from that place.Past Grey: Hey, shhh, it's okay. I...listen, maybe we can help each other out.Rayman: As for us...At the line for icicles, the familiar girl with Rayman cast waited in line.Square: (ponders) Um, let's I want the pointy one or the pointier one? Ooooh, it's such a tough choice.At that moment, Ponyhead flew up to them.Ponyhead: Hey, weirdos, you got any of those icicles?Past Rayman: We're still waiting for the line to move.Ponyhead: Hey Star, I'm bored. Uh I know this other club, so let's bounce. (shows her scissors) Bleh!Most winced a bit.Muscle Man: Ugh, I wish I could unsee that.Past Barbara: Seriously? We haven't even tried the unfinished games yet!She opened the portal.Star: (grins) Sounds cool. I'll go get Marco.Past Grey's Voice: Guys! Where are you!?Past Barbara: Grey?Ponyhead: (quickly) Oh, no-no-no-no-no. He went on ahead. Um, yes, he wanted to save us a good spot in the mosh pit. Yes, that is the course of events.Star: (grins) Oh, classic Marco. Always putting friends first.As both Star and Ponyhead were through, the others were stopped as Grey shouted while it closed.Past Grey: HEY!!Past Grand Minimus: Dude, what's your problem?Past Grey: (turns him around) THAT!He pointed to Ranamon who pointed the three guards to the oblivious Marco (unknown to most) before she with her other guards went the other way.Past Rayman: Uuuuuh, what's that?Past Grey: That would be Ranamon. We have to take her down.He removes his watch, transforming into his true form.Past Rayman: No problem. We can take her down, whoever she is, once we deal with the hired goons.With Marco, he finished the game.Game Announcer: Finish him!The game character was stabbed.Game Announcer: You win!!Marco, who beat the game, smirked.Marco: Ha! did you see that Star? (smugly) Try and beat that, Pointy Head. (notices) Star? Pointy Head?Just then, the guards surrounded Marco, one putting the hand on his shoulder as the shortest breathed heavily to him, him uneasy.Short One: You'll tell us everything about this convict.Ranamon approaches Marco, scowling.Ranamon: Don't worry, we can do this Easy or Hard. Though I'm eager for "Hard" when I smack you with my attacks.Marco: Groan!At an underwater club called the Scum Bucket, Star and Ponyhead were laughing as they crowd surfed together.Ponyhead: (grins) Is this not a blast or what, B-Fly?Star: Yeah-heah! (notices) But I don't see Marco anywhere. Or the others?Ponyhead: (scoffs) Pfft! You got me, girl! And I'm way more fun!Star: (confused) Uh, what are you talking about?Ponyhead: What I mean is, I just left them having their fun, you know?Star: What?! But w-why?Ponyhead: (starts chuckling) Uh, heh, funny story. You're gonna love it. ...I kinda ditched them and left them all in the other dimension. Oops. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!Star: (horrified) WHAT!?She screamed and fell to the floor.Ponyhead: B-Fly!Star: (furiously) How could you do that to my best friend?!Ponyhead: Best friend?! Last time I checked, the best friend was me!Star: I can have two best friends. Unless one of them is a friend-ditching liar.Ponyhead: (surprised) That Earth Turd means that much to you?Star: He's the best turd I've ever known.Ponyhead: (sighs) Okay.She opened the portal.Ponyhead: I know I'm gonna regret all of this.As they went in, Julayla face palmed.Julayla: Ugh, she's only doing it so she obviously doesn't want any guilt, even if she DOES hate him.Back with Splashmon...Splashmon: (gets up) Ungh, you're wrinkling the material here...Splashmon dusted himself as Yamaki gave him some papers.Splashmon: (confused) What's this?Yamaki: It's to say that you are safe to mingle with humans. (Warningly) Not in a sexual way, okay!?Splashmon: What?! (groans) Ungh, fine.Yamaki: You can live among the humans, (curiously) but we