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Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an American animated television series created by the wonderful Daron Nefcy.

This group's aim is to share Star vs. the Forces of Evil art and fanfiction. Feel free to join and post things related to Star vs. the Forces of Evil. SVTFOE is the acronym for Star vs. the Forces of Evil and FC is fanclub.
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The Butterfly Family: Aubigny ButterflyAuthor's Note: Hi everyone! This week, I'll be sharing Aubigny's biography. Her life story draws much inspiration from Julie d'Aubigny (1673 – 1707), a French Opera singer, swordswoman, flamboyant fashionista, and an all-around badass, to put it bluntly. This biography has lingered on my desktop for about half a year without being finished, but thankfully, I've finally managed to flesh out the bullet point concepts into something coherent. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!, Aubigny the Defender In a world of song, her voice did soar, Love's melody, she did explore. With every note, her heart found grace, In love's embrace, she found her place.On the 91st of Norvath (14th of February) in 436BM, Queen Lillian and her longtime friend, Matthew Bell, welcomed their daughter, Aubigny Butterfly, into the world. The Princess was born with chestnut-brown hair and blue eyes, with a pair of treble clef markings sitting on each of her cheeks.Tragically, a year after her birth in 437BM, her mother's relative, Quintus Butterfly, a descendant of the adoptive son of Laeretia Butterfly, passed away from cancer, leaving his newborn daughter, Pandemia Butterfly, an orphan. Given how close in age Pandemia was to Aubigny, who was two years old at the time, the Queen decided to raise the girl as her second daughter and Aubigny's sister. The little girl was born with her father's lavender hair and a pair of pretty blue eyes.Given that Pandemia was technically the older of the two, despite not being a direct descendant of Moerina, the Founder, after a meeting with Glossaryck, it was decided that Pandemia would be the next Queen of the Butterfly Kingdom. However, due to her ties to Laeretia, not everyone was certain about the idea. Aubigny never knew that her sister was not her biological relative.In 442BM, at the age of six, Aubigny began her education which centred on an artistic education, consisting of subjects such as music and dance, painting and creative writing. In addition to subject such as pigeon and communication studies. These were largely chosen by Queen Lillian in the hopes of catching a potential partner’s attention for her daughter, although it is important noting that the Queen was far more open-minded than some of her predecessors, being content with the fact that if Aubigny never married or took her time deciding on a partner not of noble status that would be fine too.When Aubigny was just nine years old, in 445BM, her mother, the Queen, had a heart-to-heart conversation with Aubigny and her sister Pandemia. During this talk, Aubigny discovered something important about her mother – she learned that her mother identified as aromantic. Upon their mother explaining how she felt about her sexuality following the curious questions of her daughters, the two princesses made sure their mother knew they supported her, wrapping their small arms around her in a hug.At the age of eleven, Aubigny began taking opera classes in 447BM. Her journey into opera began after attending a theatre performance with her mother and sister. While her mother found the performance boring, Aubigny was captivated, spending weeks trying to imitate the opera singer. Eventually, her mother, Queen Lillian, yielded to Aubigny's persistent begging to learn opera.Lillian's daughters, especially Aubigny, were nothing but supportive of their mother. They even helped her spread flyers for a seminar held by the Queen invite others who struggled with their orientation to discuss her experiences and to come forward and share their own accounts. This effort helped raise awareness about the significant number of mewmans in the kingdom who didn't identify as straight in the traditional sense.In 448BM, after one of her mother's seminars, in which the Queen invite others who struggled with their orientation to discuss her experiences and to come forward and share their own accounts. This effort helped raise awareness about the significant number of mewmans in the kingdom who didn't identify as straight in the traditional sense. As everyone was finishing up and getting ready to leave, Princesses Pandemia and Aubigny sheepishly made their way up to the stage in which they announced that they were lesbian and bisexual respectively. The pair expressed their gratitude to their mother for creating an environment where they felt safe to come out and not feel alone, knowing there were others in the room who shared their experiences. For the first time in her life, Queen Lillian allowed others to see her emotions as joyful tears ran down her face. She hugged her children tightly, not saying a word, but conveying just how much she loved both girls.Soon after, Aubigny found herself developing a little crush on Ruth Melori, the youngest child of Lady Naomi Melori, who served as the court chaplain to Queen Lillian. To Aubigny's delight, she discovered that Ruth felt the same way. Their mutual feelings blossomed into what appeared to be a close friendship to the castle staff, but in reality was the start of a sort of ‘puppy love’ relationship. The girls were often heard laughing and giggling together, sometimes even putting on pretend opera shows in the royal garden, entertaining the birds and wildlife nearby. Aubigny seemed to be a favourite subject for Ruth's sketches, as she filled at least half a dozen pages of her sketchbook with drawings of the Princess. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Lady Naomi caught the pair sharing a kiss while spending time together in Aubigny's room. Lady Melori arrived to collect her daughter for the day, and although she didn't express her disapproval openly, it was clear to both Ruth and the Princess that she was not pleased with what she witnessed.After the incident, Ruth's visits to Butterfly Castle suddenly stopped. Queen Lillian inquired about it, and Aubigny discovered that Lady Naomi had sent her youngest daughter away to join the Scelenite order as a sister of faith. However, Lady Naomi didn't reveal which convent Ruth had been sent to, causing immense heartbreak for the young princess. Her first love was taken away abruptly, leaving Aubigny devastated. Not only did she have to endure disapproving looks from Lady Naomi and other members of the royal council, like Lord Maxith, but she also felt the absence of her first love and friend deeply.She confided in her sister about how much she missed Ruth, expressing her frustration at Ruth being taken away from her. Pandemia, upon hearing this, would hold her sister close in a protective embrace. She then confessed, rather sheepishly, while stroking her sister’s head for comfort, that she had developed a crush on one of the serving maids named Marianna. Marianna had recently left the castle in search of better employment opportunities. Pandemia admitted that while her situation wasn't exactly the same, she understood the pain of missing someone you genuinely cared for.This