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Psylocke Bound

figuring for a long while to find out the best view of her melons and booty 

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Psylocke by svoidist  

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© 2015 - 2021 svoidist
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RaidenSnake's avatar
Bondage withstanding, this hentai pic of Psylocke is hot as fuck.  I love the leotard thong and the big titties with hard nipples on her.  Great job, and keep up the good work!
FishB84U's avatar
This is fine, I'm ok with current situation presented to me
Xerrai's avatar
I'm in heaven.
svoidist's avatar
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
You sure found it!  :slow:
TormentedAngel8's avatar
I guess she's "Psylocked" now :p
I appreciate your artwork yet I would love to see psylock have her revenge 
svoidist's avatar
Thank you, what kind of revenge?
To take out the people who bound her nude 
Gutsrager's avatar
Psylocke really is in a pinch here, but damn a damn sexy one. Which version is she? Betsy or Kwannon? If shes Betsy, where's the tattoo over her left eye? =P (Razz) 
svoidist's avatar
Thank you, it's up to your pick I don't really know who I should pinpoint
Gutsrager's avatar
Oh its fine lol, Psylocke has always had a messy convoluted backstory that always gave me headaches. I believe it used to be British Betsy Braddock in some Asian ladies body, hence the asian appearance, but that got retconned into what it is now and I haven't followed X-men family in ages. Was just curious if you knew and I can still get a little overzealous I think I've fainted.  
colin6969's avatar
Another great piece by you my friend ! :)
svoidist's avatar
Watcher721's avatar
That's even better than the other! The ass is awesome!
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VAND1TA's avatar
Wow! I love those legs and hands tied together. :iconlove:
And the high heels looks sexy in this view too. :love:
the bondage looks truly fantastic. :aww:
svoidist's avatar
Thanks so much for the compliment
gooeyness's avatar
looks like extra gravity is going on
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