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Marvel Trifecta

And here are the outcomes of the votes, they all appear to wear black tight latex suits, lol...

DC Trifecta counter part :  DC Trifecta by svoidist

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Psylocke 2 by svoidist  Black Cat 3 (Gag Version) by svoidist  Power Girl Laser Peril by svoidist  Catwoman 2 by svoidist
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Are they about to be brainwashed?

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Black Cat and Black Widow, that's all I like.

Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, and Black Cat had captured by Skrulls, and soon impostors would be sent out in their places. "Before we impersonate someone, we like to know all their secrets." At a command, Skrull soldiers cut away their costumes, leaving tatters of cloth on the floor. "We have been stationed on Earth for quite some time, and learned to appreciate the beauty of the human form, especially the breasts," Suddenly, he formed his hand into a lash, and struck Ms.Marvel across her breasts. "We do not wish to employ pain to break our captives, when pleasure will do." All of the Skrull soldier's faces began to shift, as they grew long tongues, headed straight for the captive heroines' exposed bodies....

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Ms Marvel sucks. You should have put Black Cat first then Black Widow second. This comment actually has a abit of rubbishness to it, I would still give this comment a like for including other characters but seriously, Black Cat or Black Widow should be the main character, if it wasn't for Ms Marvel. She shouldn't be the main character at all.

Personally, I would used She-Hulk instead of Ms.Marvel, but that is not whom svoidist depicted. I used her mainly because of her association with the Kree, the enemies of the Skrulls. I have nothing against the character of Ms.Marvel, but I am not terribly fond of the "Captain Marvel" version. To me Captain Marvel should say "Shazam!".

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It is so nice to see such pleasure and satisfaction.

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Well, Black Widow show looks upset. Nice work.
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I call Black Cat. Bondage withstanding, this is a great hentai pic!
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Can I just have Black Cat in my dungeon please *offers rupees*
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What are their names?
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the character names or the super heroine names? from left to right: Black widow (Natasha romanoff) Ms.Marvel (not sure her real name) and Black Cat (Felicia hardy 
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I just love how you have done these three characters ! :)
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A hero, a cat and a spider-widow-assassin-oh who cares?! I want'em all! Wooo!
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we all want em
Cyclone-Sama's avatar
Damn straight!8)
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Hope they wont get too bored
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And next we see them slowly stripped of their pride....and those tight outfits.
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Those Marvel Ladies and their sexy black leather and rubber... take that DC, haha ;)
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Yep, quite unexpected picks
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Could you do a version of this where these three are duct tape gagged?
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