don't know if its possible for a Digimon to engage in a 'romantic relationship' with a human or magical being.He transformed back to his human form.Kazuya: I'll be careful. And who knows? Digimon have surprising attributes.Past Rasticore: Should we catch Ranamon or something?Yamaki: Ranamon's hired by a dean of St. Olga's by becoming her sort of tracker, someone who tracks down runaways.Okashi: (worried) Why do I have a bad feeling I know who that dean might be...?Yamaki: And not just her...but also-Ruka: (points) Uh guys?She pointed to the guards approaching them.Past Anya: (frowns) Ooooooh good...Past Rasticore: (to himself) Where's Ryo when we need him?Back with Marco, he was tied to a chair as the Digimon and masked men shone a light among his face.Masked Man: For the last time: Where IS she?!Marco: (crying) I'M TELLING YOU!! (Anime tears) I DON'T KNOOOOOW!!Ranamon: (glares) Not talking, eh? What if I do...this?!She flickered the lamp randomly.Marco: (panics) STOP! That's REALLY annoying!!Ranamon: (smugly) Exactly.As she said that, Ponyhead and Star came out of the portal with Grey and Rayman's group noticing.Past Grey: Star, where were-?Star: (points) There he is.A few looked worried.Past Barbara: (smirks) I got this.Star: Me too! CRYSTAL DAGGER-However, Ponyhead went in front of them.Ponyhead: Wait, B-Fly and Viking Gal! It's too dangerous, girls! (seriously) Hold out your hands.They did so before Ponyhead took out the scissors from her mouth.Ponyhead: Bleh.Past Barbara: What are you doing!? That frog lady looks like she's ready to do something to him.Ponyhead: It's me they want, not you. I already got you guys in enough trouble as it is...She gave the blond girl nearby the familiar scissors.Star: (realizes) Your dimensional scissors?Ponyhead: I won't need them where I'm going...Star: But Ponyhead...However, she zoomed toward the foes.Past Rayman: Hey come back!!Rayman: But we all knew that the time was coming...As the foes surrounded Marco menacingly, Ponyhead approached.Ponyhead: (glares) Oh! Hey, creeps!They turned, noticing her.Ponyhead: I heard you're looking to ride with a pony! (seriously) So come and get me.Ranamon: (smugly) So you finally showed up...(shouts) Get her! But alive! Heinous and the king won't pay us if she's dead!They chased her as she whined and laughed, Ranamon splitting from the masked henchmen robots as they chased her around the arcade. As she was alone, struggling through the crowd, she plopped and tumbled to where Cypress was at.Ranamon: (notices) What the-?!He grabs her by the head as she yelps.Ranamon: (struggling) Put me down, you brutish komodo dragon!Cypress: Sorry, but I'm afraid you're coming with us.Ranamon: NOOO!!She bit his finger as he yelped and screeched, her jumping away as she jump over the arcade cabinets, landing near some waters.Ranamon: (snaps) You asked for it! WHIPPING WAVES!!The waters from the drinks rose and splashed the lizard, neither noticing Ponyhead darting passed.Ponyhead: Whoo! Out of the way, squares!A few squares noticing screamed as she crashed through them, then they were landed ala Tetris style.Squares: YAY!!Then, the robots bashed through them. All while Cypress and Ranamon continued to fight one another.Cypress: (looking around/grits teeth) Damn it, there's no plants here!Ranamon: (chuckles) Sorry, but it looks like it's time I take you down...He grunted as she prepared to use her attack.(End of Act 3)
What Evil Lurks We Must Destroy by ModernEddy01
Request 2 for Cutiesaurs by ELCORZO2001
Galaxia Butterfly the first Queen of Mewni by Cutiesaurs
Cassie Butterfly Beach Swimsuit by Cutiesaurs
Astro Boy meets Star Butterfly by Mega-Shonen-One-64
Star and Marco - StarVsTFOE - Cosplay by NeeHime
Star Butterfly by peeps4tea



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