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New year, same ol Disciples fan art : )

The Hermit masters the horn of war, gathering the mountain clans against invaders.
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Love the icicles hanging off his nose. :D

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The best Dwarven unit . Lore wise , utility wise, he rocks !
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amazing! Very dreamlike atmosphere.
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Thank you for this comment! 
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Офигенный гном!
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Amazing as always! 
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your work is incredible! such details, skillfully worked. and it really looks like traditionnal art. 
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Thank you very much, this is something that I want to achieve - the traditional art look : ) glad that you mention it 
I can't wait to see your version of duke or abyssal devil ^_^ It's amazing. 
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Hah, I'm currently working on the Duke :D But it will take some time...don't want to rush it
Great to hear that :D You're right, don't rush it - make it perfect :D 
Amazing, glad to see you back at making Disciples portraits.
Any plans about making one of Myzrael or Ashkael?
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Thank you!  I'm glad too :D About those two.. too much power there, I will try to go first for the standard units :D then will think about the big guys 
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Шикарно! Ассассин один из любимых персонажей, но этот великолепен в твоем исполнении!
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I love your disciples work. I'd love it if there was some way to mod the game to make the character portraits into your work.

My favorite hero was the Archangel. She was weak at first, but if you managed to get her to high level, she was really powerful. Will you draw her one day?
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