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Power Girl Laser Peril

Let's try something cliche but classic this time.

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Power Girl: Do expect to talk Luthor!

Luthor: No Power Girl, I expect you to climax; deliriously for days!

Sorry but must be done.

Uh Oh She Needs To Be Saved.
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Hot as fuck, bondage and imminent danger withstanding. Keep up the good work.
I greatly wish I could save her
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Darn that 'Laser-drill-thingy'...darn!
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Go, Go, Go all the way to her belly button, please !
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Clever kryptonite laser
Look up goldfinger 
Delightful pussy focus.
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Nice damsel
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This hands down has to be one of my most favorite images on deviantart. Its just so sexy and the look on powergirls face is simply perfect. I would give anything to see that laser just a tiny bit closer and seeing powergirl panic even more... ♥
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Thank you so much for the compliment
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I will cheering to Kara escape someway!  :fingerscrossed:
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Lazering the camel toe, haha-- nice art yo !!!
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So close yet so far!
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Thas the fun of peril
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"Do you expect me to talk? "
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yep famous quote
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"No, mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"

All "laser between legs while you are locked" pictures are doomed to contain this quote in comments. :XD:
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