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Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan tutorial part 1



Hi! Dear friends ! Hi! 
Following your numerous requests for organizing and conducting master classes and a set of students and apprentices , due to the inability of such lessons in our Workshop at the moment, we'll decided to publish the "tutorials" on some of our work )
So, this is our first Masterclass #1

Now we're working on cosplay Star Wars: The Old Republic, costume Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan, This probe's for you! so we'll started with him .
Bullet; Green So, the first thing to do - find a decent source with which will work and make the measurements with future models .
Bullet; Red The next step is to select the required materials , in this case, genuine leather .
Bullet; Black We begin with a Jedi robe . The first thing that you must to do - simulate cutting and basic details of future products . To do this, we take the dummy and papered it with a paper tape to exactly replicate the shape. And marks on it future details, don't forgetting to mark the basic measurements (bust , waist, waist, hips , etc.).
Bullet; Yellow Then use paper cutter or nail scissors to cut it along the lines of future details and then drag items on the drawing paper .
The resulting pattern must be adapted in proportion to the figure models and cut them out.
Bullet; Orange Because leather material is expensive and capricious , the second attempt you will not have.... :) So for the fit of the figure we always sew tissue model, which is necessary to accurately reproduce all the seams to avoid unexpected deformation and " stiffeners " in the most unexpected places when sewing leather. ;)
Bullet; Blue Once the draft is ready we're ready to meet with the model.
Following the results of the fitting will be seen some errors .
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To be continued ....) OMG MOAR POEMS!

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More fluidity and expression in the RL version imo ^^.