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Chun li SFV

By svoidist
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Street Fighter 5 is coming soon, Chun Li’s alternate costume is so attractive along with her new haircut.

 (topless & fullnude) version is available through the pledge at
which will also bundle with more rewards of the incoming works by the end of the month!

or if you prefer one-time buying, purchase at the right side with 300 DA points.

Thank you for supporting my art!

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Has she just been rubbing oil on herself for five years?

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sleek and smooth!
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I can never have enough fanart, ecchi art, and porn/hentai of this Street Fighter 5 incarnation of Chun-Li Xiang.  With that said, this ecchi pic of her from you is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!  Keep up the good work.
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This baby looks good! This look makes her more beautiful!
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This new outfit enhances all her beauty. Long loose hair, generous body proportions and lustrous skin. And best of all, her bare feet. Outstanding.
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Thank you for your compliment!
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Welcome. :)
But... why does she look annoyed? Maybe she feels vulnerable when others see her barefoot?
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she looks astonished
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Holy mama JAMMA!  Chun Li's new costume here is much more revealing than any of her outfits in past games!  And her BEWBS!!  She's totally stacked!  If Chun Li wasn't sexy before, she certainly is now!
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this pic is one of these who inspired me the most for my skin shader :D keep up. your artworks are impressive and inspiring 
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Thanks again!
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she does indeed look very sexy and charming with her new haircut and costume!
too bad I'm into tekken instead of street fighter ;/
anyway nice work, I like your art piece :)
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Thank you, I will do some Tekken later
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very appealing :)
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Excellent work! Clap
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