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DC Trifecta

... And here they are the finest American icons from DC, shackled, locked up and spread like eagles of freedom
except that they have no freedom here. Probably getting transferred to some kind of alien auction.

I know that I may not have interaction with you guys much besides replying the comments. But here is a chance to do something.

I would like you guys to vote which 3 superheroine babes from Marvel to be placed in this trifecta.
So I could deliver the counterpart piece. Make sure to put in order for priority as well. I will start the piece as I see the trend of the popularity.

Please support me on

Psylocke 2 by svoidist  Black Cat 3 (Gag Version) by svoidist  Power Girl Laser Peril by svoidist  Catwoman 2 by svoidist  We have your girlfriend by svoidist
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bang those 2 kryptonite bitches🍆

3 for the price of 1, that's what I call a bargain

3 for the price of 1, that's what I call a bargain

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All that’s left now is a long vibrating shaft😏

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* turns off the power and frees all 3 Super Hero Ladies *

The three most powerful women in the world, all his helpless captives. Unable to walk properly due to his dwarfism, Doctor Psycho waddled up to his three lovely captives. He had used his mental powers to knock them unconscious, and kept them feeling like they were weak and helpless, when they could have easily broken free at any time. First came his longtime enemy, Wonder Woman. Such long beautiful legs, and her skin was so soft. It was hard to believe a building could be dropped on her, without leaving so much as a bruise.

Next, moved to the Titaness Of Titties herself, Power Girl. Like Wonder Woman, she possessed lovely legs, with muscular but tender inner thighs. But it was not Power Girl's legs that interested him, but those huge breasts, looming over him like a rock shelf on a mountain. Last, he went to the Maid Of Might herself, Supergirl. Was she truly a virgin, as some said. He could read her mind to find out, but that was for another day. Right now other things occupied his mind. While she had the smallest breasts of his three captives, her legs were arguably the most beautiful; so smooth and tender, like his first love, a beautiful cheerleader he had mentally enslaved back in high school. He fondly remembered the fun he had enjoyed with her; in all three of her openings. She was a nun now, driven to become one by the shame of what he had done to her. But enough fun for today. He would come back tomorrow with scissors and a step ladder. His sweet captives would look so much better devoid of their costumes. And he wondered if his mental powers could stimulate their milk glands...

I'm not that familiar with Marvel's female super heroes, but I think that 3 other female super heroes that could be placed in this trifecta are Wonder Girl, Isis and Jaime Sommers, who is better known as "The Bionic Woman". Isis would be gagged so that she cannot use her magic, Wonder Girl would be paralyzed (just like Wonder Woman) so that her Amazon powers are useless and Jamie's bionic arm and bionic legs would be frozen so that her bionic powers are neutralized.

Isis: "MMMPHH!! MMMPHH!!!"

Wonder Girl: "Can't...break free!! Can't...move...a muscle!!!"

Jaime: "My arm and legs are frozen!! My bionics are useless!!!"

Wonder Girl: "What do you think he (the villain) has planned for us?"

Jaime: "I guess we'll find out as soon as this ship lands.

Power Girl: " weak! Like...I've powers!" Supergirl: "So do I, Power Girl! The Kryptonite has obviously eliminated our powers! It's up to you, Wonder Woman! You must get us out of here!" Wonder Woman: "I-I can't, Supergirl! I'm paralyzed-can't move a muscle! My Amazon strength is useless!" Power Girl: "That means...we're all helpless!" Villain: "That's right, Power Girl! The Kryptonite has weakened both you and Supergirl and, as Wonder Woman said, her Amazon strength is useless!" Wonder Woman: "Where's this ship going? Where are you taking us?" Villain: "You'll all find out soon enough!"

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I really like the detail of your art, very realistic.
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ww, pg,sg __ id be a billionaire and have all of them hahhahahahahaha 
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I call Power Girl.  Bondage withstanding, this is a wonderful hentai pic.  Keep up the good work.
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Fantastic job on the artwork, and on the concept.  You can feel the fear and trepidation on their faces.  The weaker they get, the greater the torment.  Only suffering ahead.  Another outstanding piece of art.
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Thanks for the constructive comment
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Fabulous trifecta! Love their expressions of defeat and helplessness.
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Awesome stuff and break out the tentacles! :P
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...I wonder... if Wonder Woman tilted her chin up would her boobs just  spill out that bustier? She needs to check her sizes lol
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I know I ask for this a lot, but could you gag these three with a strip of duct tape?
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