experience brought the sisters closer together, bridging a gap that Aubigny had built in her belief that, as Pandemia was the heiress to the throne and the oldest, she was a paragon of perfection. Aubigny had felt that she would only be annoying her if she came to talk about her problems with her sister, but to her relief, that wasn't the case.During Pandemia's wand passing ceremony in 449BM, whispers about her sister's sexuality circulated among the attendees, but Aubigny sat in the front row with a supportive smile and even gave her sister a thumbs up. Meanwhile, the sons of Lord Falcon Dovegrace and Lord James Shade tried to persuade Aubigny into going on a date with them. Though she found Lord Falcon's son, Corvus, quite handsome, she was still hurting from Ruth's absence and politely declined their advances.In 453BM, when Aubigny was seventeen years old, she attended her sister Pandemia's wedding to Princess Consort Eva Honeycomb, where Pandemia became Queen Katerina, taking on her regal name. Aubigny proudly served as her sister's maid of honour. This wedding was significant because it helped normalize same-sex marriage and relationships in upper Mewman society. Thanks to her sister's efforts, public discrimination against same-sex couples could now lead to legal repercussions.At the age of eighteen in 454BM, Aubigny experienced an attempted robbery by some troublemakers while out in public. Though she barely managed to fend them off and escape by running as fast as she could on foot, the incident left her shaken. Determined to defend herself, Aubigny took up fencing lessons. Even after her formal training sessions, she would often persuade castle staff to engage in mock fencing matches, using whatever she could find to mimic a sword, such as branches, in her pursuit to hone her skills.Because her mother, Queen Lillian, had never married, she didn't pressure Princess Aubigny to marry either. Even after her sister became queen, the decision about Aubigny's marriage was left entirely up to the princess herself. Despite the noble houses' persistence in suggesting matches with their own members, especially from House Darkmane and House Fox, Aubigny retained the freedom to choose her own path regarding marriage.Under the guidance of Lady Andrasta McKnight, Aubigny received private training in swordsmanship. Alongside her martial pursuits, Aubigny also developed a serious interest in opera. She successfully secured small roles in productions like 'A Comedy of Errors', 'The Midnight Masquerade', and 'Serpent's Sonata'. However, her breakthrough came when she landed the leading role of Aria in the opera 'Aria of the Ancients' in 457BM, which became her most renowned performance.After the opening night of her performance as Aria, Aubigny was taken aback to find Ruth waiting for her outside her dressing room. The sight of her first love stirred up emotions that Aubigny thought she had buried, but in that moment, they resurfaced, threatening to overwhelm her once more.Seeking privacy, the two women retreated to Aubigny's dressing room to talk. There, Aubigny opened up about how devastated she had been when Ruth was taken away from her during their childhood. Ruth revealed that she had attempted to write to Aubigny, but none of her letters seemed to have reached her. She suspected that her mother intercepted them before they could reach the princess. Overwhelmed by emotions, Aubigny questioned why Ruth didn't visit her when the Scelenite order was disbanded in 453BM. Ruth explained that when she didn't hear back from Aubigny, she assumed the princess didn't want to speak to her and respected her decision. Attempting to ease the tension, Aubigny asked Ruth if she should still address her as Sister Melori. Ruth chuckled weakly and shook her head, stating that calling her plain old Ruth was perfectly fine. She added that her surname was now Mildew, as her brother then Lord Samson had swiftly changed it to mitigate the backlash from those who felt wronged by House Crescent, the branch family overseeing the Scelenite religion.As the pain became overwhelming, Aubigny turned away from Ruth, feeling her legs weaken. Aubigny asked Ruth why she had come to see her and what she wanted. Before she could fully comprehend the situation, Ruth placed her head on Aubigny's shoulder and gently held her hand. She expressed her desire to start anew between them, if Aubigny would allow it, saying: "Do not urge me to leave you. Where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your love shall be my love. Your family, my family."Surprised by Ruth's declaration, the princess decided to test something. She gently kissed Ruth on the lips to see if she still felt the same youthful affection as before. As their lips touched, she realized that her future with Ruth was certain. Overcome with joy, Aubigny wrapped her arms around Ruth and spun her around, laughing softly and on the verge of tears of happiness.The two would reside together in a spacious apartment in Butterfly Kingdom, sharing their lives and experiences. Ruth became a regular attendee at Aubigny's opera performances, only missing them when she was unwell and unable to be there.The two led a simple life together, sharing their home and adopting five pygmy greyhounds. They enjoyed vacations across Mewni whenever Aubigny's schedule allowed, with the Waterfolk kingdom being a favourite destination. However, their happiness was marred by conflict. Roughly six months into their relationship, they faced a challenge. It became clear why Ruth had little contact with her mother, as a suitor arrived at their door, demanding Ruth's hand in marriage as per an arranged agreement. He attempted to forcibly take her away from the apartment, grabbing her wrist roughly.What followed became an unfortunate pattern, repeating on more than one occasion with other suitors. Aubigny, it is reported, would lightly graze the suitor's hand with her sabre, causing him to release his grip on Ruth. Following this, the Princess would offer him the option of duelling her for Ruth's hand. If he won, she promised not to interfere further, but if she won, he would leave humbled. Once he accepted and was handed a sabre, the match lasted less than ten seconds. Aubigny quickly disarmed her opponent and had the point of the sabre held up to his neck, a decisive victory.News of the princess' relationship with Ruth spread quickly throughout the kingdom, sparking curiosity among other suitors. Crowds gathered in the hallways of the couple's apartment, eager to witness the princess's sword skills and catch a glimpse of their life together.As time passed, Aubigny grew weary of sending away persistent suitors. Matters worsened when she nearly lost an eye defending Ruth during a fencing match. Lady Andrasta McKnight delivered concerning news: Ruth's mother, Lady Naomi, planned to retrieve her daughter without Aubigny's interference. Lady Andrasta proposed a solution: writing to Aubigny's sister, Queen Katerina, seeking royal protection and permission for their marriage. This way, Ruth's mother would have no choice but to recognize their union, sparing Aubigny from further harm while defending her partner.Following Andrasta's advice, Aubigny wrote to her sister, pleading for her royal protection for the couple. They decided to meet at Aubigny's apartment for tea, wary of potential interference from Lady Naomi if they were to meet at