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September pieces with NSFW reward so far

Orihime Inoue bound by svoidist Wonder Woman and Superwoman by svoidist
Meiko Shiraki strappado by svoidist...

Commission info

Contact me through DA note or send email to


- One character with full color : $100USD
- Background : up to detail

Power Girl Kryptonite restraint by svoidist Samus into the unknown by svoidist

- send me a note with a description of what you would like in the commission. Any reference is welcomed.

- I will contact back as soon as possible to make sure I understand what is in the commission

- pay the commission in full price or first half before the sketch and the other half before coloring.
  Paypal :

- Once I got the payment, I will start the sketch and send to you to approve as soon as possible

- If you approved without any fixing or just a little fixing, I will start the final version

If you have any question, please comment or send note

Thank you I look forward to any commission I can do
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wow what great pics

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How much do extra characters cost? Or is it 85 per character?
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Yes but it depends on the detail as well
Laquarii's avatar
Hm so no ponies right? 
Also how long are commissions going to stay open? I am interested.
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It's always open now
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just got a quick question. if someone were to commission you for a "dakimakura" design style pic of a character and have a dressed and undressed variant would that be more than the base 80 bucks on here or is would that be extra.(if a design pic is even an option XD)
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more than $80
Arringtastic1992's avatar
Hey everyone. My mother told me to not paying too much money when she got me in trouble from yesterday. svoidist VendettaPrimus Xx-Rye-xX Dynasty-Dawn 
VendettaPrimus's avatar
hello, how much for headshot or half body please ?
svoidist's avatar
50 and 70$USD respectively
Xx-Rye-xX's avatar
Would it be cheaper for a lineart? :3
And do you do men at all. Like im super interested, prices are a little high for me but Im sure I could grab some money for a lineart/flat tentacle xD if you're willing to negotiate. Or I could pay off what I earn until I reach the set price.
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Well, I think you should let me see what is in your commission first then. Please contact through note
Arringtastic1992's avatar
Excuse me, svoidist. Can you please hear me? I sent you a note. I sent you an email. Britney Spears - I can't hear you 
Dynasty-Dawn's avatar
Are these prices still current?
svoidist's avatar
Yes, so what are you looking for?
TheBurning1's avatar
Hmmmm. Interesting. 
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Thx, just let me know
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On one or two of your pics it said 200 points for a commission, now your saying it's USD. I was going to get a commission until I realized I couldn't pay for it. As I do jot have any money, just points.
svoidist's avatar
You misunderstanded, it's 200 DA points for the nsfw version of that pic. My commission rate now is 43$USD for one character (3$ for paypal fee). 200 DApoints is only like 2$USD which is impossible to be commission price
RoxyKnight's avatar
Oh :facepalm: I total misunderstood there, I thought you meant for none nude, although I do need some nude ones done. That is a bad commission price if your thinking of turning it all into money.
ToaDJacara's avatar
Um would you take points commissions?
svoidist's avatar
Um, hard to say but lets discuss about what you would like in the commission first and I will think about it
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