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Samus Tentacled

Here's a good thing about Nintendo portraying Samus as a lone heroine in tight-latex suit adventuring through the space, fighting off aliens but may somehow find herself trapped with tentacled monster.

NSFW + Sequel shots are available through

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I am guessing looking at the lighter tentacles that these are Ovipositors.

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Reminds me of my old friend Klactuuh.

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Really reminds me of a fic called 'the beast of a thousand limbs', which has her in a similar situation.
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dude,you have to protect your picture
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what you mean?
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i saw your pictures from many sites without censor
i mean someone use your pictures without permission
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well, I can't prohibit that. It's the internet, no one can.
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After seeing this pic, PLEASE become a frequent artist on Hentai Foundry in the near future. Bondage and tentacle raping withstanding, this is a fantastic hentai pic of Samus Aran. Great job, and keep up the good work.
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can you send me the uncensored version of it
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wait,for money?
don`t you understand :-? (Confused)  i came to deviantart not to throw away my fricking money
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Why isn't Samus fighting back? And why is she crying? She should be laughing!
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thats because that is giving her memories of her childhood and her birth
masterofzaster1209's avatar
can you send me the uncensored version of it
Samus had wondered why the miss Voluptua contestants had been kidnapped, and where the various critters in the base were coming from.  Now she knew.
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she was also mentally kicking herself for not wearing her Power Suit on this mission.
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Hey, is the uncensored version free or needs payment? If it's free, send the link in notes.
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Pretty Awesome Work! This is so Amazing! go and keep drawing a lot more stuff like this ok?
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Perhaps an odd question; but would you also do alternate NSFW versions of commissions?

Heh, actually, with your permission, I could even toy around with mine and lend you the result, if you'd approve of it and my only request, should you make it available like these, is that you credit me :3
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