Butterfly Castle. This meeting marked the first time Aubigny and Katerina had seen each other since Aubigny pursued opera as her career. It was also the first encounter between Ruth and Princess Consort Eva, who instantly connected over their shared experiences as members of the Scelenite church.The couples found themselves getting along exceptionally well, spending three hours together before discussing the matter of royal protection. Katerina reassured them that they would have her full blessing to marry and receive royal protection from any members of the court who might try to harm them, stating humoursly that Lord Shade’s son still asked about her often, causing Aubigny to roll her eyes and flush in embarrassment, stating ‘of course he does’. A month later, the wedding took place at Butterfly Castle, but Naomi, Ruth's mother, declined the invitation. In her absence, Princess Consort Eva walked Ruth down the aisle. Despite the absence of Ruth's family, Eva and Ruth formed a strong bond during the event. They became close friends and confidants, regularly exchanging letters. Eva often visited the couple and attended Aubigny's opera performances, prioritizing these moments whenever her royal duties permitted.After retiring from the opera at the age of forty in 476BM, Aubigny and Ruth settled into a quiet life together. They enjoyed the company of a few close friends and cared for their dogs. As they pondered their future, Ruth expressed a desire to become a parent, hoping to be a better mother than her own. Aubigny fully supported this decision, and through the use of a pregnancy pod, they welcomed their only child, a son named Estellion, in the beginning of 477BM. Estellion inherited his mother Ruth's green eyes, Aubigny's complexion, and had blackish-blue hair, a side effect of the pregnancy pod.Aubigny would only emerge from retirement for one final performance on her son’s wedding day. She bought out an entire theatre for the wedding guests, ensuring her new daughter-in-law and son had the best seats in the house as she performed 'Echoes of Eternity' – her son’s favourite opera since childhood. It is said that even those who were not invited to the wedding crowded around the outside of the theatre just to hear the princess perform one last time.Aubigny lived to the age of sixty-eight, peacefully passing away in her sleep in 504BM. Ruth outlived her by five years, passing away at the age of seventy-three in 509BM. She was found in her rocking chair, with her morning cup of corn tea still in her hand, and a blanket over her as she gazed out the window of their apartment one last time.
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Consorts of Mewni #13: Emmeric Melori Author's Note: Hello everyone! I'm back with Emmeric's biography, who is Pandora's "lover" – I use that term very lightly considering what happens to him. Though "victim" is probably more accurate. His biography isn’t the longest since he didn’t get to live a long life and didn’t really accomplish much, aside from chasing after both royal princesses, so hopefully you guys are okay with it being a little shorter than usual. A quick trigger warning is necessary due to the contents of this biography: it contains themes of emotional manipulation, confinement, torture, and implied violence, including detailed descriptions of psychological and physical abuse. I realize that in light of recent events in the fandom, this biography had the misfortune of coming out at arguably the worst time, and my sympathy goes out to the person (whose name I won't mention for their privacy's sake) who was impacted the most by a member of the fandom. Reader discretion is advised., Emmeric, the Imprisoned He sought prestige, by marrying the heiress fair But when she was changed, he turned to her sister's care. Ditched by the queen, he was thrown in prison's hold A life of deceit, in his cell he did not grow old.Emmeric Melori was born on the 12th of Sagnog (29th of February) in the year 236BM to Lady Sofia Melori, Court Chaplain to Queen Salacia at the time of his birth. He inherited his mother’s blue eyes and sported greyish-blue hair, distinct from that of his proposed father, Eadgar (né Maxith). This distinction arose from suspicions surrounding Lady Sofia's fidelity during her marriage to Eadgar, as she was believed to have taken at least two lovers.Despite the uncertainty surrounding his biological father, Emmeric was widely acknowledged as Eadgar’s son. He was Lady Melori’s second child, with an older brother named Solomon, who was a few years his senior and destined to become the future Lord of the House.Emmeric's childhood unfolded within the court of Queen Salacia, where he mingled with Princesses Pandora and Nephele, along with other noble children. He particularly bonded with Princess Nephele during their youth.His education was tailored to his noble status, emphasizing etiquette, diplomacy, and courtly affairs. In addition, owing to his lineage as the child of the head of House Melori, he received instruction in theology, sociology, and communications. This comprehensive education was provided in preparation for the possibility of assuming the role of spare heir should anything happen to his older brother, Solomon, making him the inheritor of the title of Lord in the future. Despite his upbringing, he faced disdain from certain members of the noble house due to his unconventional hair colour. Many expressed regret that he hadn't inherited his mother's brown hair.Emmeric's upbringing reflected his parents' values, emphasizing the importance of power and influence in relationships. He learned early on that marriage and courtship were strategic manoeuvres for social advancement and alliance-building, rather than expressions of genuine affection. Consequently, he viewed relationships through a political lens, fostering a cynical attitude towards love and romance.It's probable that Emmeric's parents, especially his mother Lady Sofia Melori, encouraged his relationship with Princess Pandora not only out of personal fondness but also as a calculated means to curry favour with the royal family and advance House Melori's interests.Growing up, Emmeric grappled with the tension in his family caused by rumours of Lady Sofia's infidelity, straining her relationship with Eadgar. This uncertainty clouded Emmeric's understanding of his paternity. Despite his privileged upbringing, the shadow of his mother's rumoured indiscretions loomed large, with court members gossiping about him behind his back.These experiences taught Emmeric the importance of lineage and status from a young age. He often referred to Eadgar as his father due to the Maxith family's influence in the Butterfly Kingdom's royal council. However, his father's private disdain and rejection weighed heavily on him.From a young age, Emmeric's playful banter and flirtatious demeanour captivated the hearts of many within courtly circles. With a twinkle in his eye and a silver tongue, he effortlessly charmed the likes of Lark, the future head of House Dovegrace, and Artemisia, the spare heir to House McKnight, leaving them utterly smitten in his wake.His life changed significantly when he met Princess Pandora at fancy court parties. They initially didn't know each other's real names, with Pandora calling him 'handsome stranger' during their meetings at the balls, but they soon became close friends.Their relationship had to