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That's right. Sorry for the complete and utter lack of them. Hope we haven't been forgotten. ^_^; Real life, lack of inspiration and general apathy for Sonic as a whole is what kept SVT on the back burner. Well, we're actually doing stuff. So far:
  1. Other M and BumbleKing's other comics have finally been restored and archived
  2. Chaos Diamonds 3 has been completed as well: all 360 pages
  3. Revised comic info/comic page template to be much more consistent (ongoing)
  4. Reorganization of the site files (ongoing)
  5. Reorganization of comics into archive folders (ongoing)
  6. Old mini-sites dismantled or deleted completely (ongoing)

That's only the beginning. Stay tuned!
I'm deeply, deeply sorry for the lack of updates. I am currently working on a new site design(skeleton at least), however I still haven't figured out how to implement all the ideas I've come up with.

I'll tell you guys this, there will be a new site set up before the year is out, if not sooner! I swear I haven't given up on SVT. I may be über slow on things, but I won't outright give up.

Again, I am deeply sorry for the lack of any update on this.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from The Irregulars!
I'm really sorry about not keeping up with this, but we are still alive.

In any case, good news everyone! SVT has moved servers. The site is now located on The, which is where it will stay. The important files has been uploaded. While not at one hundred percent, most of the site is functioning.

This should now allow the site to expand much more than it would have on the old server! Trying to maintain two servers was annoying, using two different hosting companies.

Again, I'm really sorry about not keeping up with this group.
For the summer, I have a plan for the site. This involves moving back to the .com domain, as well as...

  1. Moving art galleries and fan fiction sections off SVT, on to SegaSonic Station. Important crap like database and files will be backed up. This is so that SVT itself can better focus and specialize in comics
  3. Layout overhaul and implementation of a content management system (Word Press, Joombia!, etc.)
  5. Full archiving of long dead projects, already partially started with SonicVerse #1
  7. Restarting new project submissions

So... questions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

... Skittles?

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