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The goddess and villainess of Asgard in shackle, I wish she were picked as the antagonist in Thor Ragnarok

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Like seriously? What's with these boob flaps! Unless it's made of SOLID FREAKING METAL, it's gonna fall down!!

 Amora, after all these centuries, should have known better than to trust Loki. But the God Of Mischief had tricked her, and sold her to the trolls. Her arms tied above her head, she could not cast any spells. She cursed the foul hairy beasts as they sniffed her exposed armpits. King Gierrodur smiled as he approached. "It has always been my desire to make a goddess beg, and soon thou shall..."
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Thanks for the lore again.
 I have been reading comics since 1965. This comes as second nature to me. Amora has always been a stuck up bitch, and Loki has doublecrossed her a number of times. That is when he is not being her ally against his brother, of course.
 Stripped naked, Amora cried and laughed as the tongues of the trolls caressed every inch of her ticklish body. Her armpits were wet with saliva from their tongues, as was her shaven pussy. Troll women were hairy all over, and the warriors fought over the privilege of licking her exposed vagina. The Troll King smiled as he approached his humiliated captive. "Before Loki, he did bestow upon me this scroll." Gierrodur struggled to read the magic words, but he managed to get through them. Soon, Amora's nipples began to tingle, and milk began to flow from them. The Troll King caught some in a goblet, and raised it above his head. A triumphant roar arose from the assembled host as he drank deep. "What in all the Nine Worlds could be sweeter than milk from the breasts of a goddess?" The hall erupted in chaos as the trolls fought for the taste. Gierrodur raised his hand, and the hall fell silent. "I know that you all have a great thirst upon you, but Loki has been magnanimous. He milk will flow for a fortnight.."
 A mouth fastened upon each breast, Amora blubbered and begged like a small child. She would have welcomed Hela herself, if only to rescued. But who would rescue her? Most of the gods and goddesses of Asgard despised her for wicked ways. Only Thor and Balder were noble enough to forgive their past differences. Balder had no idea what had happened to her, and Thor was on Midgard. If only Thor were to return to Asgard, and somehow learn of Loki's treachery....
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Very nice! :) (Smile) 
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I never knew how much I enjoy bondage until I came across svoidist. lol
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Enchantress is right
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I'm really enchanted
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Don't know how Thor resists her 
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awesome body! nice work!
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She looks simply stunning. Excellent work! 💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚
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Something needed to be done with this powerful lady! Absolutely gorgeous!
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very nice Cool Emoticon Love Bravo #2
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She was so hot in the agents of shield episode
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