Witchhunter's Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer

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Witch Hunter's Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer by Svetliy-Sudar

"These poor, simple folk - too fearful or too dull-witted to see the vulgarity and evil in their own midst. They wail and complain about my... uncompromising methods, but who among you can say that hanging half a village is a high price to pay for the assurance that corruption has been exposed and destroyed this day?"
Ernst Traugott, Templar Witch Hunter

Today we want to remember one of the largest and most interesting projects of 2013 - witchhunter’s long coat for LARP Warhammer 2013: Lustria, because it is here that has begun in our workshop the development of direction "Replica".

When we started work on this project, we primarily thoroughly discussed the concept with the customer and choose a likely "model" for the coat. And the most likely was "Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer" from the PC game "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning by Alex Stratulat (www.alexstratulat.com).

WHunter 05 by Svetliy-Sudar

First of all, we started the most important – finding of the required materials, following the approval of the model and sketches. And here we must pay tribute to the customer, because he turned to us very beforehand. The reason was that searching for suitable leather took more than three months. The fact is that the customer, of course, collecting full costume for the game, and at that time, when he asked us to cloak other craftsmen was producing a hat for him.

    So we waited until he will receive the leather sample from which will be make his hat on his hands. And at this moment we were searching for suitable leather, according to the description and arts. By the result we selected the leather for the base of coat (matte, cocoa-colored)  and  finishing leather (glossy, color of milk chocolate) for the pads on the back and shelves.

    Searching for the accessories was simultaneously with leather, and took about a month, as we waited for supply of desired buckles. The difficult was in that the buckles and rings had to be a certain size, which we received in the calculation of the proportions of all the details of his coat based on the size of the customer.

    Brass buttons we found much faster, but only because of our habit to go into all the stores of fabrics and accessories that come across our way. So during the holidays we bought a little pocket of "officer" buttons from stocks in 1905 ... well, at least they looked like this. :)

    And then was sewing ... :) As always, first we sew a tissue draft - stitched - have measured - corrected - have measured ... :) And only after that we sew from leather, considering all edits. In the process in a cloak we made some changes at the request of the customer. For example, we made sleeve a little narrow, becouse this is supposed to wear a coat with gloves and wearing them on a wide sleeve is somewhat difficult.

    A separate point -constructing of pelerine ... First of all it must have been without seams on the shoulders. Secondly, it must have not too many folds and waves, and, thirdly, does not hampering the movement of the arms while fencing. This requirements specification was initially on the verge of science fiction, so it took a few days to brainstorm about it ... but expended some mountain of paper and a few meters of fabric ... we finally have invented ITS. :)

    Even at the stage of "tissue draft" we started modeling of decorative plates on the fronts and the back and faced the problem of scaling. It was necessary not only to comply with the proportions in the patterns, but the overall ratio to the size coat. Some weeks we recalculated and redraw all the elements of the patterns, so that in the end and we were happy with the result.

Witchhunter's Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer WIP by Svetliy-Sudar  Witchhunter's Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer WIP by Svetliy-Sudar 

   For patterns we selected pyrography and painting. We chosen acrylic, becouse it is the most resistant to abrasion. The painting took more than 12 hours; the whole design was done by hand with a brush in several thin layers to achieving the effect of "gold leaf". But the result was worth it. :) 

   Well, what I would like to say in conclusion ... This project was started in September 2012 and fully completed in May 2013, so that it can be considered the longest at the moment. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the work on it. A very pleasant surprise waited for us in March 2014 - the entourage photoshoot with our longcoat.

    So it is not be amiss to say thanks once again to the customer and model - Andrey Zhukov, photographer - Lana Ksandrius, equestrian ranch "Avanpost" and instructor Sergey Abakumov. :)

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