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Psylocke 2

Psylocke/Deadpool - X-Men©Marvel

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Wade: I do not rape...but I will make part of my ever growing harem

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Deadpool is gonna have some serious funnnn lol

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dear diary
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I can never have enough art of this violet-maned British ninja beauty, and this pic is no exception.  Violence withstanding, this is wonderful pic.
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Well well well, deadpool what have you done this time
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Did Deadpool save or capture her?
I personally don't like "bound and gagged" themed images, but this one is just too funny, LOL!
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yep, it' a bit funny
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I love how you depicted the shininess of her clothes.
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XD hilarious and good detail, nice work... poor Psylocke lol u cant stop Deadpool
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Deadpool: OOOH, tingly.
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that's how he is
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I wish there was a way I could audition for the "wacky" box/voice in his head.
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Not enough Psylocke in distress artwork TY :)
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one more is already filled
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Hey cut the guy a little break!  :no:

When your name is Deadpool and you dress like that...... :omfg:

You sometimes have to resort to err....... unorthodox methods to get a date!  :thumbsup:
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