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big hiatus

thank you for being there for me and making me want to be strong. but i have to leave. it's not your fault, i'm just unlucky. i'm sorry and i hope you are all doing well. don't worry about me. till we meet again sometime <3


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HeyHowdyHey-yall Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018
hay there svnoku.. i am soo sooo soooos osooooooooosoososo ( ssOO ) sorry if i am getting annoying, etc.  i really hate myself doing that.  but,, i similarily know what your going through, though, its kinda vague of what is happening with you..  i feel more than lonely, tbh.  i have problems, and im not even sure what it is. and its just too deep no one can help me ( by most cases, or all.. ).  im unlucky, but everyone.  sorry but im about to cry, everyone has luck.  no one is unlucky, if you dont go down. and that only takes a look on the other side of the mess.  i get a break down almost everyday on sixth grade, half of my life was just depression, im very broken and i try to hide it.  but hay, dont worry.  even if you know your sad, and lonely. your never alone. even if your having family probs and such..  i would do anything to talk to you, bc your the only person who might be only some-what into understanding my mess, but its not that, that i want.  i only want to talk.  my teacher said i should be a therepist, and all of my teacher ( minus the last and now ) says there is something on me special.  i doubt that, but ill put all my reguards on you.  i might go through a really bad year, and it might stay for a long while.  but.. i want to at least talk to someone that knowing that im worthless..
SeaOfSalt Featured By Owner Edited Jul 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Welp shady looks like the artfight boat has sailed, and i don't want to keep spamming your page and being clingy so i guess i need to let it go x'3c I hope i see you again someday, you're a really nice person to be around and stand out among most people online! Remember when you drew my oc because you saw that i tagged my page as "i am sad"? Well, i still remember, thanks buddy <3 I hope you find your berries and everything goes well in your life from now on. If you ever come around and say "hey, let me check that DA page i ran when i was a teen.." and see this, drop me a dm or something, the humming mouse misses the yellow dog <3
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