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For Commissioner's ransom

Poor Barbara...

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after this shot babs u will tell me everything then mr.j will come in
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I expect a catfight of epic proportions when Barb gets free.  Bondage and implied/impending drugging withstanding, this is a lovely pic.  Keep up the good work.
FandomFoodie's avatar
Will this give her legs again?
KanonSeaDragon's avatar
she is walking again in the comics since  2011
FandomFoodie's avatar
Yeah, New 52 as Batgirl.  I was just wondering what THIS scenario would beget.
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MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Wow awesome piece here looks like barbara is really in a jam here how did they manged to capture her the first place
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I love the strapped to a tablet scenario, because struggling means pushing their chest out, and they can't not struggle.
That is indeed such a lovely Barbara. And I have to add that the threat of the syringe is an especially nice touch!
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I guess that's why they say to always be prepared, especially if you're a superhero. Nice strip. Personally, this is probably the only way Harley Quinn could beat Batgirl(Although the drug in her syringe might allow Harley to make Barbara Gordon reveal her secret identity).
Randomgirl339's avatar
you should make a story to this
jcintro's avatar
Awesome work :) Harley in her nurse outfit is a big favorite. I may have to think of a follow up to this one....;)
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Hmmm ... that's odd.
I don't remember any character named Barbara in Batman.
KanonSeaDragon's avatar
Its Batgirl . You dont know much about batman then..XD
KanonSeaDragon's avatar
what is in the syringe. Knowing the joker, it can be anything XD
svoidist's avatar
Imagine as you wish, thanks
KanonSeaDragon's avatar
ok. Wow, Barbara looks really sexy here, but, my headcanon, this may change once she is injected
Vader999's avatar
I wonder what that drug is for? To weaken her mind and make her one of Joker's goons? Or to make her hard as hell so Harley can have as much fun with her as she moans?
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Thanks for commenting but whatever you want to imagine
Beautiful work.
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