be kept secret, at the young boy’s suggestion, claiming it wasn’t the right time to reveal their relationship. In reality, however, this was most likely because he did not wish to lose his influence with the ladies of the court he had charmed by letting them know he was attached. Pandora didn’t seem to question this, trusting and confiding in Emmeric about her worries as heiress. He encouraged her when she was scared about becoming queen and using magic, leading her to believe she could trust him wholeheartedly.Emmeric also took the time to write 'love letters' to Pandora, offering her sweet nothings when it seemed that she might be drifting away from him, in his eyes at least, saying things like: “My dearest Pandora, your beauty shines brighter than any star in the night sky. In your eyes, I find the reflection of my truest self. With you, I am complete. I am yours, now and forever. Nothing in this world could ever change that.”But things got messy when Queen Salacia picked someone else to be the next queen instead of Pandora. This upset Pandora a lot, and she yelled at her family before running away. Emmeric got caught up in the royal drama, turning his attention to the new heiress Nephele instead of chasing after Pandora, something which did raise the Queen’s eyebrow but she did not comment on it.Unknown to either Emmeric or Nephele, when Pandora returned, she used a back entrance to the castle, passing through the rose garden. There, hidden among the blossoms, she overheard Emmeric, her trusted confidant and supposed friend, expressing his affections for her sister Nephele, and her sister returned those affections.Historians largely agree that Emmeric most likely used Nephele, feigning romantic interest in her when in reality, all he desired was the political influence that came with being wed to the heir to the throne. Even if he didn’t rule the kingdom outright, he would still be able to sway royal council decisions in House Melori’s favour by aligning with them during decision-making votes.Despite his pursuit of the new heiress, it is unlikely that he truly expected what came next. In the summer of 252BM, Queen Salacia announced that she would be embarking on an urgent peace mission with one of the neighbouring kingdoms. Though reluctant at first, Nephele eventually convinced her mother to let her come along, having become quite the negotiator and made a name for herself at such a young age. Sadly, neither of them would return.The ship they sailed on would sink into the ocean mysteriously to those of the time period. Of course, historians now know that Pandora caused the sinking herself; however, that isn’t to say that individuals of the time were ignorant, as many, albeit privately, suspected that Pandora had some kind of involvement in the deaths of her sister and mother.It's important to note that the surviving princess and soon-to-be Queen fell under the possession of the ancient Mewmarian god, Maniae, after fleeing Butterfly Castle. However, it's almost certain that Emmeric himself was unaware of this fact. The true nature of Pandora’s future actions has been a hot topic of debate among historians. Some argue that the princess had no control over her actions and was merely a puppet for Maniae, while others suggest that the god of madness simply fed off Pandora’s feelings of betrayal towards Emmeric and was influenced by her emotions.For a month, Pandora played the worried and scared role regarding her family's safety. Emmeric, however, wasn't buying Pandora's act and suspected foul play. He confronted her during a court feast about her family's disappearance. Once alone, Pandora confessed to her crimes, much to Emmeric's horror. As he threatened to expose her true nature, Pandora simply laughed, stating she had no intention of hiding who she truly was for much longer.With a flick of her wrist, Pandora used a wand to restrain Emmeric. Seizing the opportunity, she proceeded to humiliate and torture him. For years, she kept him confined in a secret room within the castle, relishing in his pleas and colourful insults. Despite his refusal to starve, he only received a single meal a day from Pandora.According to boastful entries in Pandora’s records, Emmeric desperately scratched at the walls, his nails worn down to the fingertips in futile attempts to escape. However, the walls proved stronger than he had anticipated. The new Queen likened him to a pathetic animal, finding pleasure in his futile attempts to gain freedom. Even as he wished the worst of fates upon her, right to her face, she remained indifferent, even smirking when he spat at her as she leaned close to the bars, taunting him with the key to his release. She referred to him in writing as ‘The Queen’s fool’, a twisted version of the title “her majesty’s trusted companion”, typically reserved for romantic partners of the monarch if they weren’t engaged or married.In another entry, Pandora wrote about a moment when she placed a paper crown on Emmeric's head and smugly asked him if playing with her affections had been worth it. She pointed out that despite all his trifling, all he had to show for it was a paper crown. She even went as far as taunting him by stating that he was as much responsible for Queen Salacia and Nephele’s death as she herself was, since he had abandoned her at the first opportunity to go chasing her sister, whom she referred to as the bigger prize, Nephele, in her writings.His family, fearful of Pandora, avoided asking questions about his whereabouts. Instead, they pretended as if he never existed when questioned by others. Although an elderly Sofia harboured suspicions, being one who detested Pandora the most among the royal council, both for the disappearance of her son and for Pandora's insults toward her, she refrained from openly challenging her. Pandora had openly called her a "common corncake prancing around in the disguise of nobility," suggesting she could always conceive another son to replace Emmeric, implying Lord McKnight might father her next illegitimate child, considering his numerous affairs.In 256BM, at the age of nineteen, Pandora grew bored of Emmeric and disposed of him, but not before claiming what was rightfully hers. Over the next nine months, Pandora gave birth to Luna Butterfly, a little girl with greyish-blue hair and silver eyes resembling her grandmother's, with a crescent moon atop a cross adorning each cheek. For the first time in her reign, Pandora felt terrified, believing that the universe was plotting to punish her for her crimes.Emmeric’s remains were never found, and his fate is only known through the translated notes of Pandora’s chapter, in which she detailed disposing of him in low-Mewman. Hence, her crimes remained largely unsolved by the general public. However, the royal family was well aware of her actions. Many Queens had never read her chapter because it was locked under a magical enchantment, akin to Queen Eclipsa’s chapter during Queen Star's reign and Queen Solaria’s chapter during King Lucius's reign.It remains unclear if Queen Scelene (formerly Luna) knew of her paternity, as she never mentioned her father. Nonetheless, she would have had the strongest motive and opportunity to access and read her mother’s chapter in its entirety. Nevertheless, Queen Scelene achieved what her father could not by bringing Pandora to justice and ending her reign of misery over the Butterfly Kingdom.
