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Emma Frost Bound

and yes, after the beautiful pin-up. We tied her up

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Emma Frost by svoidist 

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Samus Tentacled by svoidist

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Bayonetta by svoidist

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Ivy by svoidist

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Boundality by svoidist
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It wasn't easy to sneak up on telepath, but it could be done. While Psylocke had distracted her, Kitty Pryde had phased through the wall, and slipped a sedative into her vodka martini. "Bitch, you shouldn't drink before bedtime." Kitty had never liked Emma Frost. After midnight, they had carried the White Queen down the hall, noting with some amusement that she had gained a few pounds, to the Danger Room. Just as she was coming to, Shadowcat and Psylocke pulled off her pasties and slapped her breasts. "Guess what? After the Danger Room gets through with you, you're going to be known as the Dairy Queen." Emma struggled, trying to free herself as the metal tentacles descended from the ceiling...

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Wonderful hentai pic of one of the hottest women of the X-Men universe.  Keep up the good work!
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Somehow you caught firm throughout her body. Love that. 
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first breast implanted woman in comics
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don't act like that, emma.
we all know what could happen to a superheroine like you when you got defeated, especially dressed like this.
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Spectacular body in spectacular outfit!
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lovely drawing 
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Emma having alone time?
Very nice, now who is the culprit? Jean Grey? Selene? Cyclops? Kitty Pride?
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Thx but don't know who really is
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.3. .... Eh I'm good with this -w-
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