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Welcome to SVTFOEFC!

Welcome to the first group dedicated to Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.

Star Butterfly! by bluevioletowl
art by bluevioletowl

Before doing anything else, let's get started with the rules...…

◆Kindly read the rules before submitting to the folders please◆

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an American animated television series created by the wonderful Daron Nefcy.

This group's aim is to share Star vs. the Forces of Evil art and fanfiction. Feel free to join and post things related to Star vs. the Forces of Evil. SVTFOE is the acronym for Star vs. the Forces of Evil and FC is fanclub.
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Aug 24, 2014


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Fan Club

3,157 Members
2,807 Watchers
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Gallery Folders

Star VS the Forces of Evil by SeaFawn
Star vs the Forces of Evil by hakutooon
.: Star :. pixel by Gamibrii
Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly GIF #2 by TheLostEngine
Star Butterfly GIF #1 by TheLostEngine
Protagonists and their Signature Weapons by TheLostEngine
Star vs. the Daleks by TheLostEngine
Marco Diaz
Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Wrestling by Speed1567
Boxer Marco by DragonBat364
Spider-Marco by DragonBat364
Sleepy Marco by DragonBat364
Diaz Family
Rafael Diaz Sketch  by schumacher7
Angie Diaz Sketch  by schumacher7
Starco Wedding by Leneeh
Star and Marco ride on a love boat for a special by Deaf-Machbot
Multiple Characters
A Magic High Commission Christmas by DragonBat364
Happy Halloween! by DragonBat364
Star's First Christmas by DragonBat364
Echo Creek Academy Thanksgiving Play by DragonBat364
Other Characters
Same Name Meme - River by TheLostEngine
Answer Smash #2 by TheLostEngine
Moon Promotes Moonpies by DragonBat364
Moon Tries Moonpies by DragonBat364
Antagonists, Villains
Lying or Stupid (SvtFoE) by TheLostEngine
Toffee by JennyAnima
Star Vs the Gullet Of Toffee by albertheawsome
Ludo by DestroX71689
Sorrum Valentines Night by schumacher7
Draw this in your style a unexpected vistor by Cutiesaurs
Storm's new Sword Design by schumacher7
Rising Stars Night Out by 1Snoopierdass
Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Journey to Gallifrey by TheLostEngine
Same Voice Actor - Maurice LaMarche by TheLostEngine
Star Excited for The Great Race by TheLostEngine
Six Particular Favourite Shows by TheLostEngine
Astro Boy meets Star Butterfly by Ultra-Shounen-Kai-Z
Star and Marco - StarVsTFOE - Cosplay by NeeHime
Star Butterfly by peeps4tea



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I have a question about ArceeStar2022,who is obsessed with this show and dislikes people hating and bashing it for no reason.

I’m am so sick and tired of ArceeStar2022’s beliefs and delusions about Star Vs. The Forces of Evil,even through it’s already ended three years ago,yet he still thinks Star and her former overbearing mother are still bashed and hated by people because of Cleaved,but it’s just bad writing and character assassination,yet he continues to treat them as real people and gets mad at haters for bashing them,gets mad at me for breaking my promises with him,thinks people choose Amphibia and Owl House over Star Vs.(which is not true),forces his delusions and beliefs down people’s throats through comments and status updates,never learns and continues to repeat his mistakes,and even when I try to get him to change and learn about what I said,he just never learns. I don’t know why I have to be friends with him or why he’s always loving my art and OC’s because he thinks they’re awesome,yet he’s still a completely jerk who won’t let up about people hating and critizing a magical girl show.
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Well the gallery's good so far, but uh I don't think this art is Star vs related and yet it got in to the Groups somehow? Was it a mistake or did someone thought it was a funny idea to put it in there?:  Shenhe Genshin Impact by deum1
I want to see star go on an adventure and a few large dicked monster rape that princess little shitter . Just training her butt. That so satisfying to jack off to
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Hi UwU
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this fanart made by Lipo99  and do you redraw it?
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