Consorts of Mewni #12: Favian Musty MountainNote: Hi, everyone! Just to keep you updated, the riots in Dublin have calmed down. Fortunately, all I have to worry about is nothing more than a burst lip for the foreseeable future. Anyway, without further ado, as always, this biography is part of a larger project called the "Equalistverse," which features a different story for Star and attempts to fix some of the plot holes, lackluster reveals, and unanswered questions that were in the actual canon of the show. This series primarily focuses on the consorts and almost consorts of the Butterfly Kingdom, who graced the monarchs with their presence and affection (in most cases). This biography is of Queen Salacia's first husband., Favian, the MustyA political match, the Prince Consort and QueenAn awkward start, yet love found its way.Comfort he gave her, in grief and painHis life cut short, in a war so vain. Favian was born sometime in 213BM. His biological parents are unknown; however, what is known is that shortly after his birth, while still an infant, he came into the care of King Ugorg Musty Mountain, the founder of the Musty Mountain Kingdom. Ugorg established the Kingdom in 134BM after leading a group of refugees from the siege of Butterfly Castle in 133BM. Under the dwarf-goblin’s care, Favian grew up as the prince of the Musty Mountains, alongside his older sister Mildred, who was taken in by Ugorg and was four years his senior.Due to the extremely rare nature of dwarf-goblins, named for their physical resemblance to the goblin species, only three individuals, including Ugorg, have been verified to have lived during what could be classified as 'modern Mewni.' Additionally, there are four unverified sightings of individuals dating back as far as 4,000BBM. Not much is known about the species, including the current population, with only one female member of the species documented to date. Consequently, Prince Favian was presented with a unique opportunity to be raised by such a rare member of the species.As the secondary heir to the throne, Favian received an education that prepared him for the possibility of ascending the throne in the event of his sister’s death. It also aimed to make him a desirable groom on the royal marriage market, facilitating the formation of vital alliances for the fledgling kingdom. As part of his royal tutelage, he studied history, geography, pigeon, and mathematics. Additionally, he attended classes in etiquette, communications, poetry, literature, and, against his adoptive father's initial disapproval, swordsmanship. Ugorg, his adoptive father, had insisted, “Not the way, conflict is. Knowledge in the sword equals knowledge to harm.” However, he eventually yielded to the consistent badgering from both of his children on the matter.Despite not being blood-related, Mildred assumed the role of a protective older sister efficiently. She shielded Favian from other children’s bullying, particularly due to his albinism, which many in the Kingdom interpreted as a bad omen of things yet to come. By the age of eight, Mildred, the young princess and heiress, had gained a reputation for getting into fights and insulting members of the Kingdom’s noble houses.While the young prince had two prior betrothals before his teenage years, with the heirs of both the Pony Head and Lucitor kingdoms, both arrangements ultimately fell through due to changes in the political landscape of both kingdoms. In contrast, his sister faced a similar dilemma, as many ordinary citizens and lords were outright scared of her, given her childhood. They often referred to her by the nicknames “the wild one” or “the beast.”In the midst of a rather solitary upbringing, Favian's fate took a turn at the age of fourteen during one of the grand celebrations hosted by Prince Regent Zastan of the Butterfly Kingdom in 227BM. It was here that the young prince crossed paths with Maryanne, who was merely ten at the time. Despite her initial lack of attraction and the overwhelming mustiness that emanated from him, deterring her from engaging in a dance with him, a connection formed. This chance encounter marked the beginning of a lasting friendship that evolved and strengthened over the ensuing years through an exchange of letters.It was through these letters that the pair grew better acquainted. Favian confided in his sister Mildred that the young heiress of Butterfly Kingdom had surprised him, seemingly not caring at all about his condition, unlike those in the Musty Mountains. Noticing this attraction, King Ugorg reached out an olive branch to Zastan, offering to forge an alliance between the two kingdoms in exchange for Maryanne’s betrothal to his son Favian. The Prince Regent agreed, desperate to secure an advantageous marriage for his only child, fearing a repeat of the disastrous coup attempt by Lady Laeretia, who had seized the throne following the beheading of Queen Felecia.In 232BM, Maryanne married Prince Favian in a politically arranged marriage. Favian was not present during the ceremony, so his new wife was married by proxy to a member of the butterfly court who stood in place of the Prince. When he arrived in Butterfly Kingdom and it was certain to all parties involved that he had survived the trip, the actual ceremony took place the same year. However, while others rejoiced at the union of the two kingdoms, the newlyweds seemed less than talkative to each other.Under his guidance, his wife, Salacia, learned and became proficient at boarding and maintaining ships. When asked how he was so knowledgeable about the subject, Favian confessed that he had often dreamed of sailing the seas of the world as a child and had devoured every book about boating he could find, remarking that it was only a childish dream but was currently serving him well. During this time, Salacia and Favian became closer and eventually started to like each other romantically. In his chapter in ‘the great book of spouses,’ Favian confessed that following the passing of Salacia’s grandfather, he noticed a shift in her behaviour. Although she was too proud to let anyone see her cry, he comforted her in every way he could as his father-in-law, the former Prince Regent, shut himself away to also grieve the loss.Even after some time had passed, Favian always made time for her, stopping whatever he was doing to listen or hear about the happy memories she had with her grandfather. These little things made the Queen see Favian in a new way, and she admitted in her story that she was starting to like him romantically, even holding his hand as they relaxed