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Rachel, in her regular shiny black-latex dominatrix suit from Ninja Gaiden. Hope to do a tentacled and slimed version of her in the future (perverted face…)

Tease version
Rachel tease by svoidist
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Sophitia clothripped by svoidist  Lucky Metroid by svoidist  D.Va by svoidist 

Mature Content bondage by svoidist

Mature Content

Widowmaker bondage by svoidist


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HanokoHobbyist General Artist

Great fanart of her :D

I did not like her in the first Ninja Gaiden, but she turned out pretty badass in later games (DOA5 etc.)

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Thanks, yeah her face in the first game is not polished.
Gorgeous fun 
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Hot as fuck.  A part of me honestly believes that forgotten Battle Arena Toshinden series character/poster girl Sofia was the inspiration of this chick.  Great job, and keep up the good work!
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Bloody sexy and hot asf. I would kiss, fuck and kiss those sexy damn tits of hers if I could 
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Rachel can get the dick from me as well, LOL.
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Very Good
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Hot damn.. All your chicks always look so fine...Blush 
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Thank you
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Good work on the clothing! This is a damn good representation of her outfit. I kind of wish her chest were much larger, though, haha.
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Thank you, this size is ridiculous enough
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Rachel is great!
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Love Love Love Love Love Love Heart Heart 
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Many years ago I saw a picture of Rachel. It's what motivated me to get an X-Box!

Fantastic image, and I'm looking forward to the alternate version. :D
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Thanks, she motivated me to get inside ninja gaiden as well
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Yes. Yes. YES!
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Sexy and hot :wow:
TheVocaloid1's avatar
Nothing to Thanks
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Mercy! :omg: revamp2  That is gorgeous!
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