on ship decks together, though she was too embarrassed to say she loved him aloud.In his new position as royal consort, Favian often oversaw diplomatic relations on behalf of the Queen as she went off to tend to her galley of ships and recruit more men to aid in the expansion of Butterfly Kingdom’s control of the seas nearest to the Kingdom. Unsurprisingly, it was often Favian who was left to deal with the ever-piling list of complaints from merchant ships, fellow pirating vessels, and even the odd Waterfolk noble.Despite his usually happy exterior, Favian was often reported to let out a deep sigh when another pile of paperwork was placed on his desk concerning his wife’s exploits. In spite of that, he never seemed to have complained to her directly—at least, according to historical records. Some of his writings in his chapter suggest that he put up with the often stressful paperwork for the sake of Salacia, knowing how commanding the waves made her happy.In the summer of 237BM, Queen Salacia had a tough time giving birth to Pandora Butterfly. Pandora had silver hair like her dad, eyes as red as roses, and little female symbols on her cheeks. Favian loved his little princess so much that he spent a lot of money on fancy things for her. While her mother continued to expand the territories of the Butterfly Kingdom, Favian welcomed the company of his daughter. He made sure to spend at least an hour a day, even if in the early years of her life, that meant simply sitting by her cot as she slept soundly.The prince consort's joy only increased in 238BM when Salacia announced she was going to have another baby. People often heard him talking to the baby in Salacia's belly, saying sweet things to the little one inside. But in the winter, when Salacia gave birth to Nephele Butterfly, the happiness didn't last because Favian had to go to the Musty Mountains to help his sister, then-Queen Mildred, quash an ongoing rebellion.While he was away, Salacia agreed to return from her trips at sea to rule the Butterfly Kingdom closer to home. Following his arrival back to the Musty Mountains Kingdom, Favian met with his sister, and the two began talks about how they could weaken the rebellion. The rebellion focused mainly on the citizens not trusting Queen Mildred due to her rather rowdy nature as a pre-teen and into her early teenage years.At the suggestion of her brother, Mildred announced a feast to be held for all the citizens of the Kingdom in the keep of what passed as the royal residence in the Musty Mountains. The rich and poor could dine together, regardless of social status. What the siblings had hoped would be a beneficial arrangement for the new Queen’s popularity instead backfired. Some of the poorer citizens of the Kingdom were pacified, but the nobility objected to the notion of even being in the same room as the less fortunate. This resulted in many lords and ladies backing and contributing financially to the cause of the rebels.This all came to a head when Favian was appointed general on behalf of his sister and led those loyal to the Queen to what would become known as 'the Clash at the Molden Summit.' His position as general was only meant to be an honorary one, and Favian was informed by the Queen to stay back and oversee the battle as it progressed, sending her updates via their alliance with the Pigeon Kingdom for the conflict. Unfortunately, the Prince Consort was killed by a group of extremists who thought he betrayed the Kingdom by supporting his sister, plunging their home into conflict. It is said that as he gave the order to change while on goatback, he was pierced by an arrow from one of the extremists.Following the incident, his men charged forward, while a small group stayed behind to tend to his wound. However, it soon became apparent that Favian had lost a significant amount of blood, the arrow having pierced his lung. As he lay gasping, held up against a nearby rock, his words were a gurgled mess, which had to be translated by their pigeon allies. Put simply, his final words were an apology to his sister and a farewell to his daughters, uttering a final word, 'Salacia,' before his eyes fell shut for good.Upon the death of her husband, Salacia is said to have made her way to the Musty Mountain Kingdom, her daughters alongside her. Her traveling companions noted that her fury was unmistakable, and even as she rode in her carriage, the infamous Queen of Butterfly Kingdom was already formulating a war plan.When she arrived at the Musty Mountain Kingdom, she made her way to Queen Mildred, her daughters beside her, and the princesses met their aunt for the first time. While the girls were taken away to be looked after by royal staff, the two women conversed in Pigeon, cautious in case they were being spied on or there was a mole at the Musty Mountain Royal Court. Salacia informed the Queen about her battle plan, and the new Queen agreed with many of the suggestions put forth by her sister-in-law. It is said that Salacia, much like her husband, led the remaining dwindling forces of the Musty Mountain Kingdom alongside some of her own most loyal soldiers from Butterfly Kingdom in a retaliation for the death of her husband at what would become known later as 'Retribution Ridge.' Despite being outnumbered almost 10 to 1, Salacia’s forces, alongside Salacia who entered into her Butterfly Form during the conflict, managed to defeat their foes and capture the survivors to be put on trial at a later date.In spite of this, Salacia didn’t feel any better. In a letter exchanged between the two Queens, she wrote: “Oh, dear sister. Despite those responsible being dealt with, I feel that my heart will never recover from the loss of my dear husband. I am not the only one to suffer because of this; you have lost a brother, and my daughters must now learn to grow up without a father. If only you knew how much he loved them so. I had hoped for many years together, and now instead, I am making the journey back home to bury my husband. Words cannot describe how empty I feel.”Favian was laid to rest in the royal mausoleum a few weeks later. It is said that Salacia, who often showed little emotion in public, could be seen red-faced, eyes bloodshot, and tears streaming down her face as she dressed herself head-to-toe in black mourning attire. Once everyone had departed for the after-funeral plans, Salacia remained by his tomb in the royal mausoleum for nearly two hours by herself, only being found by a castle attendant who came looking for her once those who had attended the funeral grew worrisome about her well-being.
Consorts of Mewni #11: Zastan WreckwoodNote: This biography is part of a larger project called the "Equalistverse," which features a different story for Star and attempts to fix some of the plot holes, lackluster reveals, and unanswered questions that were in the actual canon of the show. This series primarily focuses on the consorts and almost consorts of the Butterfly Kingdom, who graced the monarchs with their presence and affection (in most cases). This biography is of Queen Urania's husband., Zastan, the Devoted A love so pure and true, the Prince Consort Devoted to his wife, the Queen was he. Her sudden death, a heartbreak beyond repair Stepped in as Regent, his daughter to spare.Zastan was born on the 15th of Qork (17th of June) in 194BM to Jonathan Wreckwood and Olivia (née Croft). He had his father's blue eyes and inherited his mother's blue hair. This unique combination resulted from his maternal grandparents' struggle to conceive a child naturally. Zastan also had a younger sister named Juniper, born in 197BM, who inherited their father's brown hair and their mother's blue-green eyes.Despite not being born into a noble family, Zastan and his sister never went without, thanks to their father’s thriving lumbermill service. It provided a significant amount of the Kingdom’s kindling, which helped control the trees that grew in the forest like weeds, growing much faster than their relatives not found in the forest.Thanks to this income and the connections Jonathan made with some of the kingdom’s nobles, most notably Lady Ambrosia Pear, the head of the noble house by the same name, both his children received an upper-class education. Zastan learned mathematics, history, literature, and an emphasis on physical education, as his father hoped for him to one day inherit the family business and work alongside him at the lumbermill. In contrast, his sister received an education better suited for an advantageous marriage. Talks with Lady Ambrosia had been in progress since his sister was ten years old to introduce her to Ambrosia’s heir, Clement.By the time Zastan turned sixteen in 210BM, he finished his formal education and began working alongside his father at the lumbermill as an apprentice lumberjack. However, despite his full-time employment, he remained close with his sister, offering her advice when she needed it. This became important in 211BM when she was fourteen. She confided in her brother that she found Clement, her intended betrothed, as dull as a pile of rocks, confessing that she actually had a crush on the younger Pear brother named Fig, whom Juniper affectionately called “Figgy.”When Zastan asked if she had told their father about how she felt, Juniper confessed that she hadn’t. When asked why she hadn’t, the young girl admitted that she was afraid she might let their father down with her choice. Upon hearing this, Zastan suggested that he could talk to their father and possibly change her betrothed. His sister hugged him tightly, thanking him and seeming misty-eyed as she did so.The next day, while helping his father load a log onto the log deck in preparation for it to be sliced in half, Zastan broached the subject of Juniper’s potential betrothal to Clement. Jonathan, upon hearing the words, began gushing about how pretty his daughter would look on her wedding day and how she’d be marrying into a wealthy family, seemingly unaware of the tone in which Zastan approached the subject.In his frustration to get his father to stop rambling and listen to him, the sawmill juddered and shook as it sliced into a log that wasn't properly loaded correctly. This resulted in four or so logs dislodging from the log deck and tumbling downward towards the two men. Acting on adrenaline, Zastan pulled his father to safety as the logs tumbled onto the cobblestone ground with a loud clatter. His heart still racing, in the heat of the moment, Zastan shouted at his father to listen and told him that his sister was more interested in Fig than Clement. He insisted that she should be betrothed to the younger brother, as she wished. Taken aback by the outburst, Jonathan blinked for a moment, taking in what had happened before agreeing to talk to Lady Ambrosia and see what they could do.Following this event, his sister was betrothed to "Figgy," which also brought up the question of Zastan's own engagement. However, he would duck out of the conversation when he sensed it turning to that matter, unintentionally becoming known as a bachelor during his early adult years, as there were many young women in Butterfly Kingdom who didn't exactly hide their interest in him.In spite of wanting to enjoy the single life, his life would change when he attended Queen Urania's coronation alongside his father as guests of Lady Ambrosia in 216BM. Despite sitting at the back of the coronation ceremony and not having many of the nobility approach him to dance, Zastan took comfort in the desserts being served at the coronation after-party, particularly enjoying the honey-drizzled corncakes.Upon them running out, Zastan slipped away to look for the castle kitchen to make a request to the chefs to ask them to make some more of the dessert. However, while stumbling around, he stumbled upon a young woman sobbing alone in one of the castle rooms. Due to the poor lighting, he was unable to make out much about the woman. Despite apologizing and hesitating for a moment, questioning if he should leave her in peace or not, he decided to try and comfort her, sensing she needed someone to talk to.He listened patiently as the young woman confessed that she was afraid that she'd never be able to escape from her mother's shadow, that she wasn't as smart as her mother, nor as beautiful. It was only when he heard her mention the word "reign" that he realized he was talking to the new Queen. Despite being taken aback, he didn't let it show and continued to offer her comfort, telling her that she would be a great Queen, just as smart as her mother. Although he couldn't see too well in the poorly lit room, he was certain that she was radiant, a true feast for the eyes. This remark earned a wheezing laugh from Urania as she dried her eyes.After their first meeting, Urania asked Zastan if he would care to dance. The pair shared the closing dance of the night, much to the shock of the noble's sons who had hoped to dance with the new Queen but couldn't. Following the event, Urania and Zastan entered into a courtship.During their courtship, Urania couldn't resist Zastan's sense of humour, especially his penchant for puns. Though she initially pretended to dislike his corny and silly wordplay, she couldn't help but crack a smile. It was this shared laughter that became the foundation of their deep and enduring connection.Urania often found herself lost in her academic pursuits and royal duties, her thoughts consumed by the man she had fallen for. In the midst of her responsibilities, her heartfelt sighs were not unheard by the castle attendants. They witnessed the Queen's gentle struggle to snap herself out of these daydreams, urging herself to refocus on her tasks, reserving thoughts of Zastan for her dreams later that night. When word of this affectionate distraction reached Zastan, he playfully teased Urania about it. Despite her attempts to be stern or scold him, he would cleverly retort with, "You love me really, fusspot," often causing her cheeks to flush with embarrassment.In the summer of 217BM, the eighteen-year-old Urania entered into matrimony with Zastan, who was twenty-three at the time. Their union was celebrated in an intimate ceremony graced by the presence of select members of the royal family and a handful of their closest confidants. As a heartfelt wedding gift to her beloved, Urania bestowed upon him the honour of having a collection of stars she had personally discovered named in his honour, forever known as "Zastan's Belt."The subsequent year, in 217BM, marked the arrival of the couple's first child. A daughter was born, her cheeks adorned with distinct clamshell-like markings. In honour of this unique feature, they named her Maryanne, a name derived from Low-Mewman, meaning "star of the sea" – in reference to the seashell-shaped markings that graced her cheeks.Following their union, Zastan's sister became the founder of House Wreckwood. She married Fig the following year in 218 BM. Under Juniper’s guidance, the new house would be given the role of Royal Architect at court, with its members being in charge of maintaining and overseeing the construction of various projects by the monarch over the centuries.Due to their closeness, Zastan asked Juniper to be Maryanne's godmother in the event that anything happened to both him and Urania, and they were unable to raise her. She accepted gleefully.Zastan took to fatherhood like a fish to water. While he helped his wife manage her Queenly duties, filling in for her when she was ill and taking charge of minor royal duties, such as hosting social gatherings, hearing out the concerns of the Kingdom's citizens, and offering loans to those who needed it in exchange for a minor amount of their profits, he also spent a lot of time with his daughter, trying to ensure her first words were "dada" and ensuring her squeals of joy were heard throughout the castle.In the year 218BM, Urania began to question the origins of the wand, even going against the advice of Glossaryck to leave well enough alone in her pursuit of answers. It is said that on the night of her death, Urania actually found out the true origins of the wand, which, up until that point, had gone to the grave with the first Queen when she turned towards the stars. While Zastan encouraged his wife’s curiosity, he also voiced his concerns when Urania’s eyes slowly began to turn from their natural blue to an unusual golden colour. However, after a medical examination by the court physician, the change didn’t seem to be affecting the Queen’s health, and so the alarm began to die down.While stargazing one night, searching for answers again, she suddenly collapsed onto the ground, and the word soon spread around the castle like wildfire. Prince Consort Zastan raced to be by his wife’s side, but by the time he reached their bedroom, it was too late; the Queen had passed away. Those who witnessed the event stated that she had passed away in her mother’s arms, who begged Urania to stay with her.Queen Urania was laid to rest in the royal mausoleum alongside her ancestors just a day after she had passed, as the royal consort claimed he couldn’t bear to see his wife’s limp body.In loving memory of his wife, Zastan donated greatly to the field of Astrology. He named a planet after Urania, which was known in low-mewman as “The Star Queen’s Planet,” with Glossaryck’s help.Following the sudden passing of his wife in 218BM, both the former Queen Thalia and former consort Eleric took in their granddaughter, Maryanne, and helped raise her alongside Zastan. Eleric suggested that they could temporarily retake the throne until their granddaughter came of age, much like Queen Hygienia had done for Alectrona. However, Zastan expressed his desire to honour his late wife and act as regent for Maryanne until she was old enough to rule. He maintained the fashion trends that Urania had established during her short reign for nearly two decades.In his new role as regent, Zastan carried out few actions that stood the test of time. He donated to a variety of charities and funded many charitable events, such as food drives, clothing distributions, and medical camps. However, his most lasting impacts on the Kingdom were his various funding of infrastructure maintenance, repairing many of the neglected roads and public facilities which had fallen into disrepair over the decades.His tenure as regent came to an end in 235BM, when his daughter inherited the throne due to her age, being eighteen at the time of her coronation. In her first act as Queen, she adopted the regal name Salacia, which, in low-Mewman, translates to "calm sea." Although he never said it aloud, Zastan felt a pang of sadness as he watched his daughter take on this new name. It felt like another way in which he had lost his wife, as that had been the name they had chosen for her together.Zastan outlived his wife for nearly thirty years. However, in 247BM, the former Prince Consort passed away suddenly. Due to the nature of his passing, his daughter ordered an autopsy report on his corpse. The report revealed that Zastan had died as a result of amyloidosis, a rare disease caused by the abnormal buildup of amyloid proteins in various organs and tissues in the body. It was the interference of these proteins with the normal functioning of the former consort’s organs and tissues that led to organ failure, ultimately causing his death. He was fifty-three years old at the time of his passing. Just five years later, in 252BM, his daughter and one of his granddaughters would join him in the grave.
Star and Marco as underwater swimmers by VikingFedor
Astro Boy meets Star Butterfly by Ultra-Shounen-Kai-Z
Star and Marco - StarVsTFOE - Cosplay by NeeHime
Star Butterfly by peeps4tea



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